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Product Review: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressedin Champagne Pop

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Product Review: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed in Champagne Pop

Hello darlings!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm back into the swing of things after a great and busy weekend! I'm also excited about today because it's Makeup Monday and I get to chat about one of my favorite! As you know I am obsessed with makeup and am always looking for the new "it" product. My buddy Paige purchased this new goody and said it's a must-have. I'm excited to give it a try! Take it away Paige...

This summer I purchased the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed in Champagne Pop. It has been a holy grail product that I needed to share. 

If you are not familiar, Jaclyn Hill is a well known beauty guru on YouTube. She has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and 275k + followers on Twitter. Based out of Florida, she was previously a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist, but recently has been taking the beauty world by storm. She's super talented and her videos are amazing. When you start watching one video, you can't stop and hours later you're wondering.....where did the time go? Yea, she's that kind of amazing. 

Before working with Becca, she collaborated with Morphe Bushes and created a limited edition eye shadow palette known as Jaclyn Hill Favorites (unfortunately no longer available). The eye shadow palette was a huge success! She was recently approached by Becca Cosmetics. Becca is known for their highlights such as Moonstone, Opal, Rose Gold, Topaz, and Blushed Copper. Since the collaboration, Champagne Pop has been born. It is what I would consider the perfect highlight. I've seen it on people of all different skin tones and it works for each and every one of them. The highlight is a soft white gold highlight with pinky peach undertones. Every morning I place it on the areas I want to highlight (top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and the cupid bow) as a last step in my makeup routine. I usually use my finger to apply the product but feel free to use a fan brush too. It gives those spots a "healthy glow from within" type look without being over the top. Right now you can find the exclusive product at a local Sephora store or online at for $38. I definitely recommend getting it ASAP as it is a limited edition product. This product is so amazing, trust me, you don't want to miss out! Hope you like it!

Here's a quick swatch pic…

hand swatch of Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed in Champagne Pop from the gossip darling

What's your favorite highlighter? Please share because I would love to give it a try! 


How to be Successful at a Flea Market

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Hello loves!! I'm so excited to share this post! My family and I are obsessed with watching HGTV shows. Please tell me we are not the only ones! Like legit, we can watch marathon episodes of Property Brothers, House Hunters, and House Hunters International. And you know what happens as soon as you watch it? You start tearing down walls and thinking you can redo a house after a quick stop to Home Depot! Lol. 

My current favorite show is the inspiration behind today's post... Flea Market Flip. I love Lara Spencer! It's been years and years since I've last attended a really good flea market. I think the last time was about 10 years ago in a Greek village. I tried going to the Long Island City flea market in Queens after seeing it on Flea Market Flip but I can honestly say it was a waste of time. There were soooo few vendors and it mostly included food. It definitely wasn't worth the time for me. 

In a recent episode, my Mom and I saw the Elephant's Trunk Country Flea Market as the show destination. It looked huge on TV. Should we go? Umm...YES! After a short hour and a half drive...we were there! It was amazing and definitely worth every mile I drove! Since its been years since my last flea market excursion, I was a little behind on the tips and tricks.

After getting lots of dirt on me and spending a few hours in the sun, I thought I would share a few tips with you. Here we go! 

1. Go Early! I arrived around 9:30am and the place was packed! I definitely should have been there earlier. (It was a Sunday. I thought people would be sleeping in!) The main parking lot was completely full so I parked right across the street. It was a $5.00 fee but totally worth it. Police officers were there to direct traffic and everyone was super nice. The police even helped me by stopping traffic so my SUV could squeeze over a lane and get into the parking lot! Soooo nice!! 

2. Have Patience! Between loads of cars in the parking lot, walking, standing in line to get in (there's a $2 entrance fee) and dealing with large crowds, you must have patience! Plus, everyone is really nice so don't be that one mean person. 

3. Dress Appropriately! I definitely wasn't dressed appropriately. Hahaha. I was wearing skinny jeans and flip flops. Umm...the market in literally in a field where there's a ton of dirt and you will get covered! I promise your pedicure will be a nice shade of brown from the dirt. Also, once I made my chair purchase, I carried it across the field and across the street to my car, so my jeans were covered in dirt! Here's what I should have worn: loose clothing so I can easily carry things, clothing I didn't care if they got dirty, and older sneakers.

4. Get Ready to Negotiate! Most times at a flea market you can try to negotiate prices with the vendors. Be respectful about it though. Don't offer $30 for a $100 item. I saved $10 on my purchase. Each chair was $30 and I offered $50 for both chairs. It was a deal! PS-bring cash with you and make sure to have 10s, 5s, and singles. I couldn't offer the vendor $50 for the chairs and then hand her three $20s and ask for change back. Just looks bad...

5. What to Bring with You…
  • Sunscreen- Especially during the summer months, I recommend bringing sunscreen. I was out in the sun for over two hours and the sun was on me the entire time. Not one bit of shade!   
  • Floppy Hat- I love hats. They are so much fun! They also offer extra protection from the Sun.
  • Sunglasses- I wear my sunglasses all year round. I'm obsessed with protecting my skin. (I think you can tell by now, right?)
  • Cash- Most of vendors do accept credit cards but I personally think it makes it harder to negotiate the price. I prefer bringing cash with me. Plus, you have to potentially pay for parking and the $2 entrance, which are cash only.
  • Water- It was soooo hot the day I visited the market. Easily 90 degrees out! Water was very much needed.
  • Big bag or cart- If you're on a mission to make a lot of purchases, it makes it easily to bring a cart or big bag with you so you can throw your purchases in the bag and not have to keep making trips to the car. Also, your car probably won't be parked near by, so constant trips to the car means you're losing out on valuable shopping time. Remember, most of these items are one of a kind so when you miss miss out.  
  • Snacks- I always carry snacks with me. This market offered food but not all do. Make sure to bring your own food. I personally can't focus when I'm hungry!
  • Phone with camera- I saw loads of people taking photos of potential purchases. They were sending the pictures to friends or family members and asking for their opinions, or they were shopping for someone else and asking whether they should make the purchase, or they were trying to remember items they liked so they can think about it and then come back. Sometimes it's best to take a photo, walk away, and think about it before you make an impulsive purchase. It's also good to walk away and think about it if you're on a budget. It's a risk though! Just be prepared that it may not be there when you come back for it.
Here are some pics of the fun and some of the beauties I found...

The parking lot. Loadsssss of people.
The front entrance. Please make sure to have $2 for the entrance fee. I gave exactly $2. (Try not to give them a $20 bill)
Mom and I finally arrive! Taking a selfie before we start!

Adorable little girl selling watermelon for $1. How cute! Of course you have to stop by and buy some. Plus, in the heat, it's perfect.
Cute blankets for sale
I was obsessed with this. Remember when libraries had these?
Love love love this small table. The color is amazing too.

I almost bought this! I was going to store my blankets in it and put it at the foot of my bed. What do you think?
I have 3 nieces and they would love to play with this stove and the matching cooking set!
Perfect for storing mini towels and other toiletries in the bathroom.
Another feminine vintage looking piece I loved!

Another trunk I wanted for storing blankets. I don't have enough blankets for all of these trunks...
I saw these and instantly thought these would be great as wedding centerpieces. Just add some wild flowers and they are perfect for a DIY wedding.

I still watch Murder, She Wrote... I picture Jessica Fletcher typing away on this.

Small Acts Change the World. Sooo true.

My grandmother used to sew on one of these bad boys. Classic.

My best friend's favorite flower. Sunflowers are such a friendly flower
The chairs I bought! I'm going to sand them down and spray paint them a different color. (Future blog post)
Up close shot!
I'm now obsessed with attending flea markets. I'm on the hunt for some good ones. Please let me know if you know of any good ones!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

Overcoming my fear of blogging

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Overcoming my fear of blogging from the gossip darling

Today's post is going to be a very personal one. I'm laying it all out there! I'm hoping I can help some of you lovely peeps out there who may be going through the same thing. I'm letting you know that you're not alone! Let me start from the beginning...

My blogging journey

About 5 years ago, I started my first job in the wedding industry. I was a wedding planning intern in NYC. I loved every moment of it. I learned soooo much in three months. (Let me tell you how I got to the internship...) After a year in law school, I knew law wasn't the career for me. I just didn't know what my next steps should be because I studied and prepare for so many years for my law career. It took six years of sacrifice for me to realize...I hate it. But hey! It happens to lots of us out there! Just wish I didn't have $70k in loans... Since I had a little extra time on my hands while I tried to determine my next steps, my brother and soon to be sister-in-law asked for my help planning their wedding. Thanks to my school days, I worked well under pressure, was used to deadlines, and I was very organized. Plan a wedding?! Why not? Let's do this! 

So while I was planning their wedding, I realized that I loved it! It was so much more fun and creative than law. So after they officially got hitched, I decided to try my hand at wedding planning and learn the ropes through an internship. Internships are a great way to determine whether a career is a right fit for you. (No, I never did a legal internship) After my internship, I still worked as an assistant wedding planner but to further feed my addiction....I started a wedding blog! 

About my first blog

I initially started the wedding blog on my own but quickly realized that wedding blogging wasn't easy! (Blogging really is a full time job!) So much work involved! So a year later, I asked one of my former college classmates who also went to law school to help me. After a quick rebrand and blog name change, there were now two of us. Should be fab right? We can do twice the amount of work! Ummmm wrong! I can write a whole separate post about business partnerships and mistakes you can avoid...but I won't share that just yet! In the end, our partnership was more 90/10 with me doing 90% of the work. Doesn't really make for a good partnership does it? Uh no. Our blog was really becoming successful but we still weren't at the point of making money. When I decided to end the partnership, I offered to buy her out so I could continue to blog. Well that didn't work out. She wanted over $1,000 of money I didn't have for a blog that wasn't making any money yet. I knew we were going to make money at some point and had a large readership, but it wasn't there yet. After much prayer and consideration, I had to completely shut the blog down. Legally, I couldn't even tell readers where I would be blogging next. Nope. Just end it. Poof! Years of hard work was officially flushed down the drain! It was like a stab to the heart. All my hard work was gone.

Overcoming my fear of blogging from the gossip darling
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Starting Over: My second blog

So on to creating a new wedding blog. I made loads of mistakes when starting this new venture. I'll get into the specific in a separate post but the main issue was...I wanted to start a new blog but be in the same position as my old blog. I couldn't accept that this was new and I was going to have to find new readers. After 3 years and loads of mistakes, I was never able to get the readership I once had. I am still blogging but after so much drama, I didn't have the same passion for weddings as I once had. It wasn't all I thought about anymore. I had grown and changed as a person and I want my blog to reflect those changes. I'm now no longer in my 20s. I'm no longer trying to sort of my career or where I live. I'm settled. (Thank goodness). I want to share my new experiences with you and my random thoughts but I had to start a new blog adventure. I won't be discussing one specific topic. Beauty, books, fitness, fashion, blogging tips and tricks, and random fun will all be part of The Gossip Darling. 

Overcoming my fear of blogging from the gossip darling
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Question: Why am I scared of starting over...for the third time?

I'm downright terrified about this new adventure. What if I fail again? What if I spend all this time (and money) and have nothing to show for it? Did I just waste hours of free time for nothing? 


I refuse to give into my fears.
I know my blogging journey wasn't a waste of time. I enjoyed every moment of it because even the drama has taught me many lessons and has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful people. What I realized was...weddings isn't my passion...blogging is! It doesn't matter what I blog about. I just love the whole process of thinking of a new idea, writing a post, sharing it with others, and even having one person read what I have to say. There's a purpose. Whether it's releasing my inner thoughts or who exactly knows, I do know that I won't give up my blogging passion. 

Overcoming my fear of blogging from the gossip darling
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Are you scared to start your own blog?

Hello Darlings!

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Hello darlings! I'm super excited to be writing my first blog post! I'm obsessed with the blogging world. Whether I'm reading blogs or writing posts for my other blog, I love every single thing about blogging. I'm excited for this new adventure and hope to create a fun and glam spot in the Internet world. Before I start, should I share some more deets about myself?

My name is Melissa and I live in New York City now but I'm originally from Upstate New York. I moved to NYC for law school and I just never left. (No, I'm not a lawyer. Long story there....)

After writing a wedding blog for the last 3 years, I really wanted to expand and share my thoughts on a wider range of topics. I'm obsessed with makeup, beauty, fitness, reading, and DIY projects. (I love me a good flea market!) And thanks to my student loans, I've learned a thing or two about budgeting and trying to achieve debt free living. (It's hard work!) Why not share my adventures with you all?

Some fun facts about me...
  • I'm 5'9 and usually tower over people when I wear heels. (I definitely have my moments of wishing I were 5'5)
  • I love my wine! Who doesn't? Pinot grigio is my all time fave but I drink pinot noir when I'm trying to be "healthy". Wine is made of grapes, right?
  • I try to work out 5 days per week. I love to eat good food and drink good wine so it's important for me to get my workouts in! (Cue me eating pizza....)
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  • I am a total jeans and t-shirt girl. Since moving to NYC, I definitely glam it up, but if I had to choose a fave outfit....jeans and t-shirts are my go-to. Oh and don't forget flip flops. Flip flops are a must!
  • I adopted my kitten Lexi about 8 months again and she's the best cat ever. She's super sweet and lovable. Take a look for yourself......
orange and white cat || see more on
  • I'm obsessed with Bravo reality shows. Housewives of Orange County is my favorite. I want to be friends with Vicki and Tamra. I just don't want to get on their bad side...:)
  • I'm a Type-A personality and live with my iPhone in one hand and my latte in the other. (Yes, my mother yells at me about always being on my phone. )
  • Last by not least, my Mom is my best friend. We chat multiple times of day and she's the best person for advice, laughs, and everything in between. 
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Welcome to The Gossip Darling! Enjoy the ride!


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