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Top 10 Holy Grail Products!

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Hello darlings!!

If you were stranded on an island and could only take one beauty product what would it be? Too much pressure, right?! Don’t worry, as a makeup junkie I know there is more than one product we can’t live without. That’s why I wanted to share my top 10 products I absolutely love. 

Here are my top 10 Holy Grail products in no particular order:
  1. It’s no surprise the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder made it to my top 10 products. Because of the lightweight and silkiness of this product, it is perfect to set your foundation or concealer. It is a little pricey but totally worth it!
  2. Oh hail the Beauty Blender!!! I know what your thinking, $20 for a sponge is ridiculous, however this sponge is like no other. Trust me when I say you will never want to use a makeup brush again. The beauty blender not only gives your skin an airbrush feel, its also quick and easy to use. The only cons about the beauty blender are the price and that it does take some effort to clean.
  3. Anyone who knows Jaclyn Hill knows BECCA Opal. I mean she practically introduced us makeup junkies to the best highlighter ever!! Opal is pressed highlighting powder that gives the skin a beautiful golden glow. The color is especially gorgeous on those who have olive undertones.
  4.  If you want a full coverage foundation that will last the whole day, look no more because Estee Lauder Double Wear is a must have. You probably have heard many beauty bloggers rave about this foundation and it’s because no other foundation can withstand so much time and humidity like this one. Estee Lauder Double Wear comes in 30 different shades and three different undertones: warm, neutral and cool. There is literally a shade for everyone!!
  5. If you’re a nail polish junkie you know Essie Nail Polishes are where its at. Not only does the formula of this polish last longer than others, it's also super opaque. You can literally just apply one coat and be out the door!
  6.  Instead of cluttering a bunch of single eye shadows, I recommend buying a palette. The Lorac Pro Palette deserves to be on the top!! The palette has an equal amount of shimmer and matte shadows, which can be used for an everyday look or a night out with the girls. 
  7. The Queen of Brows, Anastasia, is helping us slay the world one brow at a time. Her Brow Wiz, is a mechanical brow pencil that is used to shape, design and tame your brows. Talk about #eyebrowsonfleek!
  8. Want a high coverage concealer that won’t crease? MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is perfect for you. Because this concealer is super concentrated, a little goes a long way. Unlike most concealers that come with a domed-shape wand, MAC Prolonger Concealer is very sanitary because it comes with a pump. 
  9. The Clarisonic has literally saved my skin! Although I’ve always cleansed my skin at night with a typically cleanser, I never noticed how much dirt and makeup still stay on my skin even after cleansing. This is definitely a splurge item!
  10. With its provocative name, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is taking our lashes by storm. Everything you ever want from mascara is packaged into one product! The mascara gives your lashes volume and length. What more do you want! 
Thank you much for reading about my top 10 holy grail products. What are your holy grail beauty products?

DIY Skin Brightening Toner

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Just in case you haven't heard by now...I'm on a budget. Ugh. I just hate that word but it's true. Unfortunately, my bank account hasn't caught up with my "wants".

For years I've been purchasing department store beauty products. Everything from my night moisturizer, eye cream, toner, day moisturizer, facial masks, and every other product they are sell by promising me the Fountain of Youth. Let me just tell you, it gets pricey. At $30 a bottle for toner, it can quickly add up. Especially since I use toner multiple times a the morning before I apply my makeup, after my workout, and before I go to bed.

I've been looking for cheaper alternatives so of course I automatically stalked Pinterest. I found some amazing DIY facial toner receives but this one is my fave...and it's super easy to make!

Here is is....DIY Skin Brightening Toner

1/2 Cup Lemon Juice
1 Cup Water
2/3 Cup Witch Hazel
Plastic Bottle
*For oily skin add 2 Tablespoons of Alcohol*

Some extra deets:

  • Witch Hazel is a totally old school beauty trick. You can use it directly on the skin and it helps reduce swelling, fights bacteria, and helps repair broken skin. Read more about it here. I purchased the bottle of witch hazel I used at Target for $1.99. I've made over 5 bottles of the toner with just the one bottle of WH. That's a bargain!!
  • I used Poland Spring for the photo but please feel free to use tap water. PS- it's free! 
  • I bought the plastic bottle seen in the photo at Target for $.99 but this is a good option too. I've also been saving empty toner bottles from my department stores purchases after I've up all the product. You have pretty packaging for your new DIY toner!
  • Lemons- my grandmother uses lemon for everything. It's awesome for keeping things clean...even your skin! It's also a natural brightener. (Was I the only kid drenching my hair in lemon juice during the summer and staying out in the sun in hopes of getting natural highlights?)

Thank you to Shwin and Shwin for the awesome recipe!! Check out their blog here.

Please let me know how your toner turns out!

PS- for even more beauty fun, check out this post! 50 DIY Homemade Skincare Recipes! I've made a few of these bad boys and so far I've loved everything. I'll be sharing more of my favorite recipes on the blog!

10 Easy Ways I Saved Money This Month

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Hello darlings!! Hope everyone is having a great week! As per usual it's a crazy one for me! Busy is always a good thing! It makes me feel loved! :)

I'm always on the quest of two things: to lose 10 pounds and save more money. Living in New York City always makes it feel like it's impossible for me to save money! It's super frustrating! You go to a bar for Happy Hour and $57 later you're wondering what happened. I always try to save a buck here and there so I figured I would share a tip here and there. Here are 12 easy ways that I saved money this month. Yes, I know 12 is a random number!

1. White Wine Spritzer: Yes, I know! Given up on the wine. In my defense, wine is my own vice...and manicures. I don't smoke or go tanning, or even drink excessive. (I'm really animated about my defense!) In order to save money, I started drinking white wine spritzers which is a alcoholic drink made of half white wine and half club soda. Save half the wine and half the calories! It's a two for one deal! Win win! No, it's doesn't taste as amazing as a nice cold crisp glass of Pinot Grigio but it does help! 

2. Manicures: Yes, I know. Something else I can truly to away if I was extremely serious on saving money. I'm obsessed when it comes to my nails and when I try to do my own manicure, it never comes out as nice! So instead of gel manicures which costs me about $25, I just get regular manicures and I go to the salon Monday through Wednesday because it's usually cheaper. My salon as a special deal for customers visiting during the off-peak times. I go once a week so $6 isn't bad!

3. Corporate Discount for Gym Membership: Thank goodness my company pays 50% of my gym membership fee. I totally wouldn't be able to be a member of my gym without my corporate discount. I'm super lucky. Besides the fact that working out is good for your health, but it's always a great way to meet people. I swear, it's better than Happy Hour!

4. Mint: It's a free app that you can download and its changed my life! Mint is linked to all of your financial accounts and it helps you keep track of billing due dates and you can also create budgets by category so it makes it easier for you to save money! I save money here so I can spend on manicures and wine! Just kidding! Actually I'm kinda serious...

5. Don't Eat the Entire Plate: Now that I'm trying to lose a few pounds, I'm really trying to keep track of my calorie intake and reduce the amount of food I eat in one sitting. It's actually a win/win situation because not only am I losing some weight, but I'm also saving money! Share your food with your dinner companion so you can split the bill or only eat half and save the rest for another meal!

6. Cable: Yes, I still have cable TV. I do have Netflix and Amazon Prime memberships but I definitely need my cable TV! So I called Time Warner Cable and asked what services I could reduce or take away. After emilimating some channels and giving back some additional services I wasn't even using, I am now saving $63 per month! That's $756 per year! And it all started with a phone call!

7. Cell Phone: I'm now saving about $188 per month because my company took over my cell phone bill. I do work a full time job and I'm lucky enough to have them pay my bill. I'm always on my iPhone emailing and answering calls. I had two separate for business and another for personal. I admit, it was super annoying having to carry two phones with me at all times. I asked my job to save me money and pay for my personal cell phone and I returned my corporate phone. Yes, there are rules and strict policies due to security reasons, but it's nothing for me to worry about! (Fingers crossed) It's totally worth the extra $2,256 in my pocket a year! 

8. Sale Section is Your BFF: Please don't tell me that you buy anything full price. When it comes to clothing, shoes, and pretty much 98% of everything I buy, I NEVER buy anything full time. Clearance and sale racks are my best friends. In my world, nothing is worth that full price tag. 

9. Downgrade Amex: I love my American Express credit card. I use it for absolutely everything. And I mean everything! I had my platinum Amex for many years and was paying an annual fee of $450. When I looked at all of my benefits and perks, I actually wasn't using the card like I should be. I downgraded to the Amex gold card and now pay an annual fee of $195 and I'm not missing any of the perks of the platinum card. I think once I start traveling more, I'll probably bounce the card back up because the platinum card offers so many travel perks. But for now, I'm just deserted in NYC so it's more beneficial for me to have the extra $255 in my pocket!

10. Target Red Card: I'm obsessed with Target. I go to Target for everything. I go in for a light bulb and I come out with a cart full. Yea, I know you do that too! I hate store credit cards but since I'm always shopping at target, I figured I should look into it so I can save money. Well in so glad I did! They have an option for the Red debit card! You get all the perks and benefits of having a Target credit card but it's a debit card so the money is automatically pulled from your checking account. No interest fees baby! It's a win/win situation. So next time you're at Target, pick up their debit card. You save 5% on each purchase. It doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up! 

Hope some of my money saving tips helped! Please let me know if you have any tips of your own! I'm always looking for new ways to save a buck or two! 

Have a great week loves! 

Product Review: Unblemish By Rodan + Fields

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My skin hates me. It's true. We are enemies at times and when times are good...we tolerate one another at best. I'm not sure if we'll ever truly be friends without drama! I know I sound like a reality show with my skin but it's true. Since I'm obsessed with all things related to beauty, this obsession has also caused a few bumps in the road. I've had so many reactions from new products I'm testing out and my skin has definitely shown the proof of protesting. I'm sure you can relate. Between the change of environment, changing of seasons, and age...I'm still trying to be nice to my skin. My main issue? Acne! Totally uncool at any age but at 31?! Why am I still fighting the acne battle? It's not fair. (Yes, I'm pouting as I write this) but thank goodness I have weapons to help me fight this battle. 

I have tried sooo many different products on my skin. Acne is such a hard thing to fight. For me, drugstore products haven't worked. The ones I've tried haven't been strong enough and just don't cut it. Rodan + Fields Unblemish skincare treatment is my weapon of choice. Complete four steps, and they'll lead you to clearer skin in no time. Wanna know some more deets? Well I'm glad you are the 4 steps!

1. Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash: Please start off with clean hands! Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch or even apply product to your face. It's so important to wash your face properly. I wash my face twice per day. Well at least I try to. (Sometimes I do get super tired and use a Neutrogena makeup remover wipes) Once in the morning before I apply my makeup because before I go to bed, I put products on my face and I don't want to apply makeup on skin covered by leftover product. Also, am I the only one who still has leftover makeup on? (Mascara is always the problem!) It's also always a MUST for me to wash my face before I go to bed. I wish I could wash my face right after my gym workout but I still have to take the subway home and I am too chicken to walk around New York City streets without makeup on. After you wash your face with this sulfur wash, your skin will feel squeaky clean! It also helps reduced redness and keeps your pores clean so the medicine can get into your skin. I have a special set of white towels that I use for my face because I don't want to use anything that already has dirt from my hands or body. 

2. Spot Fading Toner: I am obsessed with toner. For some reason, it's just my thing. I use it every single day and most times I use it 2x per day. It gets whatever I missed from my facial and it makes me feel better that I have officially reaching the spots I may have previously missed. This toner definitely has a kick to it and pimples better watch out. It doesn't make my skin burn or feel harsh on my skin and it totally unclogs your pores and gets your skin ready for the treatment. 

3. Dual Intensive Acne Treatment: Get ready for this one! It's the big guns! This strong treatment really kills the bacterial and other things causing your acne breakouts. You apply is just like any moisturizer or lotion. This pump has two sides. I usually apply two pumps from each side, Sometimes I also just apply it to the areas of my breakout. My skin can also be a little on the dry side so if I am having a breakout in one specific area, that's where I focus the product on. It's also a good way for me to save money. A little tip for you: Due to the benzoyl peroxide in this product, it can cause discoloration on clothes, linens, and towels. I have separate white towels that I purchased from Target just for these products. After I apply this treatment to my face, I make sure to wash my hands before I touch anything. Also, if I'm applying this treatment right before I go to sleep, I put a clean white towel on my pillow and sleep on that. I have learned my lesson the hard way and have ruined way too many bed sheets!

4. Oil Control Lotion: I use this lotion underneath my makeup. It has SPF 20 so it protects my skin from the sun. It's also super light, doesn't clog my pores and helps even out my skin tone. What's not to love about it?

For all you readers suffering from acne, you are not alone! You don't have to suffer any longer though. This skin care regimen will help you fight acne and keep it away. If you try it, please let me know what you think. Also, if you don't have acne but want to check out Rodan + Fields skincare products, there are more options for you. Check out their other amazing products here

Much love!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

3 Things I'm Terrible at When It Comes to Blogging

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3 Things I'm Terrible at When It Comes to Blogging from The Gossip Darling

I'm the first to admit...I'm not perfect. Shocking right? Kidding! In my own defense, I have a very busy full time job and sometimes work a part time job which is just as crazy. I absolutely love blogging and connecting with readers and fellow bloggers, but I sometimes I fall short on my responsibilities. With this new blog (which I'm obsessed with), I'm trying to identify where I'm lacking and make improvements! Here are 3 things I have to work on...

1. Emails: Ugh. Sometimes it takes me ages to reply back to emails. I'm the first to admit, I need to work on my speed. At my full time job, I get about 200 emails per day. I'm always on my computer and pretty much answer every one of those 200 emails by the end of the day. So when I get home around 9pm every night (after my gym session), most times I get super lazy and don't reply to my blog emails until the weekend. I hate having unanswered emails in my inbox! It gives me anxiety! I actually read on a popular blogger's page that she only replies to emails on Fridays. She said that she receives too many emails and she needs to concentrate on her work and not reply to emails all day long. I'm wondering whether I should do the same thing. What do you think? I know that it's super important to get back to every single email and it's rude not to get back to someone, but do you think it's okay to have one day allotted for emails? 

2. Preparation: I have an editorial calendar and I really try to stick to it but sometimes I just get an idea and I instantly want to write about it. It's hard to plan what time and day you'll be inspired to write something. Am I right? Sometimes my best ideas come to me at 3am! Or most times, while on the subway on my way to work. But sometimes my inspiration leaves me unprepared. I want to write when I want to write and sometimes it doesn't fit in my blog schedule. I try to publish new content at least 3x per week and I have to be consistent. So when a new idea comes to me, I want to share it instantly and try to publish it the same day. Most times I feel rushed and pressured to click publish. I need to learn that patience is a virtue and I can write new content and not have to publish it right away. I can write it...and schedule it! Great work takes time! I'm not Adele...I can't write a Grammy award winning album in 14 minutes...only she can do that! 

3. Networking: I consider myself to be a total social butterfly. I LOVE socializing. I probably chat and gossip a little too much! I adore connecting with friends and making new friends. But...I do hate networking events. I feel like I'm being pressured and I'm not always making authentic connections. I much rather connect with sometime via my blog or social media and then meet up for a drink. It seems more natural than going to an event and simply handing out my business cards. But I need to change my attitude about this. It's important to network and connect with my fellow bloggers. In this weird blogging world, you need support! Not every networking event is created equal but it's a great way to connect with like minded people and really get your brand out there. You can't go out there and say to yourself, I want I get 100 new readers today. You have to say to yourself, I want to make one legitimate connection today. People will feel your vibe. Go to an event with positive vibes only! I promise the positive vibes will come back to you! 

Thank you so much for reading. I promise I am going to try to improve my outlook on these three things!

What can you improve on? 

Inspiration Behind the Blog Design

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Inspiration Board by Fancy Girl Design Studio for The Gossip Darling
Starting a brand new adventure is always overwhelming, especially when the adventure includes starting a new blog! I can honestly say that when I first started blogging, I had absolutely no idea how difficult it would be! All of my favorite bloggers make it look so easy. (Which is a total compliment!) Everything looks super glam and like total eye candy. When I decided to start my own lifestyle blog, I wanted a few things for my new baby...I wanted my blog to look, elegant, clean, and inviting. Just like I hope people feel when they enter my home. Have you ever visited blogs and just instantly closed the page when you saw the terrible blog design? Yea, I have too. From previous experience, I've already learned to accept my limitations and NOT try to design the blog myself. Back in the day, I would sit for hours and try to code the design myself. 8 hours later and I had nothing to show for it. That could have been 8 hours spent on creating new content! 8 hours is a long time! Well you live and you learn, right? When it came time to create this blog's design, I brought in an expert....Fancy Girl Design Studio. Pat was SUPER patient and kind with me. I had so many ideas and I love everything! It's so hard for me to "nail down" my style. Do I need to chose a style or can I love everything? kinda need to know your own style so you can be happy with the design. Patricia had a wonderful way of getting me to narrow down my style. Anyway... I wanted to share the inspiration behind my blog design.

Here's the step by step story:

1. I was referred to Patricia by a former client of hers, Chic Brown Bride. I loved the CBB design but I wanted to make sure Fancy Girl Design Studio would be the right designer for me. I spent wayyyy too many time looking through her portfolio and her Instagram feed. I wanted to make sure we truly shared similar styles and if she would understand my vision. For example, if you're a very modern loving person, a graphic designer specializing in shabby chic designs probably isn't the right designer for you. Just my thoughts. 

2. I reached out to Fancy Girl Design Studio and she sent me her price quotes based on which platform I would be using, Wordpress or Blogger. For this blog, I decided to move forward with Blogger and I'm soooo happy I did. My previous blog was with Wordpress and absolutely wasn't a fan of the platform. I know that I'm a rare one and so many bloggers will tell you that the Blogger platform isn't professional and you don't own your own content and Google can shut you down at any time. But so many of my favorite bloggers who happen to be VERY successful all blog using Blogger. It's super easy to use, you don't need any experience to figure out how to get things done and it's free. With my old blog, I spent SOOO much money over the 3 years between hosting, blog design, blog tweaks, and things disappearing on me and none of it made sense to me. It felt like I needed to contact a web designer every time I had a question which of course costs money. Why am I spending so much money for something that's just a hobby? Since I am now using Blogger, I do back up my blog every Sunday so just in case anything happens to it, I'll just lose a week's worth of work. Here are a 4 of my favorite bloggers using the blogger platform: Southern Curls & Pearls, Aubrey Kinch, Atlantic-Pacific, and The Sweetest Thing

3. Fancy Girl Design Studio sent me a questionnaire and it was so thorough with so many specific questions! I didn't even realize how much went into every single detail! It took me awhile to answer her questions because I thought really long and hard about it! I also created a Pinterest board with all of my favorite things. It was totally the inspiration behind the blog design. Check out my board here

4. Patricia sent me an inspiration board with all of my favorite details from the Pinterest board and I was in love! The inspiration board was exactly how I envisioned my blog design. It was neutral because I didn't want very bold or overwhelming colors. I wanted soft and delicate. It was simple and elegant. I really didn't want a crazy busy design because I want my content to be the main attraction. 

5. After the inspiration board, the good part was here! The initial draft of my blog design was ready! It's so scary how Patricia "got" my style on the first try! It was such a huge relief to me. I didn't even know what I was looking for but Fancy Girl Design Studio found it for me! Yay! I was ready to move forward and have to design installed! 

6. Patricia was so speedy, efficient and most importantly, patient!! My blog was officially up and running in no time! I'm totally obsessed with Fancy Girl Design Studio creation! I think when you're happy with your "blog home", it gives you the push to be a better blogger. Am I the only one who feels this way? 

So that's how this little blog came to be! I can't recommend Patricia enough! Now that I have a pretty home, here's what The Gossip Darling has in store for you....

Blog Schedule

I'll be blogging a minimum of 3x per week. Blog posts will include fun topics like...

  • Blogging tips and tricks: I have made so many mistakes when it comes to blogging and I want to share them all with you so you don't make the same mistakes! I have also learned some tricks to make blogging a bit easier. Who doesn't like making things easier for yourself?
  • Beauty: I am obsessed with all beauty, makeup, skincare, lotions, whatever...I'm there! I'll be sharing not only products reviews but some of my favorite beauty tips and how to make your own beauty products on the cheap. 
  • Health and Fitness: I am forever trying to lose the extra 10 pounds I gained last summer. I now see a nutritionist and hit the gym a min of 3x per week. I also purchased a Fitbit so I'll be sharing my healthy journey with you all. 
  • Lifestyle: I am all about adventures, especially since I live in NYC. Wanna read about my latest adventure to Central Park, Fashion Week, trying to find the perfect Christmas tree, home decor or flea market? You'll see it all here. 
  • Finance: I am always trying to save money. I went to law school and even though I am not a lawyer, I have the lovely student loans to remind me of my time there. I enjoy finding a good sale and little tricks to save an extra penny or two!
  • Randomness: Is it ok to share my random thoughts with you? Admittedly, I love oversharing. Lol. Hope you don't mind!
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend loves!!


7 Songs Currently on Repeat

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Anddddd it's back to real life! Ugh! (Kidding) Back to the grind of NYC, work, subways, and the gym. My diet has officially started. It's all fun and games until your jeans no longer fit. I'm going to be writing some fitness and nutrition posts so consider yourself officially warned!

I'm totally a music person. I'm obsessed with discovering new artists. When I find a new song I love, I just download it and play it on repeat. I listen to it on the subway on my way to work, at work when I'm answering emails or doing my expenses, at the gym while I'm working out, and on my way back home on the subway. Too much? Yea, I know but I can't control myself. Music is just a beautiful thing and I appreciate all types of music. I listen to everything from opera to country! A few years ago, in one week, I went to three concerts...Coldplay, Marc Anthony, and Neil Diamond. Lol. Yes, I know that combo doesn't exactly make sense but I love them all! Music expresses my current mood or makes me feel better by making me want to dance it out. These songs aren't necessary brand new, but they are making me sing every word and that's what counts right? Are you with me?

Here's 7 songs I'm currently playing on repeat. Wanna join me? 

Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato: I'm kinda surprised myself with this song choice. Lol. Love Demi and think she's cute but she's not usually my jam. I heard this song though while working out and I'm hooked! Makes me wanna run a bit faster on the treadmill. Watch outttt!!

Locked Away by R. City and Featuring Adam Levine: Adam I need to say anything else? Ummm no. The man is perfect! He's my fave coach on The Voice and I've been obsessed with Maroon 5 since the beginning. I will listen to anything Adam records...even if it's a children's lullaby! Add amazing lyrics and a little reggae beat and I'm totally in.

Cheerleader by OMI (Felix Jaehn Remix): Besides the awesome beat, doesn't everyone want a cheerleader? Like seriously. We all want to meet our cheerleaders whether it's our friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend. I love everything about this song. PS- I'm also biased because it's my 3 year old niece's fave song. Lol. She starts moving her hips and it's the funniest/cutest thing ever.

Peace by O.A.R: This song is soooo romantic. It's so raw and real. It relaxes me, makes me smile, and makes me reflect. I never really heard of these guys before. I was driving Upstate over the weekend and listening to the radio in my car. This song came on and I was instantly hooked. I want to see them in concert! I don't know the girl behind this song but she's a lucky one. It's so perfect!

Photograph by Ed Sheeran: I LOVE YOU ED!! He's not only having an amazing year but his music just keeps getting better and better to me. How can one man be sooo romantic? Every single song is like poetry. The lyrics don't even need music behind them. I have such a huge crush on Ed. And he's BFFs with my homegirl Taylor Swift. Can the man be any cooler? If I were only 10 years younger...we would be perfect for one another! Lol.

Ripetide by Vance Joy: This guy is totally new and I love him. So indie and makes me want to pick up a guitar. It reminds me of being back Upstate and hanging out with my friends around a campfire. So sweet and pure romantic love. (I'm definitely the girl who sings the words wrong...)

El Perdón (Forgiveness) by Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias: Now it's time to close your eyes, put your hands in the air and start dancing it outttttt!! This song is so awesome. I love how the guys were probably the biggest a**holes in the World and now they are asking for forgiveness. Ummmm come on. Typical guy move! She's moved on and she's happier now! All us girls out there hope our exes feel the burn like this. At least we can dance to it even though we are on the girl's side! (I still adore you Enrique!)

Hope you enjoyed my random mix! I hope you're singing and dancing it out with me. At least a little sway side to side? (*smile) What songs do you currently have on repeat?

5 Things I Will NOT Do With My Blog

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5 things I will not do with my blog from the gossip darling

Happy Monday darlings! For all my American readers, hope you're having a great holiday. I have been stuffing my face all weekend so tomorrow it's back to real life for me. (Booooo!) No more wine, just eating clean foods, and back to the gym. Yes, I'll be protesting every step of the way. Lol.

Even though I just started this blog last month, this isn't a first blog rodeo! I had a wedding blog for over 3 years and I've learned a million things along the way. (Most of them were learned by making mistakes!)

Here are 5 things I WON'T be doing this time around...

everything in life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what everybody else is doing quote from the gossip darling
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1. Compare myself to others: I'm the queen of coloring myself to others. It's so hard because even though the blogging world has really grown in the last few years, it's been around for at least 10 years and it's so hard to not compare yourself to more established bloggers. I am a huge fan of many blogs and some really are my mentors but please don't tell me that I'm the only one in a "competition" with them. I'm not using competition in a bad way but I want 100k Instagram followers myself or millions of page views per month. Granted, I totally understand that these things take time but come I the only one who wants to go straight to the top? Well I am no longer comparing myself to super established bloggers who blog a crazy amount of posts for many years. Everyone is different and every blog is different, growth will happen at its own pace. I'm going to be more realistic about my goals. Honestly, I've been blogging for a little under a month, do I really expect to have 100k followers already? (I wish!)

be patient. the best things happen unexpectedly quote from the gossip darling
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2. Check my stats every 10 minutes: I not proud to admit it...but as soon as I click publish, I check my stats like every 10 minutes. (Please don't judge me!) Blogging is super hard work and takes so much time, of course I want millions to read it! But I'm driving myself crazy by continuing to check my stats and I'm making myself disappointed because I'm not getting the "instant" hits I want. Reader growth takes time! I really need to learn that patience is truly a virtue.

be different babe quote from the gossip darling
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3. Follow someone else's lead: I've never been one to play copycat but of course when you want to be a successful blogger, you look at the path your mentors have taken. It's great to learn tips and trick from them but I also think it's extremely important to walk down your own path. Be different. Stand out from the crowd. This is why readers will want to read your blog over others. I sometimes compare blogging to friendships. I'm lucky enough to have a group of close friends and every single one of my friends are different from the other. I ask them all for advice and I get different versions of the same opinion. So when it comes to blogging, we hopefully all have great inspiration for readers, but you don't only have to go to one blogger for can go to a few of us!

you cannot compare your chapter 1 with someone else's chapter 10 from the gossip darling blog
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4. Beat myself up over lack of readers or progress: I can't compare my chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 15! Growth takes time. Some bloggers have been writing for years and one post goes viral and wham! Their whole blogging life changes! For others it takes years to accomplish their blogging goals. Not everyone can afford to become a full time blogger and it's ok. Many of us are juggling full blogging schedules with full time jobs. In my case, I have a full time job, part time job, and another blog! Oh and yea I try to have a little thing called a social life as well. It's ok if it takes time to grow my readership. I'm not going to beat myself over "lacks". Instead, I choose to celebrate the fact that I'm doing something that I love and I'm lucky to connect with each reader one by one. I've met so amazing friends through blogging. I definitely do think you can call that "lack of progress".

be genuine with your words from the gossip darling blog
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5. Feel pressure or stress: Burnout is soooo easy to feel when you're a blogger. When I started my wedding blog, I honestly didn't know a thing about blogging. I saw more established bloggers blogging 2x per day so I did too! As a brand new blogger, I was blogging 2x to 3x daily for over a year! When I went back down to 1x to 2x daily for 2 years. Dude, you can't do that! It doesn't make how much you blog daily, your readership isn't going to be 100k overnight! I should have focused on growing my readership than blogging 60 posts per month. It just makes for burnout and hating the whole blogging world. I put so much pressure on myself and I was always stressed about writing my next post. I had to keep up with an impossible blogging schedule when you think about all of my other commitments. Yes, blogging is a job for some but like any other job, you should enjoy what you do. You want good quality content. Quantity doesn't mean anything if the quality is crappy. Yes, I was producing a high amount of content but it felt like the amazing race. I didn't put my heart and soul into every single post I wrote. It was more like rush rush rush so I can finish this! I also wasn't being my authentic self with my readers. Did they really know the "real" me? Or did they just know the stressed out, half fast, exhausted, burnt out me? I think you know the answer to this! 

What will I do? I'll only blog about things that I truly care about and really feel passionate about. I'll be honest with my readers whether it's good or bad! I'll give 100% of myself to every single post. If giving 100% of myself means that I can only blog once a week, so be it! Quality over quantity baby! 

As always, thanks so much for reading!