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10 Easy Ways I Saved Money This Month

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Hello darlings!! Hope everyone is having a great week! As per usual it's a crazy one for me! Busy is always a good thing! It makes me feel loved! :)

I'm always on the quest of two things: to lose 10 pounds and save more money. Living in New York City always makes it feel like it's impossible for me to save money! It's super frustrating! You go to a bar for Happy Hour and $57 later you're wondering what happened. I always try to save a buck here and there so I figured I would share a tip here and there. Here are 12 easy ways that I saved money this month. Yes, I know 12 is a random number!

1. White Wine Spritzer: Yes, I know! Given up on the wine. In my defense, wine is my own vice...and manicures. I don't smoke or go tanning, or even drink excessive. (I'm really animated about my defense!) In order to save money, I started drinking white wine spritzers which is a alcoholic drink made of half white wine and half club soda. Save half the wine and half the calories! It's a two for one deal! Win win! No, it's doesn't taste as amazing as a nice cold crisp glass of Pinot Grigio but it does help! 

2. Manicures: Yes, I know. Something else I can truly to away if I was extremely serious on saving money. I'm obsessed when it comes to my nails and when I try to do my own manicure, it never comes out as nice! So instead of gel manicures which costs me about $25, I just get regular manicures and I go to the salon Monday through Wednesday because it's usually cheaper. My salon as a special deal for customers visiting during the off-peak times. I go once a week so $6 isn't bad!

3. Corporate Discount for Gym Membership: Thank goodness my company pays 50% of my gym membership fee. I totally wouldn't be able to be a member of my gym without my corporate discount. I'm super lucky. Besides the fact that working out is good for your health, but it's always a great way to meet people. I swear, it's better than Happy Hour!

4. Mint: It's a free app that you can download and its changed my life! Mint is linked to all of your financial accounts and it helps you keep track of billing due dates and you can also create budgets by category so it makes it easier for you to save money! I save money here so I can spend on manicures and wine! Just kidding! Actually I'm kinda serious...

5. Don't Eat the Entire Plate: Now that I'm trying to lose a few pounds, I'm really trying to keep track of my calorie intake and reduce the amount of food I eat in one sitting. It's actually a win/win situation because not only am I losing some weight, but I'm also saving money! Share your food with your dinner companion so you can split the bill or only eat half and save the rest for another meal!

6. Cable: Yes, I still have cable TV. I do have Netflix and Amazon Prime memberships but I definitely need my cable TV! So I called Time Warner Cable and asked what services I could reduce or take away. After emilimating some channels and giving back some additional services I wasn't even using, I am now saving $63 per month! That's $756 per year! And it all started with a phone call!

7. Cell Phone: I'm now saving about $188 per month because my company took over my cell phone bill. I do work a full time job and I'm lucky enough to have them pay my bill. I'm always on my iPhone emailing and answering calls. I had two separate phones....one for business and another for personal. I admit, it was super annoying having to carry two phones with me at all times. I asked my job to save me money and pay for my personal cell phone and I returned my corporate phone. Yes, there are rules and strict policies due to security reasons, but it's nothing for me to worry about! (Fingers crossed) It's totally worth the extra $2,256 in my pocket a year! 

8. Sale Section is Your BFF: Please don't tell me that you buy anything full price. When it comes to clothing, shoes, and pretty much 98% of everything I buy, I NEVER buy anything full time. Clearance and sale racks are my best friends. In my world, nothing is worth that full price tag. 

9. Downgrade Amex: I love my American Express credit card. I use it for absolutely everything. And I mean everything! I had my platinum Amex for many years and was paying an annual fee of $450. When I looked at all of my benefits and perks, I actually wasn't using the card like I should be. I downgraded to the Amex gold card and now pay an annual fee of $195 and I'm not missing any of the perks of the platinum card. I think once I start traveling more, I'll probably bounce the card back up because the platinum card offers so many travel perks. But for now, I'm just deserted in NYC so it's more beneficial for me to have the extra $255 in my pocket!

10. Target Red Card: I'm obsessed with Target. I go to Target for everything. I go in for a light bulb and I come out with a cart full. Yea, I know you do that too! I hate store credit cards but since I'm always shopping at target, I figured I should look into it so I can save money. Well in so glad I did! They have an option for the Red debit card! You get all the perks and benefits of having a Target credit card but it's a debit card so the money is automatically pulled from your checking account. No interest fees baby! It's a win/win situation. So next time you're at Target, pick up their debit card. You save 5% on each purchase. It doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up! 

Hope some of my money saving tips helped! Please let me know if you have any tips of your own! I'm always looking for new ways to save a buck or two! 

Have a great week loves! 

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