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3 Things I'm Terrible at When It Comes to Blogging

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3 Things I'm Terrible at When It Comes to Blogging from The Gossip Darling

I'm the first to admit...I'm not perfect. Shocking right? Kidding! In my own defense, I have a very busy full time job and sometimes work a part time job which is just as crazy. I absolutely love blogging and connecting with readers and fellow bloggers, but I sometimes I fall short on my responsibilities. With this new blog (which I'm obsessed with), I'm trying to identify where I'm lacking and make improvements! Here are 3 things I have to work on...

1. Emails: Ugh. Sometimes it takes me ages to reply back to emails. I'm the first to admit, I need to work on my speed. At my full time job, I get about 200 emails per day. I'm always on my computer and pretty much answer every one of those 200 emails by the end of the day. So when I get home around 9pm every night (after my gym session), most times I get super lazy and don't reply to my blog emails until the weekend. I hate having unanswered emails in my inbox! It gives me anxiety! I actually read on a popular blogger's page that she only replies to emails on Fridays. She said that she receives too many emails and she needs to concentrate on her work and not reply to emails all day long. I'm wondering whether I should do the same thing. What do you think? I know that it's super important to get back to every single email and it's rude not to get back to someone, but do you think it's okay to have one day allotted for emails? 

2. Preparation: I have an editorial calendar and I really try to stick to it but sometimes I just get an idea and I instantly want to write about it. It's hard to plan what time and day you'll be inspired to write something. Am I right? Sometimes my best ideas come to me at 3am! Or most times, while on the subway on my way to work. But sometimes my inspiration leaves me unprepared. I want to write when I want to write and sometimes it doesn't fit in my blog schedule. I try to publish new content at least 3x per week and I have to be consistent. So when a new idea comes to me, I want to share it instantly and try to publish it the same day. Most times I feel rushed and pressured to click publish. I need to learn that patience is a virtue and I can write new content and not have to publish it right away. I can write it...and schedule it! Great work takes time! I'm not Adele...I can't write a Grammy award winning album in 14 minutes...only she can do that! 

3. Networking: I consider myself to be a total social butterfly. I LOVE socializing. I probably chat and gossip a little too much! I adore connecting with friends and making new friends. But...I do hate networking events. I feel like I'm being pressured and I'm not always making authentic connections. I much rather connect with sometime via my blog or social media and then meet up for a drink. It seems more natural than going to an event and simply handing out my business cards. But I need to change my attitude about this. It's important to network and connect with my fellow bloggers. In this weird blogging world, you need support! Not every networking event is created equal but it's a great way to connect with like minded people and really get your brand out there. You can't go out there and say to yourself, I want I get 100 new readers today. You have to say to yourself, I want to make one legitimate connection today. People will feel your vibe. Go to an event with positive vibes only! I promise the positive vibes will come back to you! 

Thank you so much for reading. I promise I am going to try to improve my outlook on these three things!

What can you improve on? 

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