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5 Things I Will NOT Do With My Blog

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5 things I will not do with my blog from the gossip darling

Happy Monday darlings! For all my American readers, hope you're having a great holiday. I have been stuffing my face all weekend so tomorrow it's back to real life for me. (Booooo!) No more wine, just eating clean foods, and back to the gym. Yes, I'll be protesting every step of the way. Lol.

Even though I just started this blog last month, this isn't a first blog rodeo! I had a wedding blog for over 3 years and I've learned a million things along the way. (Most of them were learned by making mistakes!)

Here are 5 things I WON'T be doing this time around...

everything in life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what everybody else is doing quote from the gossip darling
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1. Compare myself to others: I'm the queen of coloring myself to others. It's so hard because even though the blogging world has really grown in the last few years, it's been around for at least 10 years and it's so hard to not compare yourself to more established bloggers. I am a huge fan of many blogs and some really are my mentors but please don't tell me that I'm the only one in a "competition" with them. I'm not using competition in a bad way but I want 100k Instagram followers myself or millions of page views per month. Granted, I totally understand that these things take time but come on...am I the only one who wants to go straight to the top? Well I am no longer comparing myself to super established bloggers who blog a crazy amount of posts for many years. Everyone is different and every blog is different, growth will happen at its own pace. I'm going to be more realistic about my goals. Honestly, I've been blogging for a little under a month, do I really expect to have 100k followers already? (I wish!)

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2. Check my stats every 10 minutes: I not proud to admit it...but as soon as I click publish, I check my stats like every 10 minutes. (Please don't judge me!) Blogging is super hard work and takes so much time, of course I want millions to read it! But I'm driving myself crazy by continuing to check my stats and I'm making myself disappointed because I'm not getting the "instant" hits I want. Reader growth takes time! I really need to learn that patience is truly a virtue.

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3. Follow someone else's lead: I've never been one to play copycat but of course when you want to be a successful blogger, you look at the path your mentors have taken. It's great to learn tips and trick from them but I also think it's extremely important to walk down your own path. Be different. Stand out from the crowd. This is why readers will want to read your blog over others. I sometimes compare blogging to friendships. I'm lucky enough to have a group of close friends and every single one of my friends are different from the other. I ask them all for advice and I get different versions of the same opinion. So when it comes to blogging, we hopefully all have great inspiration for readers, but you don't only have to go to one blogger for inspiration...you can go to a few of us!

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4. Beat myself up over lack of readers or progress: I can't compare my chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 15! Growth takes time. Some bloggers have been writing for years and one post goes viral and wham! Their whole blogging life changes! For others it takes years to accomplish their blogging goals. Not everyone can afford to become a full time blogger and it's ok. Many of us are juggling full blogging schedules with full time jobs. In my case, I have a full time job, part time job, and another blog! Oh and yea I try to have a little thing called a social life as well. It's ok if it takes time to grow my readership. I'm not going to beat myself over "lacks". Instead, I choose to celebrate the fact that I'm doing something that I love and I'm lucky to connect with each reader one by one. I've met so amazing friends through blogging. I definitely do think you can call that "lack of progress".

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5. Feel pressure or stress: Burnout is soooo easy to feel when you're a blogger. When I started my wedding blog, I honestly didn't know a thing about blogging. I saw more established bloggers blogging 2x per day so I did too! As a brand new blogger, I was blogging 2x to 3x daily for over a year! When I went back down to 1x to 2x daily for 2 years. Dude, you can't do that! It doesn't make how much you blog daily, your readership isn't going to be 100k overnight! I should have focused on growing my readership than blogging 60 posts per month. It just makes for burnout and hating the whole blogging world. I put so much pressure on myself and I was always stressed about writing my next post. I had to keep up with an impossible blogging schedule when you think about all of my other commitments. Yes, blogging is a job for some but like any other job, you should enjoy what you do. You want good quality content. Quantity doesn't mean anything if the quality is crappy. Yes, I was producing a high amount of content but it felt like the amazing race. I didn't put my heart and soul into every single post I wrote. It was more like rush rush rush so I can finish this! I also wasn't being my authentic self with my readers. Did they really know the "real" me? Or did they just know the stressed out, half fast, exhausted, burnt out me? I think you know the answer to this! 

What will I do? I'll only blog about things that I truly care about and really feel passionate about. I'll be honest with my readers whether it's good or bad! I'll give 100% of myself to every single post. If giving 100% of myself means that I can only blog once a week, so be it! Quality over quantity baby! 

As always, thanks so much for reading!  


  1. These are great goals for blogging! It's such a journey and you have to focus on you and what you want out of it instead of all the other chatter. Keep on doing your thing! :)

    1. Thank you so much Kendall! I really appreciate it! It's so easy to get caught up and trying to "keep up with the Joneses". I was driving myself crazy! You learn the best lessons though the hard way, right? Just doing me now. xoxo