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7 Songs Currently on Repeat

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Anddddd it's back to real life! Ugh! (Kidding) Back to the grind of NYC, work, subways, and the gym. My diet has officially started. It's all fun and games until your jeans no longer fit. I'm going to be writing some fitness and nutrition posts so consider yourself officially warned!

I'm totally a music person. I'm obsessed with discovering new artists. When I find a new song I love, I just download it and play it on repeat. I listen to it on the subway on my way to work, at work when I'm answering emails or doing my expenses, at the gym while I'm working out, and on my way back home on the subway. Too much? Yea, I know but I can't control myself. Music is just a beautiful thing and I appreciate all types of music. I listen to everything from opera to country! A few years ago, in one week, I went to three concerts...Coldplay, Marc Anthony, and Neil Diamond. Lol. Yes, I know that combo doesn't exactly make sense but I love them all! Music expresses my current mood or makes me feel better by making me want to dance it out. These songs aren't necessary brand new, but they are making me sing every word and that's what counts right? Are you with me?

Here's 7 songs I'm currently playing on repeat. Wanna join me? 

Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato: I'm kinda surprised myself with this song choice. Lol. Love Demi and think she's cute but she's not usually my jam. I heard this song though while working out and I'm hooked! Makes me wanna run a bit faster on the treadmill. Watch outttt!!

Locked Away by R. City and Featuring Adam Levine: Adam Levine...do I need to say anything else? Ummm no. The man is perfect! He's my fave coach on The Voice and I've been obsessed with Maroon 5 since the beginning. I will listen to anything Adam records...even if it's a children's lullaby! Add amazing lyrics and a little reggae beat and I'm totally in.

Cheerleader by OMI (Felix Jaehn Remix): Besides the awesome beat, doesn't everyone want a cheerleader? Like seriously. We all want to meet our cheerleaders whether it's our friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend. I love everything about this song. PS- I'm also biased because it's my 3 year old niece's fave song. Lol. She starts moving her hips and it's the funniest/cutest thing ever.

Peace by O.A.R: This song is soooo romantic. It's so raw and real. It relaxes me, makes me smile, and makes me reflect. I never really heard of these guys before. I was driving Upstate over the weekend and listening to the radio in my car. This song came on and I was instantly hooked. I want to see them in concert! I don't know the girl behind this song but she's a lucky one. It's so perfect!

Photograph by Ed Sheeran: I LOVE YOU ED!! He's not only having an amazing year but his music just keeps getting better and better to me. How can one man be sooo romantic? Every single song is like poetry. The lyrics don't even need music behind them. I have such a huge crush on Ed. And he's BFFs with my homegirl Taylor Swift. Can the man be any cooler? If I were only 10 years younger...we would be perfect for one another! Lol.

Ripetide by Vance Joy: This guy is totally new and I love him. So indie and makes me want to pick up a guitar. It reminds me of being back Upstate and hanging out with my friends around a campfire. So sweet and pure romantic love. (I'm definitely the girl who sings the words wrong...)

El Perdón (Forgiveness) by Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias: Now it's time to close your eyes, put your hands in the air and start dancing it outttttt!! This song is so awesome. I love how the guys were probably the biggest a**holes in the World and now they are asking for forgiveness. Ummmm come on. Typical guy move! She's moved on and she's happier now! All us girls out there hope our exes feel the burn like this. At least we can dance to it even though we are on the girl's side! (I still adore you Enrique!)

Hope you enjoyed my random mix! I hope you're singing and dancing it out with me. At least a little sway side to side? (*smile) What songs do you currently have on repeat?


  1. Melissa, I'm so close to no longer fitting my jeans. After being weighed at my doctors appointment today, I've pledged to start working out again. That means its time for a new playlist. I listen to a variety of music as well, but I have no idea what everyone is listening to at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Tiffany! You are so sweet! Thank you for checking out the blog! The summer BBQs got to me. lol. We can do this! (I'm sure you look fab tho!) I started seeing a nutritionist and trainer so I'll be sharing some tips and tricks. xoxo