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DIY Skin Brightening Toner

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Just in case you haven't heard by now...I'm on a budget. Ugh. I just hate that word but it's true. Unfortunately, my bank account hasn't caught up with my "wants".

For years I've been purchasing department store beauty products. Everything from my night moisturizer, eye cream, toner, day moisturizer, facial masks, and every other product they are sell by promising me the Fountain of Youth. Let me just tell you, it gets pricey. At $30 a bottle for toner, it can quickly add up. Especially since I use toner multiple times a the morning before I apply my makeup, after my workout, and before I go to bed.

I've been looking for cheaper alternatives so of course I automatically stalked Pinterest. I found some amazing DIY facial toner receives but this one is my fave...and it's super easy to make!

Here is is....DIY Skin Brightening Toner

1/2 Cup Lemon Juice
1 Cup Water
2/3 Cup Witch Hazel
Plastic Bottle
*For oily skin add 2 Tablespoons of Alcohol*

Some extra deets:

  • Witch Hazel is a totally old school beauty trick. You can use it directly on the skin and it helps reduce swelling, fights bacteria, and helps repair broken skin. Read more about it here. I purchased the bottle of witch hazel I used at Target for $1.99. I've made over 5 bottles of the toner with just the one bottle of WH. That's a bargain!!
  • I used Poland Spring for the photo but please feel free to use tap water. PS- it's free! 
  • I bought the plastic bottle seen in the photo at Target for $.99 but this is a good option too. I've also been saving empty toner bottles from my department stores purchases after I've up all the product. You have pretty packaging for your new DIY toner!
  • Lemons- my grandmother uses lemon for everything. It's awesome for keeping things clean...even your skin! It's also a natural brightener. (Was I the only kid drenching my hair in lemon juice during the summer and staying out in the sun in hopes of getting natural highlights?)

Thank you to Shwin and Shwin for the awesome recipe!! Check out their blog here.

Please let me know how your toner turns out!

PS- for even more beauty fun, check out this post! 50 DIY Homemade Skincare Recipes! I've made a few of these bad boys and so far I've loved everything. I'll be sharing more of my favorite recipes on the blog!

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