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Inspiration Behind the Blog Design

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Inspiration Board by Fancy Girl Design Studio for The Gossip Darling
Starting a brand new adventure is always overwhelming, especially when the adventure includes starting a new blog! I can honestly say that when I first started blogging, I had absolutely no idea how difficult it would be! All of my favorite bloggers make it look so easy. (Which is a total compliment!) Everything looks super glam and like total eye candy. When I decided to start my own lifestyle blog, I wanted a few things for my new baby...I wanted my blog to look, elegant, clean, and inviting. Just like I hope people feel when they enter my home. Have you ever visited blogs and just instantly closed the page when you saw the terrible blog design? Yea, I have too. From previous experience, I've already learned to accept my limitations and NOT try to design the blog myself. Back in the day, I would sit for hours and try to code the design myself. 8 hours later and I had nothing to show for it. That could have been 8 hours spent on creating new content! 8 hours is a long time! Well you live and you learn, right? When it came time to create this blog's design, I brought in an expert....Fancy Girl Design Studio. Pat was SUPER patient and kind with me. I had so many ideas and I love everything! It's so hard for me to "nail down" my style. Do I need to chose a style or can I love everything? kinda need to know your own style so you can be happy with the design. Patricia had a wonderful way of getting me to narrow down my style. Anyway... I wanted to share the inspiration behind my blog design.

Here's the step by step story:

1. I was referred to Patricia by a former client of hers, Chic Brown Bride. I loved the CBB design but I wanted to make sure Fancy Girl Design Studio would be the right designer for me. I spent wayyyy too many time looking through her portfolio and her Instagram feed. I wanted to make sure we truly shared similar styles and if she would understand my vision. For example, if you're a very modern loving person, a graphic designer specializing in shabby chic designs probably isn't the right designer for you. Just my thoughts. 

2. I reached out to Fancy Girl Design Studio and she sent me her price quotes based on which platform I would be using, Wordpress or Blogger. For this blog, I decided to move forward with Blogger and I'm soooo happy I did. My previous blog was with Wordpress and absolutely wasn't a fan of the platform. I know that I'm a rare one and so many bloggers will tell you that the Blogger platform isn't professional and you don't own your own content and Google can shut you down at any time. But so many of my favorite bloggers who happen to be VERY successful all blog using Blogger. It's super easy to use, you don't need any experience to figure out how to get things done and it's free. With my old blog, I spent SOOO much money over the 3 years between hosting, blog design, blog tweaks, and things disappearing on me and none of it made sense to me. It felt like I needed to contact a web designer every time I had a question which of course costs money. Why am I spending so much money for something that's just a hobby? Since I am now using Blogger, I do back up my blog every Sunday so just in case anything happens to it, I'll just lose a week's worth of work. Here are a 4 of my favorite bloggers using the blogger platform: Southern Curls & Pearls, Aubrey Kinch, Atlantic-Pacific, and The Sweetest Thing

3. Fancy Girl Design Studio sent me a questionnaire and it was so thorough with so many specific questions! I didn't even realize how much went into every single detail! It took me awhile to answer her questions because I thought really long and hard about it! I also created a Pinterest board with all of my favorite things. It was totally the inspiration behind the blog design. Check out my board here

4. Patricia sent me an inspiration board with all of my favorite details from the Pinterest board and I was in love! The inspiration board was exactly how I envisioned my blog design. It was neutral because I didn't want very bold or overwhelming colors. I wanted soft and delicate. It was simple and elegant. I really didn't want a crazy busy design because I want my content to be the main attraction. 

5. After the inspiration board, the good part was here! The initial draft of my blog design was ready! It's so scary how Patricia "got" my style on the first try! It was such a huge relief to me. I didn't even know what I was looking for but Fancy Girl Design Studio found it for me! Yay! I was ready to move forward and have to design installed! 

6. Patricia was so speedy, efficient and most importantly, patient!! My blog was officially up and running in no time! I'm totally obsessed with Fancy Girl Design Studio creation! I think when you're happy with your "blog home", it gives you the push to be a better blogger. Am I the only one who feels this way? 

So that's how this little blog came to be! I can't recommend Patricia enough! Now that I have a pretty home, here's what The Gossip Darling has in store for you....

Blog Schedule

I'll be blogging a minimum of 3x per week. Blog posts will include fun topics like...

  • Blogging tips and tricks: I have made so many mistakes when it comes to blogging and I want to share them all with you so you don't make the same mistakes! I have also learned some tricks to make blogging a bit easier. Who doesn't like making things easier for yourself?
  • Beauty: I am obsessed with all beauty, makeup, skincare, lotions, whatever...I'm there! I'll be sharing not only products reviews but some of my favorite beauty tips and how to make your own beauty products on the cheap. 
  • Health and Fitness: I am forever trying to lose the extra 10 pounds I gained last summer. I now see a nutritionist and hit the gym a min of 3x per week. I also purchased a Fitbit so I'll be sharing my healthy journey with you all. 
  • Lifestyle: I am all about adventures, especially since I live in NYC. Wanna read about my latest adventure to Central Park, Fashion Week, trying to find the perfect Christmas tree, home decor or flea market? You'll see it all here. 
  • Finance: I am always trying to save money. I went to law school and even though I am not a lawyer, I have the lovely student loans to remind me of my time there. I enjoy finding a good sale and little tricks to save an extra penny or two!
  • Randomness: Is it ok to share my random thoughts with you? Admittedly, I love oversharing. Lol. Hope you don't mind!
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend loves!!


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