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Product Review: Unblemish By Rodan + Fields

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My skin hates me. It's true. We are enemies at times and when times are good...we tolerate one another at best. I'm not sure if we'll ever truly be friends without drama! I know I sound like a reality show with my skin but it's true. Since I'm obsessed with all things related to beauty, this obsession has also caused a few bumps in the road. I've had so many reactions from new products I'm testing out and my skin has definitely shown the proof of protesting. I'm sure you can relate. Between the change of environment, changing of seasons, and age...I'm still trying to be nice to my skin. My main issue? Acne! Totally uncool at any age but at 31?! Why am I still fighting the acne battle? It's not fair. (Yes, I'm pouting as I write this) but thank goodness I have weapons to help me fight this battle. 

I have tried sooo many different products on my skin. Acne is such a hard thing to fight. For me, drugstore products haven't worked. The ones I've tried haven't been strong enough and just don't cut it. Rodan + Fields Unblemish skincare treatment is my weapon of choice. Complete four steps, and they'll lead you to clearer skin in no time. Wanna know some more deets? Well I'm glad you are the 4 steps!

1. Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash: Please start off with clean hands! Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch or even apply product to your face. It's so important to wash your face properly. I wash my face twice per day. Well at least I try to. (Sometimes I do get super tired and use a Neutrogena makeup remover wipes) Once in the morning before I apply my makeup because before I go to bed, I put products on my face and I don't want to apply makeup on skin covered by leftover product. Also, am I the only one who still has leftover makeup on? (Mascara is always the problem!) It's also always a MUST for me to wash my face before I go to bed. I wish I could wash my face right after my gym workout but I still have to take the subway home and I am too chicken to walk around New York City streets without makeup on. After you wash your face with this sulfur wash, your skin will feel squeaky clean! It also helps reduced redness and keeps your pores clean so the medicine can get into your skin. I have a special set of white towels that I use for my face because I don't want to use anything that already has dirt from my hands or body. 

2. Spot Fading Toner: I am obsessed with toner. For some reason, it's just my thing. I use it every single day and most times I use it 2x per day. It gets whatever I missed from my facial and it makes me feel better that I have officially reaching the spots I may have previously missed. This toner definitely has a kick to it and pimples better watch out. It doesn't make my skin burn or feel harsh on my skin and it totally unclogs your pores and gets your skin ready for the treatment. 

3. Dual Intensive Acne Treatment: Get ready for this one! It's the big guns! This strong treatment really kills the bacterial and other things causing your acne breakouts. You apply is just like any moisturizer or lotion. This pump has two sides. I usually apply two pumps from each side, Sometimes I also just apply it to the areas of my breakout. My skin can also be a little on the dry side so if I am having a breakout in one specific area, that's where I focus the product on. It's also a good way for me to save money. A little tip for you: Due to the benzoyl peroxide in this product, it can cause discoloration on clothes, linens, and towels. I have separate white towels that I purchased from Target just for these products. After I apply this treatment to my face, I make sure to wash my hands before I touch anything. Also, if I'm applying this treatment right before I go to sleep, I put a clean white towel on my pillow and sleep on that. I have learned my lesson the hard way and have ruined way too many bed sheets!

4. Oil Control Lotion: I use this lotion underneath my makeup. It has SPF 20 so it protects my skin from the sun. It's also super light, doesn't clog my pores and helps even out my skin tone. What's not to love about it?

For all you readers suffering from acne, you are not alone! You don't have to suffer any longer though. This skin care regimen will help you fight acne and keep it away. If you try it, please let me know what you think. Also, if you don't have acne but want to check out Rodan + Fields skincare products, there are more options for you. Check out their other amazing products here

Much love!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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