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3 Sites to Make Extra Cash

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Who doesn't want to make an extra buck or two...or three! I'm a total girly girl and I love everything involving fashion and beauty. As a result, my closet is sometimes bursting at the seams. Living in a small New York City apartment, I really don't have room for much. If I want to follow the current trends and keep up with fashion, I have to get rid some of the things in my closet before I can purchase anything new. I usually try to buy new clothes with the profits I made from selling my old things. Here are 3 sites I've used recently...

The Real Real: I've used this site for about a year now. Admittedly, last year I found this site to be better and more useful. I still use it but they are getting pickier about the items they accept. If they don't accept one of your items, they do mail it back to you for a fee. Anyway! This site is for designer items only which can be a bummer. They are two options here: you can choose to have your clothes picked up with their "White Glove Service" which is available to those with 10 or more designer items to sell. You can make an appointment and a rep will come to your house and pick up your items. You don't have to go anywhere! So easy! Right on the spot she was able to tell me what items will be accepted. It was also my first time selling so I was given a $100 gift card for Saks! Yay! (I purchased this David Yurman ring...) After that my first time selling, for any additional items, I order a consignment kit from the website and after completing a packaging slip, I packed up all of my items in a box, and using the pre-paid postage, I shipped off my items at my local FedEx. Still very easy. From the selling price, I receive 60% commission. Payments are made on the 15th every month via check or direct deposit. Check out their list here of designers they accept. 

ThredUp: I have loads and loads of clothes. Causal, professional, dressy, workout, and everything in between. Also, my clothes are very diverse in regards to designers. I have everything from Michael Kors to Forever 21. I actually have a lot from Forever 21. I've been looking for ages for a site where I can sell my old clothes. I know eBay is very popular and I've given it a try but honestly, I don't have time to take photos of all of my clothes then upload them and then add such detailed descriptions. Then sellers contact you and ask loads of questions for $5 jeans. I don't think it's worth the time. I discovered this site via Pinterest and I was a bit concerned. When I googled the company, the reviews were terrible! Like really bad. So I actually didn't do anything for a month. Then I said to myself, what am I going to do with all of this stuff? Just send it! Seriously, I sent my clothes off with absolutely no expectations. I sent clothes to them that I was not expecting to get back and if I got zero money from them, I would be fine with it. (They don't late clothes they don't accept!) Since I was willing to give the clothes away for free, I had nothing to lose. I went on the site, requested a sellers bag and then filled it up once it arrived and shipped it out. I earn about $40 for each bag I send. Each bag is usually about 15 pounds. Yes, I know I have a lot of things! I've sent 6 bags so far and have made about $350. Remember: send things you are willing to give away for free and expect nothing! PS- you can choose to have items not accept to get sent back to you for a $12 fee. Also, this isn't a quick way to make money. Between them receiving your bag, processing everything, and offering payout...you're looking at a month and a half. 

Decluttr: I learned about this visit via Pinterest. You can sell back your CDs and DVDs. So I was a little hesitant because I've really build up my DVD collection over the past 10 years. Who hasn't? DVDs aren't cheap and I kinda didn't want to get rid of any of them. But then I had to have a "Come to Jesus" talk with myself. When was the last time I actually watched a real DVD and not Netflix? Ummmm...its been years! Between Netflix and Amazon Prime, I never watch DVDs. So why was I keeping them so they can collect dust and take up room I don't have? I don't know. So I finally gave in and setup my sellers account. Admittedly, you will not make loads of money from the site. I made $60 and I sent over 100 DVDs. But it was $60 just sitting in my closet and literally just taking up valuable space. I didn't send any CDs because I didn't have the original packaging. I just used to keep the cd and throw away the case. I purchased one of those large CD holder binder things and that's where I stores my collection. I also kept my CDs because I still haven't uploaded everything to iTunes. I takes forever! So if you're interested in making an extra dollar or two to pay for some groceries, give this site a try. How does it work? Create an account, tell them all DVDs or CDs you want to send, they give you the price they are willing to purchase them for, you accept, print the shipping label, put everything in a box, and say goodbye!

Are you interested in making extra cash?

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