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My Professional Look

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My Professional Look

The weekend is almost here! Yay! Am I the only one super excited?!

I am a lover of all things fashionable. I'm truly obsessed with fashion. I love playing around with different looks and styles. I love how putting on a brand new outfit can change your whole attitude around. I can go from depressed to a smiling fool all because of a pretty accessory.

My biggest piece of fashion advice? Invest in a few great pieces. I am the Queen of mixing Forever 21 with Louis Vuitton. I totally believe in spending a good amount of money on wallets, handbags, and jewelry. For me personally, I rarely change my wallet or handbag so I need to spend money on good quality so my items can last me forever. I'm probably going to get into trouble for this...but I rarely change my handbag because I work in an office and 98% of the time, my handbag is stuffed in a drawer. I have my large Louis Vuitton wallet and it still looks brand new after 8 years! (I never use my wallet on a daily basis. I have a mini credit card holder that I use the majority of the time!)

I also think it's very important to "complete" every look. You don't want to wear the most beautiful formal gown in the world and have the most beautiful accessories're walking around with a massively chipped manicure. Trust me, we all have days where a nail chips or you put on two different pairs of shoes (yes, this has happened when I'm in a hurry), but at least if you aim to look "complete", hopefully the universe will feel that energy and make it happen.

Here are some of my fave pieces when I need to look professional yet fashionable....

1. The Classic White Button-Down: I absolutely love a crisp white shirt. I developed the white shirt obsession from my Mother. She seriously has a closet full and when we shop together, she's like "oh I need a new white shirt. Isn't this one perfect?" Mothers are always can dress this up or dress this down!

2. Black Leggings/Skinnys: I love love love leggings. I have over 20 pairs in different colors. I work out in them...lounge in them... and even go to work in them. Again, you can totally dress them up or down. They are so comfy and easy. I will never give up my leggings. I found an amazing pair at J. Crew and I ended up buying three of the same pair. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

3. The Black Loafers: According to my friends, I'm apparently known for my love of loafers. Lol. Kinda makes me self-conscious because people are noticing my habits! Loafers are always in style. I absolutely love my heels but since I spend most of my day running around, flats are way more practical for me. But I like to still look cute as I run around. I own these black flats and I can't gush over them enough.

4. Loose Hair: A nice high bun is always elegant but my hair is so long and heavy that if I wear it up for too long and often, I start to get headaches. Most of the time, I leave my hair down. It's just more comfortable for me. Instead of getting my "long hair headache", I can just focus on my day and get on with my work.

5. Elegant Large Black Bag: The black bag above is by Celine but not all of us have $3k to spend on a handbag. (I wish I did!) I have many large black totes. Since I live in NYC, I have to carry large bags in order to fit all of the things I need throughout the day. (I miss having a car where I can throw things in the backseat!) Not only do my handbags have to hold my wallet, makeup, and other fun also needs to hold my umbrella, water bottle, gym clothes, and other random items I like to carry about and probably have no use for. A large bag is a must for me. Instead of carrying multiple small or medium bags with me daily, please just give me one large one.

6. Red Manicure: I've always believed that anything red brings you good luck. Every New Year's, I always make sure I am wearing something red! I think it's elegant, timeless, and chic. A red manicure reminds me of the elegance of the 1920s. Just add black eyeliner and I'm in heaven. Me doing business with a fresh red manicure....I'm unstoppable.

What are your favorite items to make you look the most professional?

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