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Review: Hourglass' Retractable Double-Ended Complexion Brush

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Hello darlings!

Last year on my wedding blog, I shared my thoughts on one of my fave makeup brushes and it was such a huge hit. I thought I would update the post and share with you lovely darlings!! Over a year later, officially in my 30's, and really putting this brush to good use, I thought I would have a bit more to say. 

As a total makeup snob, I am always trying new products. I was introduced to Hourglass products during one of my many Sephora visits. I walked in because I am looking for some new contouring products and my salesperson Josh totally hooked me up. He told me he had something to make my contouring life so much easier. Josh was totally on point and knew his stuff! He even wrote down step-by-step what I should do to get the best look. 

Hourglass' Retractable Double-Ended Complexion Brush can be used for multiple purposes. I absolutely love when I can use just one product for applying multiple products. Makes a busy life so much easier. Hey, 5 minutes here and there really do help! You can use it to apply concealer, foundation, blush, powder, and for contouring. I love using the flat side for really getting under my eyes and making it so easy to apply my concealer. I also use it for outlining my contouring lines and applying highlighter. I use the brush side for blending out my contouring lines and applying blush. With its double-ended brush, it makes it super easy to throw it in your purse which makes it awesome for travel. I own a crazy amount of brushes but I use this brush all the time. Whether I'm on a flight, at the gym, or at the office, this brush goes everywhere with me! 

To add the icing on the cake, this brush is also PETA- friendly and is made of Taklon. It's a great alternative for allergy sufferers, especially if you can't use brushes made from animal hair. I know the $68 price tag can be a bit of a turnoff but just think of it as saving because you are just buying one brush and not four! Once you finish using this amazing brush, just spray it quickly with alcohol and dust off on a paper towel and you're all set! It's good as new. 

Have you purchased this brush, please let me know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Thanksgiving darlings!!

Wishing all of my American readers an amazing holiday!! Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. There's no expectations except to eat and drink as much as you can, spend quality time with your loved ones and create amazing memories.

I left NYC on Monday and drove to my parents' house in Upstate New York. I LOVE spending my holidays here. There's absolutely no better feeling in world than to go home for the holidays. My Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, and three nieces will be here for dinner. Oh and my cat Lexi will be celebrating with us as well. I am super grateful for my family, friends, job, co-workers, and my readers! We have all been through so many ups and downs together but we are all still standing together. I am beyond grateful for each and every one of them!

Tomorrow morning, my Mom and I will be starting our Black Friday shopping at 5am. Yes, we are the crazy women shopping first thing!! The mall is an hour away but who cares! It's totally one of my favorite things to do!

How will you be spending your holiday?

Must Read Blogs

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Not only am I obsessed with writing for my blog, I'm also obsessed with reading other blogs. I truly love everything about blogging! I think it's because I've always wanted to be a journalist or maybe it's me getting my inner Carrie Bradshaw out...I don't know but I love it. I really feel like I'm chatting with my girlfriends and we have our own little community. I thought I would share some of my must read blogs with you all. I absolutely never miss a post from these ladies. They are inspiring, my blogging mentors, and you'll learn a lot from them about fashion, beauty, home decor, blogging, life, and all things glam!

Here we go...

Aubrey Kinch: Not only is Aubrey a blogger but she's also a designer. She creates the most awesome blog designs and her work is eye candy in itself. She truly has a good eye for all things fab. She's honest, her choices aren't crazy pricey so most of us can afford it, and you feel like you're her friend because she shares glimpses of her real life with us. She's a true down to Earth girl and I love it. 

Pink Peonies: Rach Parcell is super glam and her style is always on point. She is a truly talented stylist! (I also really want her house!!) She shares amazing fashion and beauty tips as well as provides us with party ideas and home decor inspiration. Her blog is truly luxe! 

Fun, Cheap, or Free: I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to budgeting and keeping money in my wallet! If I hold money for too long, it's going to burn a hole in my pocket! Jordan Page is super cool and shows us why it's so important to save, budget, and finance savvy. She's soon to be a mom of 5 so she knows a thing or two about juggling multiple gigs, importance of family life, and how money can completely add stress to anyone's life. She has awesome tips so you can save a buck or two. (I've personally saved thousands...)

Southern Curls and Pearls: if I had to only choose one blog to read, it would be this one. Caitlin is awesome and her blog is my all time favorite. She mixes super high end pieces like Chanel and Valentino with extremely affordable brands like Forever 21. She's really adorable and her blog really feels like you're having a chat with your girlfriends. I've purchased a few items after reading her blog and I've loved every single thing. She won't recommend something if it's not worth it!

Huda Beauty: not only am I a fan of Huda's blog, I'm also a fan of her Instagram page! She's full with amazing hair and makeup inspiration. Her blog provides beauty product reviews as well as beauty tutorials. She's super honest with her opinions and definitely won't recommend a crappy product. She has actually written posts about products you shouldn't buy! I really appreciate her honesty! Not only is she super beautiful and talented, she's a true powerhouse. (Can't wait to try to range of eyelashes available at Sephora!!)

A Girl, Obsessed: Mandy's blog has recently really taken off and I'm really happy for her. She blog provides a lot of inspiration in a lot of different areas. I especially love her blogging tips and tricks and her beauty product reviews. Since I recently launched this blog, I need all the blogging tips I can get! Mandy is smart, informative, and willing to spill the beans. 

Who are your favorite bloggers? 


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Hello darlings!

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far. Today's post may be filled with a bit of randomness but I promise to try to make some sense...I'm gonna try.

When I first started this new blog adventure, I wanted to post new content at least 3x per week and I had specific goals in mind. My real goal was actually to blog 5x per week. But with a crazy full-time job, sometimes it's easier said than done. In the last two months, my full-time job has become super super busy and as a result, my blog has been suffering. This makes me really upset because I feel like I am losing "me time" by not doing something I really enjoy...blogging. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with everything. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, all I keep thinking is... "I'm overwhelmed". After two months of non-stop feeling this way, I need to make a life change. Of course I need a job and of course I can't quit and blog all day but I can make some changes. (Plus I really do love my full-time job and I am extremely grateful for it!) I should be able to be successful at my job and still have time for a hobby.


Here's my plan of action:

  1. Setting Time Limits: I truly have no sense of time. I literally will work 16 hour days without batting an eye. But I also must say...I LOVE my job. I truly go to work everyday and love what I do. That being said, that doesn't mean you want to do what you love 24/7. Moving forward, I will try to only work from 9am to 6:30pm. (I'm talking about my full-time job) I have to force myself to turn the computer off and leave my desk even if all of my work isn't finished. I know myself and I know I hate still having things on my to do list but if I continue at the rate I'm currently working, I am just going to get completely burnt out and totally walk away. Whether things are still on the list or not, at 6:30pm, I am out the door and living my own life! 
  2. Doing Something for Myself Once a Day: My sweet friend Jules gave me this advice. (Smart woman!) Since I feel like I have absolutely no "me time", I have to start doing one thing for myself daily and keep to it! I am going to be extra ambitious and I am going to try to do two things daily for myself: blogging and the gym. I always feel better when I work out and less guilty about eating my favorite sweet treats. Blogging also makes me feel like I am part of a community and I'm chatting up with my girlfriends. Starting today....I'm doing something for ME!
  3. Not Feeling Guilty: I'm the Queen of feeling guilty about something. I always say it's Catholic guilt but it does get pretty annoying. I feel guilty about not completing my work and me "getting in trouble" or disappointing someone, or doing something "fun" when I could be doing something "more productive". Girl, I am doing something for my mental sanity. In order to be more productive in your work life, you have to enter with a clear head, new inspiration, and new vision. This is important. Nobody wants to be doing the same crap day in and day out. Nope. I am going to be treating myself better and NOT feeling bad about it. 
  4. Balance: This life is all about balance. At the moment, I absolutely have no balance at all. I go days or weeks without chatting up my friends because I literally leave the office and I am too exhausted to do anything besides pour a glass of wine. No more. I need to create life/work balance and feel better about myself as a friend, family member, employee, co-worker, and human! It's not normal to only go about your day in one gear. 
  5. Breathing: I'm totally not in yoga or meditation because if I do make it to the gym, I just want to burn as many calories as possible. My nutritionist actually told me about a free app you can download and I'm shocked to say it's amazing. She recommended that I meditate at least 5 minutes per day and I can do it anywhere. Strangely enough, my place of meditation is my subway ride to work. I usually read a book or read the news from my phone but now as soon as I get on, I click on my Calm app and I spend 5 minutes finding some zen. It's super important and I never expected it to make me feel so much better!  
Do you feel overwhelmed by work, family, or life? How do you create balance?

Current Wish List

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Current Wish List

So I my love of designer goods will never waiver. Too made my bank account is a little short and doesn't appreciate my love of designer clothing, accessories, jewelry, and everything else under the sun. There's nothing like saving up for months (or years) for that handbag you've been drooling over for what seems like forever. When it comes to purchasing designer items, I tend to go with classic pieces that are timeless and don't really follow any trends. Good style never follows any trends. I created my "Designer Wish List" for all of you lovely readers. Please let me know what you think... 

1. Chanel Quilted Bag: How can you not want this bag? It's the definition of elegance, class, and glamour. It's truly timeless and can be used for all occasions.

2. Louis Vuitton Keepall Monogram CanvasI've been obsessed with Louis Vuitton for many years. I'm lucky enough to have a few pieces. This is my next goal. This bag is a perfect travel carry-on or if you're packing light for a weekend! 

3. Valentino: So I was kinda on the fence about this one because since these shoes were released like literally everyone has been seen wearing them. Like literally everyone. I don't care if they are a bit played out...I still think they are super chic and classy. I'm still digging them!

4. Celine: Oh we love you! This bag is perfect and so "in" right now. You can truly carry some many things in this bad boy! Wallet, makeup, gym clothes, and water bottle. Check, check, check, and check. Best of all? You carry everything you need and still look super chic.

5. Rolex: I love big watches. I usually purchase men's watches because like to wear something big and chunky on my wrist. I'm also really hard on my watches and wear them everyday so I need something that won't break so easily! Rolex is another timeless and elegant choice.

6. David Yurman: I heart you Yurman! Again, I'm super lucky to own a few pieces and I wear them like every single day! They are classy, timeless and you can dress them up or down. I want this ring for my middle finger. I like big and bold. I really am obsessed with statement pieces and this is the perfect piece.

What items are on your wish list?

5 Best Fall Lipsticks

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Happy Friday everyone!

Fall colors are some of the prettiest pigments. The leaves, the trees and the pumpkins give us joy from the beauty. Here are some great lip colors to compliment the tone of Autumn, whether they resemble the color of the outside world or just a warm, pretty pigment. Enjoy!

5. MAC in Heroine

4. Revlon in Black Cherry

3. NARS in Honolulu

2. NARS in VIP Red

1. Christian Dior in Rendez-Vous