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Must Read Blogs

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Not only am I obsessed with writing for my blog, I'm also obsessed with reading other blogs. I truly love everything about blogging! I think it's because I've always wanted to be a journalist or maybe it's me getting my inner Carrie Bradshaw out...I don't know but I love it. I really feel like I'm chatting with my girlfriends and we have our own little community. I thought I would share some of my must read blogs with you all. I absolutely never miss a post from these ladies. They are inspiring, my blogging mentors, and you'll learn a lot from them about fashion, beauty, home decor, blogging, life, and all things glam!

Here we go...

Aubrey Kinch: Not only is Aubrey a blogger but she's also a designer. She creates the most awesome blog designs and her work is eye candy in itself. She truly has a good eye for all things fab. She's honest, her choices aren't crazy pricey so most of us can afford it, and you feel like you're her friend because she shares glimpses of her real life with us. She's a true down to Earth girl and I love it. 

Pink Peonies: Rach Parcell is super glam and her style is always on point. She is a truly talented stylist! (I also really want her house!!) She shares amazing fashion and beauty tips as well as provides us with party ideas and home decor inspiration. Her blog is truly luxe! 

Fun, Cheap, or Free: I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to budgeting and keeping money in my wallet! If I hold money for too long, it's going to burn a hole in my pocket! Jordan Page is super cool and shows us why it's so important to save, budget, and finance savvy. She's soon to be a mom of 5 so she knows a thing or two about juggling multiple gigs, importance of family life, and how money can completely add stress to anyone's life. She has awesome tips so you can save a buck or two. (I've personally saved thousands...)

Southern Curls and Pearls: if I had to only choose one blog to read, it would be this one. Caitlin is awesome and her blog is my all time favorite. She mixes super high end pieces like Chanel and Valentino with extremely affordable brands like Forever 21. She's really adorable and her blog really feels like you're having a chat with your girlfriends. I've purchased a few items after reading her blog and I've loved every single thing. She won't recommend something if it's not worth it!

Huda Beauty: not only am I a fan of Huda's blog, I'm also a fan of her Instagram page! She's full with amazing hair and makeup inspiration. Her blog provides beauty product reviews as well as beauty tutorials. She's super honest with her opinions and definitely won't recommend a crappy product. She has actually written posts about products you shouldn't buy! I really appreciate her honesty! Not only is she super beautiful and talented, she's a true powerhouse. (Can't wait to try to range of eyelashes available at Sephora!!)

A Girl, Obsessed: Mandy's blog has recently really taken off and I'm really happy for her. She blog provides a lot of inspiration in a lot of different areas. I especially love her blogging tips and tricks and her beauty product reviews. Since I recently launched this blog, I need all the blogging tips I can get! Mandy is smart, informative, and willing to spill the beans. 

Who are your favorite bloggers? 

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