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Hello darlings!

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far. Today's post may be filled with a bit of randomness but I promise to try to make some sense...I'm gonna try.

When I first started this new blog adventure, I wanted to post new content at least 3x per week and I had specific goals in mind. My real goal was actually to blog 5x per week. But with a crazy full-time job, sometimes it's easier said than done. In the last two months, my full-time job has become super super busy and as a result, my blog has been suffering. This makes me really upset because I feel like I am losing "me time" by not doing something I really enjoy...blogging. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with everything. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, all I keep thinking is... "I'm overwhelmed". After two months of non-stop feeling this way, I need to make a life change. Of course I need a job and of course I can't quit and blog all day but I can make some changes. (Plus I really do love my full-time job and I am extremely grateful for it!) I should be able to be successful at my job and still have time for a hobby.


Here's my plan of action:

  1. Setting Time Limits: I truly have no sense of time. I literally will work 16 hour days without batting an eye. But I also must say...I LOVE my job. I truly go to work everyday and love what I do. That being said, that doesn't mean you want to do what you love 24/7. Moving forward, I will try to only work from 9am to 6:30pm. (I'm talking about my full-time job) I have to force myself to turn the computer off and leave my desk even if all of my work isn't finished. I know myself and I know I hate still having things on my to do list but if I continue at the rate I'm currently working, I am just going to get completely burnt out and totally walk away. Whether things are still on the list or not, at 6:30pm, I am out the door and living my own life! 
  2. Doing Something for Myself Once a Day: My sweet friend Jules gave me this advice. (Smart woman!) Since I feel like I have absolutely no "me time", I have to start doing one thing for myself daily and keep to it! I am going to be extra ambitious and I am going to try to do two things daily for myself: blogging and the gym. I always feel better when I work out and less guilty about eating my favorite sweet treats. Blogging also makes me feel like I am part of a community and I'm chatting up with my girlfriends. Starting today....I'm doing something for ME!
  3. Not Feeling Guilty: I'm the Queen of feeling guilty about something. I always say it's Catholic guilt but it does get pretty annoying. I feel guilty about not completing my work and me "getting in trouble" or disappointing someone, or doing something "fun" when I could be doing something "more productive". Girl, I am doing something for my mental sanity. In order to be more productive in your work life, you have to enter with a clear head, new inspiration, and new vision. This is important. Nobody wants to be doing the same crap day in and day out. Nope. I am going to be treating myself better and NOT feeling bad about it. 
  4. Balance: This life is all about balance. At the moment, I absolutely have no balance at all. I go days or weeks without chatting up my friends because I literally leave the office and I am too exhausted to do anything besides pour a glass of wine. No more. I need to create life/work balance and feel better about myself as a friend, family member, employee, co-worker, and human! It's not normal to only go about your day in one gear. 
  5. Breathing: I'm totally not in yoga or meditation because if I do make it to the gym, I just want to burn as many calories as possible. My nutritionist actually told me about a free app you can download and I'm shocked to say it's amazing. She recommended that I meditate at least 5 minutes per day and I can do it anywhere. Strangely enough, my place of meditation is my subway ride to work. I usually read a book or read the news from my phone but now as soon as I get on, I click on my Calm app and I spend 5 minutes finding some zen. It's super important and I never expected it to make me feel so much better!  
Do you feel overwhelmed by work, family, or life? How do you create balance?

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