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Review: Hourglass' Retractable Double-Ended Complexion Brush

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Hello darlings!

Last year on my wedding blog, I shared my thoughts on one of my fave makeup brushes and it was such a huge hit. I thought I would update the post and share with you lovely darlings!! Over a year later, officially in my 30's, and really putting this brush to good use, I thought I would have a bit more to say. 

As a total makeup snob, I am always trying new products. I was introduced to Hourglass products during one of my many Sephora visits. I walked in because I am looking for some new contouring products and my salesperson Josh totally hooked me up. He told me he had something to make my contouring life so much easier. Josh was totally on point and knew his stuff! He even wrote down step-by-step what I should do to get the best look. 

Hourglass' Retractable Double-Ended Complexion Brush can be used for multiple purposes. I absolutely love when I can use just one product for applying multiple products. Makes a busy life so much easier. Hey, 5 minutes here and there really do help! You can use it to apply concealer, foundation, blush, powder, and for contouring. I love using the flat side for really getting under my eyes and making it so easy to apply my concealer. I also use it for outlining my contouring lines and applying highlighter. I use the brush side for blending out my contouring lines and applying blush. With its double-ended brush, it makes it super easy to throw it in your purse which makes it awesome for travel. I own a crazy amount of brushes but I use this brush all the time. Whether I'm on a flight, at the gym, or at the office, this brush goes everywhere with me! 

To add the icing on the cake, this brush is also PETA- friendly and is made of Taklon. It's a great alternative for allergy sufferers, especially if you can't use brushes made from animal hair. I know the $68 price tag can be a bit of a turnoff but just think of it as saving because you are just buying one brush and not four! Once you finish using this amazing brush, just spray it quickly with alcohol and dust off on a paper towel and you're all set! It's good as new. 

Have you purchased this brush, please let me know what you think!

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