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My Worst Beauty Mistakes

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My Worst Beauty Mistakes from The Gossip Darling

I'm truly obsessed with everything beauty related and I love everything makeup and skincare has to offer. But there are moments that I'm not proud of and I may skip a few steps...or just skip them completely. I am the first to say...I'm skipping these steps purely out of laziness! (Ugh, it's true) I get home from work or the gym and I'm so exhausted that I just say...screw it.

As we get closer to ringing in 2016, let's see if I can make some improvements in the New Year...

Removing all of my makeup. I wear loads of makeup on a daily basis. Two layers of foundation, powder on top of the layers of foundation, eye shadow, liners, mascara, blush, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, lipstick, and probably a million other things. I 100% never remove all of my makeup. It's terrible and I know it's contributing to my breakouts but I really get so tired at the end of the day. Most days I fall asleep way past midnight that I just grab a baby wipe or makeup removing wipes and call it a day. I wake up the following morning with raccoon eyes and leftover residue on my pillow case. Totally bad I know but I'm just sharing my truth...

Cleansing. As I shared in my first point, I use makeup wipes to clean my face at the end of the night when I should be using my cleansers. I have so many cleansing products in my bathroom and I don't use them! From Josie Maran to Philosophy, to Estée Lauder, to Bobbi Brown. Can someone please come to my apartment and make me use one of them?! It's better for my skin and will probably help with my acne! 

ExfoliatingGirl, if I'm not cleansing, do you think I'm exfoliating? I know this is a must and I should be doing it twice a week. I even have an awesome Clarisonic that I spent loads of money on! Ugh, my poor skin. Why can't I treat you better?

Facial Mask. Why am I not really cleaning out my skin and putting moisture back in? I guess after my first three points, I shouldn't wonder why my skin and I have bad blood, huh?

Hair Treatment. I do so much to my hair. I have loads of grays so I have to dye it every 6 to 8 weeks. I also blow dry, straighten, and curl it twice a week. Yes, I much to maintain! Since I do so much to my hair, it tends to get super dry! Back in the day, I use to apply a hair mask and sit around for an hair with a hair heating hat on my head. It was my Saturday ritual. It was so good for my hair and I saw the benefits. I have no idea what happened but I stopped doing it. Maybe a 2016 New Year's Resolution?

Hair Heat Protectant. So bad but twice a week I wash, blow dry, straighten, and then curl my hair. That's a whole lot of heat! I should be protecting my hair but of course...I don't. I really need to start using Drybar's Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant that I picked up and start being nicer to my hair! 

Water. I totally don't drink enough water. H2O is soooo good for you and is like the world's best natural medicine. Yet I will drink coffee, tea, diet coke, ice tea, and my over water. I should be drinking a minimum of eight glasses a day, especially since I work out. I just can't do it! Maybe I should try adding lemon or something else to my water in order to make it more inviting.

Sunscreen. It's super super super important to protect your skin from the sun. The sun can be brutal and cause your skin sun damage, spots, wrinkles, or cancer. I should be applying sunscreen to my skin before I apply my makeup and I should be doing this all year round. I have sunscreen but between applying primer and so many makeup products to my face, I tend to skip this step. I do use foundation with sunscreen, but I always wonder if that's enough. If you know the answer, please let me know! 

Flossing. Ugh. All the dentist out there should be yelling at me. Flossing. So simple and yet so hard for me. I just brush and go! My poor gums. I promise you teeth and gums, I will try to love you more! 

What beauty mistakes are you making? Please don't tell me I'm alone...

(Should I mention that sometimes I sleep when I'm still wearing my contact lens...)

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