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Saving Money Challenge

10:12:00 AM

debt payoff by the gossip darling

Hello darlings!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and weekend! I'm still on vacay and I'm not even sure what day of the week it is. Soooo I'm loving every single moment

In 2016, I'm determined to make some major changes in my life. I will be: 

• A blogging machine and going full force with this little baby of mine. Blogging really makes me happy and is a hobby that I really enjoy and I want to make sure I do a lot more of it in the New Year. Since I started this new adventure late last summer, I haven't been able to spend as much time with it as I would want to. Well here's to changing that! 

• My work/life balance will be switching. Instead of mostly focusing on work, my personal life now needs to be the priority. Bye bye super crazy late nights. My part time wedding gig is still something I'll be doing because I want to pay down debt but I won't be committing myself to as many weddings. (Sometimes I'm working 7 days a week for 6 months straight) I'll be working my full time job from 9am to 6pm and then spending most of my weekends with family, friends, a few weddings here and there and my little blog. 

• Becoming debt free is a BIG one to me. I won't be completely debt free (thank you law school loans) but I do want to decrease my credit card bills by half. Trust me, I am NO expert and I will probably splurge a few times and then feel guilty about it but here's my plan...

  1. No more mid-week visits to Dry Bar. I love love love Dry Bar and my hair always comes out fab but...the $45 fee plus $10 tips isn't so friendly to the wallet. $55 plus tax for someone just to wash and blow dry my hair isn't so cool. It's time for me to stop being lazy and do my own hair on a Wednesday night! Just as an FYI...I wash my hair 2x per week which are Sundays and Wednesdays. I do my own hair on Sunday but Wednesday is a killer. Who wants to come home after a long day and go through the whole process of washing and straightening extremely curly hair. Well guess what? This girl is tired of being broke. Washing and styling my own hair from here on out! 
  2. Bye bye gel manicures. I love you too but now I must save good bye. Yes. We are breaking up. Totally not cool spending $30 on a manicure every two weeks. I 100% know that I should be doing my own nails. I got a few gift cards from co-workers for Christmas for manicures so I'll be using my gift cards over the next few months and also doing my own nails in between. I love my long-lasting-hard-to-chip gel manicures but my bank account isn't loving the high price. 
  3. No alcohol. This is a hard one for me because I love my glass of wine...especially on those long and stressful days but now we must part ways. $20 on a small bottle of wine isn't ok anymore considering I can drink water for free. I'm trying to convince myself that I body doesn't need the extra calories anyway...who needs wine anyway, right? (I may still need convincing)
  4. Cancel 2nd gym membership. Yes, I have two gym memberships. This is kinda common in New York City. I work out at Equinox during the week and a local gym by my apartment on the weekends. I'm sorry but I'm totally not giving up my Equinox membership (yes, the gym is that awesome) but I will give up my weekend membership. I can start walking outside. The weather is still crazy warm as well so it won't be punishment! 
  5. DIY projects instead of shopping. This homegirl loves shopping. Well Christmas is over so I have no excuse. This blog can use some more attention from me and so can my apartment. DIY home decor projects never hurt anyone...
  6. Selling extra stuff around the house. I'm a total girly girl and I have so much stuff all over the place. Do I really need 10 watches? Or 30 pairs of shoes? Or clothes everywhere? No. I'm going to consign a bunch of stuff and start filling up those bags. Time to bring in some extra side money. 
  7. Money spending challenge. I'm setting a strict budget for myself and will be paying cash only. Yup. Money in an envelope and when I run out of money, that's it! No swiping plastic cards. I'm going to set a realistic budget and stick to it.
  8. Canceling or Selling my wedding blog. I'm totally on the fence with this one and I continuously keep changing my mind. I need your advice on this one. I started my wedding blog back in 2012 and I spent soooo much time and energy on it. I mean I spent hours upon hours. But now I'm no longer into weddings and I'm just going through the motions of continuing to post new content on that blog. It's no longer my passion. It's a Wordpress blog and I have to pay for hosting and a bunch of other fees associated with that blog. It's about $600 per year. Do I continue to keep it running because of sentimental reasons? Or do I save my $60 per year and shut it down? Or do I look into selling it? Something I know nothing about. Help! I can really use some guidance on this one...
  9. Only cooking for myself. Me and my crock pot are about to become best friends. No more takeout for me. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I spend about $200 per week on takeout. Between breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and adds up. I'm goal is to bring this down to $0! I know it sounds crazy and drastic but in reality, I can make everything I need at home. 
  10. No Starbucks runs. Goodbye vanilla soy lattes which run at about $5 a pop. Its been real but you're making me poor. 
  11. Spending free time building my blog. I don't need to spend money on my downtime! Instead of window shopping and checking out the latest trends at the mall, I'm going to stay home, mind my business and work on my blog!
  12. Working wedding job. I've worked weddings as my side job for 5 years now. I really wish I could stop working on the weekends and just focus on my personal or blog life but for the time being, I'm still going to have to pick up a wedding here and there...
  13. Creating excel spreadsheet and getting real. Ugh my friend Matt told me to do this months ago and I really haven't done it yet. I'm using amazing apps like Mint but I really need to do this the old fashioned way. Matt did this when he was on a mission to get rid of all his debts. I need to write out every single expense I'm responsible for on an excel spreadsheet and figure out a realistic budget. What's holding me back? Fear! I'm straight up terrifed. I need to put on my big girl pants and figure it out. I'm more afraid of staying in this current position. 
  14. DIY housecleaning products. I simply need to save money and I know I can save loads by doing some things on my own, like DIY a lot of stuff. The stuff includes making my own beauty and cleaning products. I'll save loads of money and I'll also know what I'm using to clean my apartment and my skin!
Are you becoming financially fit in the New Year? Do you have any tips for me?

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