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5 Pins You Must Check Out

10:52:00 AM

Happy Sunday darlings!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. So I woke up this morning and I am not a millionaire. Lol. I guess I'm just waiting to become a billionaire! Anyone else playing the Powerball? It seems like that's all anyone is talking about. (At least in my circle of friends and family!)

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile but I thought I would start up again in 2016. I am obsessed with Pinterest and it's the first place I turn to when I am looking for inspiration or info.

Here are 10 pins I am obsessing over at the moment...

OVERSIZE POCKET PANTS via the oxford trunk
1. Oversize Pocket Pants from The Oxford Trunk: I only wear clothes that are both comfortable and cute. Sorry but I don't have time for restrictive clothing anymore! These pants are super cute and like wayyyy comfy. I am hunting these babies down!

long blonde wavy hair || the gossip darling
2. This wavy hair look is perfection and exactly what I am striving for! I purchased two different curling wands and I'm hoping to achieve this look! Wish me luck and let's see how this goes! (These are the two wands I am using: 1 // 2)

diy coconut shampoo recipe from The Gossip Darling
3. This year I'm on a quest to both save money and get healthier. This awesome blogger is all about saving money and I love it. I'm truly obsessed with coconut oil so when I saw this post, it was just perfect! It involves coconuts, saving money, and living a healthier lifestyle. Win win win! Check out this recipe and let me know what you think. 

stylish all black outfit || The Gossip Darling
4. This look is my winter jam! It's chic, stylish, and comfy. It's also all black which is a staple here in NYC. Even her hair is perfectly wavy! Actually just discovered this blog and it's amazing. (You can translate it to English) They cover everything from fashion, beauty, and home decor. Check it out here.  

luxe beige bathroom || The Gossip Darling
5. This bathroom is the dream!!!! If I win the Powerball, this will be my bathroom! Hahaha. I can run my bath and sit in my chair removing my makeup and tying my hair up. Le sigh. One day! 

What pins are you gushing over this week?


  1. I've been seeing lots of pins about the Konmari Method of tidying! you should check it out!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. Thanks so much! I will! I'm sure it'll become a new obsession of mine! lol.


  2. Comfy clothes trump restrictive clothing anyday. So glad that athleisure is a thing right now.