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Top 5 Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials

10:08:00 AM

Top 5 Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials from The Gossip Darling

Happy Friday darlings!!

This weekend will be another three day one for me so I am super excited! Yay! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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Since Winter isn't going away yet here in NYC, I am dreaming of a beach vacation! Here are my top 5 weekend getaway travel essentials:

1. Sunscreen: I want to protect my skin and I am obsessed with SPF. I wear it all year long. Besides aging, cancer is the bigger issue! PS- you can still tan while wearing sunscreen.

2. Hat & Sunglasses: I like to keep the sun off my face. (I also want to look younger for as long as I can! Ha)

3. Water: I need to stay hydrated. As long as I have a large bottle of water, I'm happy and it can get as hot as it wants to! H2O for me is key.

4. iPad: I'm obsessed with my iPad. It's so bad! I usually read while sunbathing. I love a good mystery! I also do a little work, catch up on social media, listen to music or catch up on emails. iPads are the best things ever! I can even watch Netflix!

5. Umbrella: I also love some privacy. Besides keeping the sun off me for a bit, I do like a little privacy when I am resting on packed Long Island beaches.

What are your essentials for a weekend getaway?


  1. winter isn't really leaving here in the UK yet either! love these essentials, these would also be my essentials too, although i'd add my iPod in there too:)xx

  2. haha i always forget umbrellas!!!


    1. Hahahahaha it's such a pain to carry tho! xoxo