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My Essential Work Out Gear

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My Work Out Uniform

Hi darlings!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! The weather has been beyond amazing here in NYC! Just perfection! Since the New Year, I have been on a mission to improve my health and lifestyle.

Since the beginning of Lent, I haven't had any sweets or alcohol. It 100% hasn't been easy but the weight has just been falling off. I am so happy with the results so far! I feel so inspired and will definitely continue on my healthy path. While I'm working out and being healthy, I also wanna look cute. Here's some work out gear inspiration...

1: A hoodie is key for me! I usually wear one when I am walking to and from the gym. Since I live in NYC, I sometimes feel a little weird walking around in my work out gear so I try to cover up a bit. It just makes sense for me to shower once I get to my apartment oppose to showering at the gym. (The shower lines after work are soooo long) I prefer to wear a black hoodie because I tend to throw them around and get them dirty. Sometimes they are hanging off my bike or off a treadmill. Black is the new black right?

2: I love wearing cute graphic tees or tanks to the gym. I like to show my personality a bit and have a laugh. Only good vibes right?

3: Since I wear black most times when working out, I like to throw in a pop of color. I usually add the pop with a bright sports bra. I happen to really be digging neon yellow lately. I find Nike to be my fave brand for sports bras because they last forever and are the best quality. My friends always have a laugh at me because they say they can see me from miles away walking to the gym wearing my brights.

4: Come on girls (and guys)...we all know a hair tie is key. Not only when working out but in all aspects of life. I always have a hair tie on at least one of my wrists. It's mandatory.

5: I don't have a separate gym bag and handbag. I just use one bag for everything so I love large totes. A large black tote is chic, stylish, and super practical. I just toss everything in there!

6: My parents bought me an Apple Watch for Christmas and I'm obsessed. I'll be sharing more thoughts about the Apple Watch in future posts but it's an absolute must have for me! I won't go home until I have gotten my 10,000 steps in for the day. This baby keeps track for me.

7: I have so many pairs of Nike sneakers. They are comfortable and never hurt my feet. They are stylish enough to wear outside of the gym too! I definitely wear them during my downtime.

8: Again, my love for Nike continues. A pair of black leggings match with everything and you can't see dirt or sweat so easily. Plus, I live in NYC so I don't want anything to look sheer. These will last you forever. Legit, I still have a pair of leggings from high school! (I'm 31...) These are perfecttt.

9: I purchased a neon pink S'well bottle from Bloomingdale's about 3 weeks ago and it was instant love. I am saving money because I am no longer buying water bottles on a daily basis, the color is super cute and fun, and it keeps my water cold for 12 hours!

What are your work out essentials?


  1. I love looking at workout clothes, though I'm not much for working out myself haha! Black leggings and Nikes are my must haves, though I'm also on the search for a pair of earbuds that actually stay in my ears when I'm moving :/

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Oooooo I can go for a new pair of earbuds too! Please let me know what you find! PS- I sometimes spend more time on my outfit than I do working out. lol. xoxo

  2. I usually workout from home so sadly I have hardly any workout essentials! I do love wearing nice sports clothes though, and I really need to invest in a new pair of good runners too.

    1. I wish I could workout at home or outside. It's just so hard in NYC! Working out at home takes super dedication! xoxo