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Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Stick

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Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick....I've been using this baby for so many years and I love it so much. It definitely one of my beauty staples and I am going to share with you why.

I have some favorites when it comes to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Admittedly, I am not a fan of everything but they are some goodies that I keep purchasing on repeat. When Bobbi is good, the brand is good.

I started using this product about 8 years ago when I stopped by the counter for some help covering up acne and the salesperson recommended their Foundation Stick. It can be used sooo many different ways. I love full coverage foundations but I like for the end result to look as natural as possible. When I first started using this foundation stick, there was no such thing as a Beauty Blender and there weren't as many options when it came to brushes. I was super concerned about blending this foundation into my skin and whether I would look streaky or caked. This isn't the case. It's lightweight, goes on smoothly, and is very moisturizing. The formula is creamy which makes it easier to blend.

I personally use it more as a concealer and to help provide more coverage in problem areas. I tend to get the most acne breakouts on my chin and cheek area and this gem covers up my blemishes and scars beautifully. Now when I use this product, I use the stick directly on the areas I am trying to cover and then I use a damp Beauty Blender to blend it out. I love the end result.

If I'm at work or the gym and I am trying to retouch my makeup, again I use the stick directly on my skin and then I use my fingers or I dampen the sponge from my compact to help blend it out. It's so quick and easy. This foundation is also long lasting because I work a 14 work day, go to the gym, and spend my day running around and this makeup doesn't move. I love anything that's full coverage yet looks natural. Bobbi Brown also offers so many color options and there's a color for every skin tone.

Have you used Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Stick?

Soon to be purchased...

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Soon to be purchased

Happy Tuesday darlings!! Hope you're all having a great week so far! I have been super stalking certain goodies and now I am finally able to commit. 

Just to give you a little background on my spending habits…I rarely splurge and when I do, it's after loads of thought and consideration. I love buying designer pieces but I literally use them for years and years and years until people tell me they are tired of seeing them. lol. If I do get tired of them, I sell them via The Real Real or Thred Up. I used the cash I get from old things to buy new things. (I try to behave myself as best as I can!) 

Soooo I have been obsessing over a few things and I thought I would share them with you! They will be making their way into my hands permanently very soon!

1. David Yurman Albion Ring with Amethyst & Diamonds: I am sooooo in love with this ring and it matches my bangle. I have been loving David Yurman pieces for years and I love adding to my collection. They are stylish, classic, and absolutely timeless. I wear my pieces everyday for years and they still look amazing. This purple is so vibrant and I'll be wearing this ring on my right middle finger. 

2. David Yurman Buckle Single-Row Bracelet with Gold: I wish I can say this will be my baby soon but I am actually buying it for my Mom. My Dad and I are joining forces and buying this as a Mother's Day present. I hope she likes it!! I think it's elegant and something she can use everyday. I also wanted something in both gold and silver so she can wear it with anything

3. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick: I love YSL lipsticks and think they are of the most amazing quality. This color pink is also to die for. It's so vibrant and bright and exactly what I am looking for during the warmer months. Plus the packaging is stunning on it's own. I love having pretty things in my makeup bag. PS- the color is #50 fuchsia stiletto.   

4. Boohoo Lucy Stripe Ribbed Off The Shoulder Bodysuit: I love stripes and for $24, how can you go wrong? This bodysuit is soooo cute and I can wear it many different ways. Mostly likely I'll be adding a skirt to this bodysuit and a pair of neon pink heels. 

5. Hourglass Women's Ambient Lighting Palette: I have been holding out on this palette for a while and it has been killing me because I have been hearing it's praises from like every beauty blogger. It seems like everyone is using an Ambient Lighting Palette. I love Hourglass cosmetics so I am pretty sure I'll like this gem. 

6. CHANEL LES 4 OMBRES Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow: I love Chanel beauty products and I especially love easy products that I can just throw into my gym bag. Not only are all of these eyeshadow shades stunning, but they are also super easy to use because of it's packaging. I can throw it in my bag and touch up when I need to. I love you Chanel. They also offer so many different color condos that there's something 

7. CHANEL PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET Smooth-Effect Makeup SPF15: My friend has been using this foundation for about 8 months now and swears by it. Since I wear foundation every single day, I am always hunting for good ones! You can never have too many. I'll be giving this one a try soon!

What goodies are you planning on purchasing soon?

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review

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Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review from The Gossip Darling blog

Hourglass. Need I say more? I tried my first Hourglass product about two years ago and I have been a huge fan every since. Truly, I have never seen such great quality products. Everything from the box, to the packaging, to the actual product is the best of the best. Every single product I've tried has always been worth the money.

Sephora had their annual sale for VIB members and at Rogue level, I received 15% off my purchase. Since I was buying everything at a discounted rate, I decided to buy my regular beauty staples as well as some new products. One of the new products I picked up? Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

Beauty Product purchases from Sephora via The Gossip Darling blog

Simple put....Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer feels like pure magic. I am a girl obsessed with primers and I have tried dozens, never in my life have I felt a primer like this one. It's the most amazing quality and goes on soooo smoothly. The creamy white formula comes in a glass bottle with a pump which is so awesome because I pump twice and it's super fast to apply for a late girl every morning.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review from The Gossip Darling blog

The primer is...
  • Oil-free
  • Lightweight
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  • Helps prevent sunburn 
  • Reduces the appearance of line and wrinkles
  • Water-resistant 
  • Sulfate-free 
  • Gluten-free
  • Fragrance free
  • Hides redness
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review from The Gossip Darling blog

This extremely silky formula should be applied 15 minutes before you head out into the sun and you can reapply every two hours. With Summer approaching, it's very important to protect yourself from the sun. You should also use it with other sun protecting goodies. The formula isn't greasy or sticky at all and I apply it first and then continue on with my makeup routine. It's perfect for wearing under foundation and it keeps the oils off my face for the entire day. Currently, I am wearing Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation daily and these two are the perfect partnership. I don't have to touch up my My makeup needs to last 16 hours a day and I need to use only the best products. This one of the best. Wish this came in a body lotion!

Have you tried this product?

5 Makeup Brushes I'm Currently Loving

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5 Makeup Brushes I'm Currently Loving via The Gossip Darling blog

Happy Wednesday darlings! Hope you're all having a great week so far.

I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I have well over 40 brushes and I keep adding to the collection, Yes, I know I have a problem. But at least I admit it, right? It's amazing because I have so many brushes and yet I always just use the same brushes. I have 5 brushes that are my favorite. I use a lot of other brushes as well on a daily basis but these are the ones I can't live without.

1. Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush: You've seen this brush a few times and I use it for multiple purposes, including applying my BB cream or foundation. Lately, I use this everyday for applying my Chanel bronzer. It's so easy to use and it creates a flawless finish. You know a brush is good when you can use it for 3 different things.

2. Sephora Pro Contour Brush #79: If I could make out with this brush...I totally would. It my favorite brush for applying my highlighter or powder bronzer. This tapered brush applies to the areas I want with such precision. I wash my brushes every Sunday and after every wash, the brush bounces back and looks brand new. It's also on the smaller side so it's perfect for my under eye area. I started using it with my Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo compact and have been madly in love every since.

5 Makeup Brushes I'm Currently Loving via The Gossip Darling blog

3. Avon Pro Kabuki Brush: I can honestly say that I was shocked when it came to this brush. I remember my Mom using a lot of Avon products when I was younger but it has been years since I personally tried anything. Back in January of this year, I started using Avon again and can I just say that some of their products are absolutely amazing. For example, their eye primer is totally the best and I will not longer be buying my MAC paint pots! Needless to say, when I ordered this brush, I had absolutely no expectations. Well I am floored. This brush is amazing and I carry it with me everywhere I go in my handbag cosmetic pouch. The quality of the brush is fantastic, the hairs don't fall out at all, the price is great (I bought mine on sale for $3.49), and it helps you create a flawless face look. I use this brush for my powder so I can touch up my look throughout the day. It's really great at buffering out products. In addition to applying my powder with it, I also like using it to buff out my blush or bronzer if I've applied too much. It really helps smooth things out. How can you go wrong with $3.49??

4. Real Techniques Setting Brush: This brush is absolutely everywhere and it truly deserves all the hype. I use it to set my makeup under my eyes with a powder when I am using concealer. Since I bought it over a year ago, I have used it every single day. Sometimes I also use it to apply highlighter if I am running late and in a super rush. Again, I love using products for multiple reasons. The price is amazing at $7.99 and it will last me for many years to come. Real Techniques brushes really are great quality and are worth 2x the price.

5. Bare Minerals Double-Ended Expert Application Cheek & Eye Brush: I bought an 8 piece Bare Minerals collection from QVC and this was one of the products that came in the set. If you've followed my blog or my Instagram page, you know that I use this brush every single day. I use one end to apply my blush and the other end to apply eye shadow. It's super easy and great to throw in your gym bag when you are trying to carry fewer beauty goodies. It's an award winning brush and I can totally see why. I love the angled end  and it's so helpful in creating the perfect cheekbone.

What are your must have makeup brushes?

PS: cosmetic bag is from Avon. Check it out here.

Date Night

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Date Night Outfit by The Gossip Darling

tee shirt skirt / black pumps / Chanel purse / white gold earrings / lipstick / nail polish

Hi loves!! Hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was insane for me and I really can use an extra day off. It was also my grandmother's 80th birthday. What a blessing! 

I love having a romantic date night. There's nothing like spending a romantic night with someone you love. This is my go to outfit. Simple, chic, and super stylish. 

Who doesn't love a feather skirt? What's your idea of a great date night outfit?

Loving Lush Cup O' Coffee Face And Body Mask

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Lush Cup O' Coffee Face And Body Mask Review by The Gossip Darling

Hiya darlings!! And it's Friday!! I am soooo looking forward to this weekend! It's my grandmother's 80th birthday so some celebrating must be done! Happy Birthday Nana!!

On to my new review! Back in February, I picked up Lush's Cup O'Coffee Face and Body Mask and I'm still fairly new to Lush so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am sooo in love with this product! It's a two-in-one so it makes my nightly routine a bit easier and faster. Let's get to it.

Lush Cup O' Coffee Face And Body Mask Review by The Gossip Darling

This face and body mask is amazing! I've only used it on my face and I've noticed a huge difference with my acne. I love earthy smelling beauty products and this is definitely it. The smell is a mix of coffee and cocoa extract. According to their site, "Kaolin deeply cleanses impurities from the pores and ground coffee acts as a gentle scrub to buff away dryness and reveal the glowing skin beneath. Smooth this all over your body to feel soft, clean, and wonderful fragrant." And it really does make your skin glow! Since my skin can be sensitive and I would define it as combination, I use this mask every other day. I don't use it everyday because I don't want my skin to get dried out. It's extremely easy to use, it exfoliates, smells good, and your skin will look super smooth. 

Since I work really long hours and come home most days absolutely exhausted, I love that I am able to use a product that both exfoliates and I can use it as a mask. I usually wash and cleanse my face, apply the mask, wait 10 minutes, and then wipe away with a damp towel. I'm a fan of this product but it can be extremely messy. That's my only negative about this mask. The grounded coffee grains can get everywhere. I make sure to stay in one area and rinse my hands and face very well. 

Bottom line? My acne has decreased, my skin is smoother, dry patches are gone, and my skin is glowing. My skin looks all around healthier. The only downside: it can get messy. Will I be buying this product again? Definitely. After I finish the beauty step, I make sure to use my moisturizer. 

Have you used this mask? Are you a Lush fan?

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove

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Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove from The Gossip Darling blog

Hello darlings!! Hope you're all having a great week so far. I recently made one of the best beauty discoveries in my life....the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove!!

Admittedly, I am terrible at cleaning my brushes. I have no idea why. It's just not one of my favorite things to do. Apply makeup? Yes, I love! Cleaning up my messy brushes? Ummmm not so much!! Well this cleaning glove is making things so much easier for me. I really have no excuse now. I am trying to develop the habit of cleaning my brushes every Sunday night. As I am walking around with my facial and hair masks, I can clean my brushes as I impatiently wait. 

This glove is super easy to use...take a look at the directions....

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove from The Gossip Darling blog

I know I should probably invest in a brush cleaner but I currently just use my cleanser to clean my makeup brushes. I mean, I am using it to clean my face so why not my brushes?

philosophy 'purity made simple'

The glove also has every section labeled. How great is that? So if you can't find the instructions, the brush will tell you what to do. Look at my brush and glove? This is with me wiping my brushes with a makeup removing wipe after every application. Look how dirty the glove is. It really is kinda gross. 

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove from The Gossip Darling blog

You need to regularly clean your brushes for many's helping to prevent my acne breakouts because my brushes are germ and bacteria free; I am also using less of my makeup products; and my makeup look is cleaning and not cakey.

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove from The Gossip Darling blog

My brushes laying out to dry....

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove from The Gossip Darling blog

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Sigma's Brush Cleaning Glove from The Gossip Darling blog

I really can't recommend the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove enough. It's saving my skin and saving me money!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue SPF 30 Tinted Cream with Brush

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bareMinerals Complexion Rescue SPF 30 Tinted Cream with Brush from The Gossip Darling blog

Happy Monday darlings!! Hope you all had a fab weekend. I definitely did. I went to my first professional soccer game ever and I loved it. Such an intense sport but so much fun.

Today I am sharing one of my beauty staples and one of my favorite beauty products....bareMinerals Complexion Rescue SPF 30 Tinted Cream. I bought this product when it was first released and I just keep repurchasing. (This is rare for me!) My Mom is also another huge fun of it and has gone through a few tubes. Let's break this down!

This Tinted Hydrating gel cream is BB cream/tinted moisturizer that is sheer but you can definitely build it up to medium coverage. On the weekend, I usually apply two layers of this formula and during the week, I use it as a primer. Even though I am a huge fan, it's too sheer for me to use just one layer. When I am working, I love a full coverage foundation so this is a really nice base. 

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue SPF 30 Tinted Cream with Brush from The Gossip Darling blog

Complexion Rescue is super lightweight and it's the perfect formula for every skin type. (You know that my skin loves playing tricks on me and my acne enjoys making appearances) It also has SPF 30 so it's great that it protects your skin especially since Summer will be here before you know it. It also will not clog your pores. 

I apply this using either the Smoothing Face Brush which is one of my fave universal brushes or I apply it using my fingers. Lately, I have been using my fingers to apply because I've been using my Smoothing Face Brush to apply my Chanel bronzer. This brush truly is a must have in my opinion. It's sooo universal and super easy to use for multiple purposes. 

Just use a pea-sized amount on to the back of your hand, dab your brush into the foundation, and apply with your brush using circular motions. If I use my fingers, I just add a dot to my forehead, each cheek, nose, and chin. After I apply my "dots", I think just blend in gently as if it were a moisturizer. If you do decide to use your fingers, please please please make sure your hands are clean! We do not want any germs on our face. 

I can't gush about this product anymore. It's hydrating, leaves your skin looking dewy and healthy, looks very natural, and is super easy to apply. I totally plan on using this for many more years to come. I can't wait to receive IT Cosmetics CC Cream because I want to compare these two and let's see which I love more. 

Extra fun fact: Before I purchased this, I went to the Bare Minerals store and asked them to apply it for me and send me home with a few samples. The sales team at every BM store I've ever visited is super nice and very helpful. I didn't want to commit to purchasing before trying it on my own for a few days. I ended up purchasing from QVC because the price was super discounted and included the brush but at least I knew which shade to order. 

Have you tried bareMinerals Complexion Rescue?

Random Facts About Me

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Random Facts About Me from The Gossip Darling blog

  • I prefer to wear my hair down 
  • I suck at applying blush and trust me, I have tried so hard!!
  • I'm a very spiritual person and always wear my evil eye bracelet. 
  • I love Smart Water. Poland Springs is my 2nd choice
  • Nordstrom is my favorite store. I love shopping in their stores on a Saturday morning or browsing their app from my sofa. 
  • 99% of the time I purchase all beauty products from QVC
  • I'm a converted cat lover after growing up with only dogs
  • I hate the gym but I force myself to go 
  • I love drinking smoothies, coffee and Diet Coke
  • I always loves a fresh manicure and always brings my own nail polish. I have issues with germs and I never use polishes from the salon. I don't want to use a polish for my manicure after it's been used for a strangers pedicure
  • I have issue with germs. Hahaha. I carry a mini Lysol spray can everywhere I go  
  • I'm a Cancer and tend to be very emotional and sometimes...moody 
  • I have one brother and he has three daughters. My nieces are everything. 
  • I'm a country girl at heart. I spend the first 25 years of life in Upstate NY. I do love my city life but farms are my preference if I had to choose one. 
  • I truly no knowing about sports. 
  • I have issues with hair and I remove everything. I am saving up for full body laser hair removal. 
  • I'm obsessed with makeup but most times I am lazy when it comes to hair.
  • I am a Lifetime movie lover. My faves are movies from the 90s. 
  • I rarely watch tv but when I do...all the shows are on Bravo 
  • I hate being alone and will never go shopping on my own
  • I sleep with the tv on
  • I rarely cook 
  • I love white wine (pinot grigio)
  • My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice 
  • I want to live in Australia for a year 
  • Pink is my fave color
  • I want to move to Texas in 10 years
  • Nothing means more to me than my family, friends, and cat

What else do you wanna know about me? Tell me a little about yourself :) 

Spring Goals

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9 Goals for this Spring from The Gossip Darling blog

Hiya loves!! Hope you all had a great start to the week. As the warm weather approaches, I want to change things up in my personal life. The winter months can be sooo dreary and Manhattan is pitch black by 5pm. It's so easy to get caught up and just go from your apartment to work then gym then back to apartment. It's kinda depressing actually. So I've decided to make some changes. As the weather gets warmer, I have to put myself out there more! I have a few goals and I'm hoping you hold me accountable for them. Let's go...

1. Blog 4x per week: I really try to blog 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and I'm so fortunate that my readers are so good to me. Since I would love to make blogging a full time career in the future, I have to become more organized and discipline. I would love to blog an extra day and hopefully connect with more people and brands. 

2. Gym 3x per week: Lately I've been terrible about making it to the gym. I feel like I'm really good and then I'm really bad. I hit the gym 5x per week and then I won't go again for 2 weeks. Ugh. Just a cycle I keep going through. I want to commit to hitting the gym 3x per week. I wanted to say 4 or 5x but I know that's not realistic and I'll just set myself up for failure. Baby steps. 

3. One weekly meetup: I need to make more time for my friends and dating! I've been so bad about making plans and actually meeting up with people. Manhattan is such a beautiful place and I should enjoy it more instead of spending the majority of my day indoors. Time to start making it to happy hour and having a few laughs with my friends. Hey- maybe add a date or two into the mix. 

4. Stop overthinking: I over-analyze every single thing and then re-analyze my new thoughts. I especially do this when it comes to blogging. I have so many ideas and thoughts and yet I hold myself back because I don't want to seem rushed or post a "bad" photo. Ugh just get on with it. Write what I'm thinking and hit publish. Do I think so hard about things when I'm talking to my friends?

5. Save $2,000: I'm on a mission to become debt free. I have so many student loans and it's depressing. I also tend to waste a lot of money and eating out is my #1 vice!! I need to start cooking more and spending less on things I can make for myself. $2k will be spent on a trip to Cabo!

6. Clean my makeup brushes: I wear makeup 7 days per week and I wear a lot of it. I need to spend more time actually cleaning my brushes. I complain about my acne breakouts and yet I'm applying my makeup with dirty brushes. Come on! I know better than this. I'm causing my own breakouts with applying bacterial and germs to my face. Time to clean those babies!

7. Actually drink more water: I keep saying this and yet I keep failing. I need to drink more water! Add some lemon! Add some cucumber! Add something. Just get it done and drink.  

8. Lose 5 pounds: I think I can make this happen if I really drink more water and actually hit the gym 3x per week. I think cooking for myself will help as well because I'll actually know what's going into my food. 

9. Start a new relationship: Thinking more on the romantic side. I've been single for a year now and it's time to get back on the horse. I'm not getting any younger and it's time to find a new guy. No rush but maybe I should pay attention a bit more. 

What are your Spring plans? Do you have any goals?

March Beauty Favorites

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March 2016 Beauty Favorites from The Gossip Darling blog

Hi loves!! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far! I just wanted to shared a super quick post with March beauty favorites!! Of course over the course of last month, I picked up a few goodies and I am soooo loving them! Let's dig in! PS- I can't believe it's April already! Crazy. 

1. IT Cosmetics' Bye Bye Pores: I am super in love with this powder. I apply this in the morning and I don't even have to touch my face for the rest of the day! My face has no shine and my pores disappear. A little bit goes a long way so I'll have this compact for awhile. I wrote a full review here so please check it out. 

2. IT Cosmetics' Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush: This brush is absolutely a MUST. This is my first brush from IT and I am extremely impressed. I ordered the Bye Bye Pores from QVC and it came with this brush. It's sooo soft and applies the powder beautifully. I also use it to blend out my blush and contouring after I apply and it's amazing. I just purchased a second IT Cosmetics brush and I can't wait to try. It's going to be like Christmas morning! Read the review here

3. MAC's Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist: I picked this up after seeing it all over Instagram. So many bloggers also recommended it so I figured I should give it a try. To be honest, I am not 100% sure how necessary it is to use this as a finishing spray. My setting powder usually does the trick for me. But I do love how this moisturizes my skin and gives me a nice dewy finish so I am going to continue to buy this baby. I also put it in the fridge before my gym session so it gets nice and cold. After my workout, I spray a few squirts so I can cool down and look good! I'll probably do this during the warmer months as well. Remember to save the container so you can earn free makeup! Check out my post here explaining. 

4. Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel: Ohhhhh Chanel. Just mentioning the "C" word should be enough. I picked this baby up and I've been using it as a bronzer. I love it so much that I picked one up for my Mom as well. She's also lovessss it!! This will 100% be a staple in my makeup bag. Here's my full review! 

MAC Cosmo Lipstick from The Gossip Darling blog

5. MAC's Amplified Creme Lipstick in Cosmo: I love MAC lipsticks. I got this for free because I went back to the MAC counter with 6 empty containers. I could choose between an eye shadow or lipstick so I went with this beauty. It's the perfect shade of nude/brown/pink. It complements every skin tone and isn't too overpowering. It's perfect for everyday wear. It's a color that you can apply and not think about again and MAC lipsticks are sooo moisturizing and long lasting. Love. 

6. Keratin Complex Color Therapy Timeless Color Fade-Defy Deep Conditioning Masque: I got my first Brazilian Keratin Treatment about 3 weeks ago and I am obsessed. I made 4 of my friends get it done as well. I am going to write a full review about the treatment and my thoughts so far but I wanted to share my thoughts on this masque with you. It's simply amazing. It promises to make my treatment last longer and it nourishes my hair so much. I leave the masque on for 10 minutes after I shampoo and towel dry my hair and once I rinse it out, it's like magic! My hair is soft, shiny, and healthy looking. I wish I would have discovered these secrets a whole lot sooner!! I will never go back. 

7. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Set: For these two sponges, it's $10.99 and I swear they are just as good as the $20 Beauty Blenders from Sephora. I absolutely love the Bendy Blender but I just don't like the price. I also use so many of these sponges that if I continue to use the Beauty Blender, I will go broke. This is an amazing dupe if you are looking for a similar product at half the price. Look no further!! I picked this set up from Ulta and it's another beauty staple for me. 

8. Wet Brush Shine Brush: My Mom's best friend made me buy this brush from Ulta because she swears by it and I am sooo happy she made me buy it. It's amazing. It's super important to not damage your hair especially when it's wet. You can also use this brush dry and with heat. It works really well with dry shampoo and when you brush your hair, it helps to evenly distribute your hairs natural oils. It's a winner in my book. After my keratin treatment, I am trying sooo hard to be really nice to my hair and take care of it. This is another must have product so I can maintain the health of my hair. 

What beauty products have you purchased recently? What are you loving?