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5 Makeup Brushes I'm Currently Loving

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5 Makeup Brushes I'm Currently Loving via The Gossip Darling blog

Happy Wednesday darlings! Hope you're all having a great week so far.

I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I have well over 40 brushes and I keep adding to the collection, Yes, I know I have a problem. But at least I admit it, right? It's amazing because I have so many brushes and yet I always just use the same brushes. I have 5 brushes that are my favorite. I use a lot of other brushes as well on a daily basis but these are the ones I can't live without.

1. Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush: You've seen this brush a few times and I use it for multiple purposes, including applying my BB cream or foundation. Lately, I use this everyday for applying my Chanel bronzer. It's so easy to use and it creates a flawless finish. You know a brush is good when you can use it for 3 different things.

2. Sephora Pro Contour Brush #79: If I could make out with this brush...I totally would. It my favorite brush for applying my highlighter or powder bronzer. This tapered brush applies to the areas I want with such precision. I wash my brushes every Sunday and after every wash, the brush bounces back and looks brand new. It's also on the smaller side so it's perfect for my under eye area. I started using it with my Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo compact and have been madly in love every since.

5 Makeup Brushes I'm Currently Loving via The Gossip Darling blog

3. Avon Pro Kabuki Brush: I can honestly say that I was shocked when it came to this brush. I remember my Mom using a lot of Avon products when I was younger but it has been years since I personally tried anything. Back in January of this year, I started using Avon again and can I just say that some of their products are absolutely amazing. For example, their eye primer is totally the best and I will not longer be buying my MAC paint pots! Needless to say, when I ordered this brush, I had absolutely no expectations. Well I am floored. This brush is amazing and I carry it with me everywhere I go in my handbag cosmetic pouch. The quality of the brush is fantastic, the hairs don't fall out at all, the price is great (I bought mine on sale for $3.49), and it helps you create a flawless face look. I use this brush for my powder so I can touch up my look throughout the day. It's really great at buffering out products. In addition to applying my powder with it, I also like using it to buff out my blush or bronzer if I've applied too much. It really helps smooth things out. How can you go wrong with $3.49??

4. Real Techniques Setting Brush: This brush is absolutely everywhere and it truly deserves all the hype. I use it to set my makeup under my eyes with a powder when I am using concealer. Since I bought it over a year ago, I have used it every single day. Sometimes I also use it to apply highlighter if I am running late and in a super rush. Again, I love using products for multiple reasons. The price is amazing at $7.99 and it will last me for many years to come. Real Techniques brushes really are great quality and are worth 2x the price.

5. Bare Minerals Double-Ended Expert Application Cheek & Eye Brush: I bought an 8 piece Bare Minerals collection from QVC and this was one of the products that came in the set. If you've followed my blog or my Instagram page, you know that I use this brush every single day. I use one end to apply my blush and the other end to apply eye shadow. It's super easy and great to throw in your gym bag when you are trying to carry fewer beauty goodies. It's an award winning brush and I can totally see why. I love the angled end  and it's so helpful in creating the perfect cheekbone.

What are your must have makeup brushes?

PS: cosmetic bag is from Avon. Check it out here.


  1. I've had that sephora brush on my wishlist for years now
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

    1. I absolutely love it!! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

  2. I also love the real techniques setting brush :)


    1. It such a great brush and the price is even better! xo