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Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Stick

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Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick....I've been using this baby for so many years and I love it so much. It definitely one of my beauty staples and I am going to share with you why.

I have some favorites when it comes to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Admittedly, I am not a fan of everything but they are some goodies that I keep purchasing on repeat. When Bobbi is good, the brand is good.

I started using this product about 8 years ago when I stopped by the counter for some help covering up acne and the salesperson recommended their Foundation Stick. It can be used sooo many different ways. I love full coverage foundations but I like for the end result to look as natural as possible. When I first started using this foundation stick, there was no such thing as a Beauty Blender and there weren't as many options when it came to brushes. I was super concerned about blending this foundation into my skin and whether I would look streaky or caked. This isn't the case. It's lightweight, goes on smoothly, and is very moisturizing. The formula is creamy which makes it easier to blend.

I personally use it more as a concealer and to help provide more coverage in problem areas. I tend to get the most acne breakouts on my chin and cheek area and this gem covers up my blemishes and scars beautifully. Now when I use this product, I use the stick directly on the areas I am trying to cover and then I use a damp Beauty Blender to blend it out. I love the end result.

If I'm at work or the gym and I am trying to retouch my makeup, again I use the stick directly on my skin and then I use my fingers or I dampen the sponge from my compact to help blend it out. It's so quick and easy. This foundation is also long lasting because I work a 14 work day, go to the gym, and spend my day running around and this makeup doesn't move. I love anything that's full coverage yet looks natural. Bobbi Brown also offers so many color options and there's a color for every skin tone.

Have you used Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Stick?


  1. I have never used a foundation stick, I'm still fairly new to the foundation game but I have heard great things about this one.

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    1. You'll love it!! Bobbi Brown Cosmetics always look so natural on the skin. xo

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    1. I just keep buying on repeat. It's a lifesaver :)

  3. Loving the sound of this foundation! It's been years since I've tried a stick foundation, might have to give it a try because I love Bobbi Brown!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  4. great post, dear ♥

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  5. I used to love using foundation sticks as I find them super convenient for on-the-go! This one looks great :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

    1. Yes!!!! They are perfect for on the go! You'll love this one! xo

  6. I've never really tried a foundation in a stick formula before, but they seem to cropping up more and more :-) I'll have to give it a try! If it's as good as the Clinique stick lip balms and eyeshadows then I'll love it!

    1. I love this one! I've been using it for wayyy too many years! Just makes life so easy!

      Mel |