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Spring Goals

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9 Goals for this Spring from The Gossip Darling blog

Hiya loves!! Hope you all had a great start to the week. As the warm weather approaches, I want to change things up in my personal life. The winter months can be sooo dreary and Manhattan is pitch black by 5pm. It's so easy to get caught up and just go from your apartment to work then gym then back to apartment. It's kinda depressing actually. So I've decided to make some changes. As the weather gets warmer, I have to put myself out there more! I have a few goals and I'm hoping you hold me accountable for them. Let's go...

1. Blog 4x per week: I really try to blog 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and I'm so fortunate that my readers are so good to me. Since I would love to make blogging a full time career in the future, I have to become more organized and discipline. I would love to blog an extra day and hopefully connect with more people and brands. 

2. Gym 3x per week: Lately I've been terrible about making it to the gym. I feel like I'm really good and then I'm really bad. I hit the gym 5x per week and then I won't go again for 2 weeks. Ugh. Just a cycle I keep going through. I want to commit to hitting the gym 3x per week. I wanted to say 4 or 5x but I know that's not realistic and I'll just set myself up for failure. Baby steps. 

3. One weekly meetup: I need to make more time for my friends and dating! I've been so bad about making plans and actually meeting up with people. Manhattan is such a beautiful place and I should enjoy it more instead of spending the majority of my day indoors. Time to start making it to happy hour and having a few laughs with my friends. Hey- maybe add a date or two into the mix. 

4. Stop overthinking: I over-analyze every single thing and then re-analyze my new thoughts. I especially do this when it comes to blogging. I have so many ideas and thoughts and yet I hold myself back because I don't want to seem rushed or post a "bad" photo. Ugh just get on with it. Write what I'm thinking and hit publish. Do I think so hard about things when I'm talking to my friends?

5. Save $2,000: I'm on a mission to become debt free. I have so many student loans and it's depressing. I also tend to waste a lot of money and eating out is my #1 vice!! I need to start cooking more and spending less on things I can make for myself. $2k will be spent on a trip to Cabo!

6. Clean my makeup brushes: I wear makeup 7 days per week and I wear a lot of it. I need to spend more time actually cleaning my brushes. I complain about my acne breakouts and yet I'm applying my makeup with dirty brushes. Come on! I know better than this. I'm causing my own breakouts with applying bacterial and germs to my face. Time to clean those babies!

7. Actually drink more water: I keep saying this and yet I keep failing. I need to drink more water! Add some lemon! Add some cucumber! Add something. Just get it done and drink.  

8. Lose 5 pounds: I think I can make this happen if I really drink more water and actually hit the gym 3x per week. I think cooking for myself will help as well because I'll actually know what's going into my food. 

9. Start a new relationship: Thinking more on the romantic side. I've been single for a year now and it's time to get back on the horse. I'm not getting any younger and it's time to find a new guy. No rush but maybe I should pay attention a bit more. 

What are your Spring plans? Do you have any goals?


  1. I'm with you on the weekly meetup. I seriously need to spend some time enjoying the company of others! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. It's sooo hard sometimes. I get so lazy!! Thanks for reading! xo

  2. I'm certain you can achieve all of this if you set your mind to it! It really helps to write out your goals. :) Good luck, Mel! xx

    June | https://hellolipstick.com/

  3. These are some great tips and funnily enough most of them are relevant to me too! Good luck !!

    Charlotte | http://charlottes-web.wix.com/blog