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Beauty Goodies Used Up in June

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Beauty Goodies Used Up in June

Oh dear! I can't believe the year is half over! Absolutely nuts! Well it's that time goodies I've used up in June! Woooohooo! I always get excited when I use up beauty products because I'm so bad at committing to anything until the end. I'm making an effort though and it's working! (Budget!) So here we go...

1. Supersmile: you guys have seen this a few times before. It's my favorite mouthwash and I have the toothpaste set as well. I use the mouthwash a lot more because I rinse after I eat, drink coffee, and workout. I like having clean breath so I'm obsessed with this. I originally ordered it via QVC and I get it delivered every 90 days. The mouthwash just requires a 30 seconds rinse and you're good. If you team it up with the toothpaste, you really will have a whiter teeth after 2 1/2 mins. Read my full review here

2. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair: just in case you haven't noticed, I absolutely love Estée Lauder as a brand and I use sooo many of their products. During Lord &Taylor's friends and family last month, I got so many free goodies. Even though this was a sample...I had 5 of them so I consider it to add up to a full size bottle. I will 100% be purchasing the full sized bottle of this. My skin is so clear and so much smoother. It really does make a difference. A little bit does go a long way and you won't be disappointed. My skin has never looked better. 

3. Drybar's Hot Toddy: I love all of Drybar's products. They smell amazing. I would buy it based on smell alone. This product is used before you apply heat to your hair. It provides moisturized and protection for blow dryers and flat irons. It's wonderful and I have two more full sized bottles at home. The one shown is my travel sized version that I leave at the office and bring with me to the gym. If you straighten your hair at all, this is a must have product. 

4. Estée Lauder's Take It Away Makeup Remover: This product is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. I personally use this first when removing my makeup at night. I apply it all over my face and then I take one of my Avon wipes to swipe it away. It really gets my makeup off. Then I use my Estée Lauder cleanser but that's a story for another day. Using a lotion to remove my makeup reminds me of my grandmother's era. I love it and things from the past still work today. 

5. Bare Minerals Purifying Cleanser: I used this cleanser to clean my makeup brushes and not for my face. I originally purchased it as a facial cleanser but since it doesn't lather us, I didn't like how it felt on my skin. I hate wasting money and I didn't want to throw it away so..voila! It became a brush cleaner! I cleaned my brushes with this and my Sigma Glove and the combo was just magical. PS- this item is no longer available so I won't be repurchasing! 

6. Bare Minerals Bare Skin Concealer: not one of my fave concealers but I would purchase it again if it were on sale or part of a set. I'll use it mostly for highlighting purposes. See my full review here

7. Wet and Wild Mega Clear Mascara: I used this for my eyebrows and it's super cheap ($1.99!!) and gets the job done. My eyebrows don't move for the entire day. The only downside? My foundation and eyeshadow combo gets into the tube causing it to no longer be clear. It looks kinda gross. I'm on the fence about buying Benefit's Gimme Brow so I won't have to see the mascara change colors but then again...I'm on a budget and I rather use my money on something else. 

8. Estée Lauder's Nightwear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask: I loveeee this!!! I purchased the full sized version and I will be writing a full review soon. I use it 3x per week and it's super fast (only takes 3 mins) and it makes my skin tight and smooth. It's perfect. 

9. Lancôme Absolue Eye Premium: I got this for free with a purchase and it's ok. It keeps my under eye area hydrated and I don't have any bags or dark circle. I'm just a little on the fence about the texture. I think I'm going to purchase the full sized version of Estée Lauder's Advanced Repair Eye Cream. I love the whole line and the texture of the eye cream feels better to me. 

10. Estée Lauder's Revitalizing Supreme: I'm so in love with this moisturizer. I use it every night after using the Advanced Night Repair and the combo is just fabulous. My skin has never been this hydrated. It's almost at time too hydrated. lol. I stopped by Ulta last weekend because my skin is actually getting a little oily. I asked the saleslady if I am using the wrong products and she said that it means I am doing a great job with my skin. She said when skin is hydrated and well moisturized, your skin can get a bit oily but it'll keep the wrinkles away. So I'm not sure if what she said is 100% correct but I'll take it. You can actually use this goodie in both the am and pm. It'll help keep the wrinkles away and it smells great! According to the website, it's for "Anyone who wants to dramatically reduce signs of aging, including lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration." Yesssssss!! Me! Me!

11. Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush: I love this blush and I'm giving myself a break for awhile because I'm tired of using this brand! This is just the sample size and I used it everyday from late November to late June! It was $10 well spent. (Thank you Sephora Black Friday Sale) It's so pigmented and lasts forever. After my mini break, I'll definitely purchase a full sized version in a different shade because it really is worth the money. Please read my full review here

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