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Best Fitness Trends to Look Out For This Summer

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Happy Saturday darlings! Hope you all have fab weekend plans! If you follow me on Instagram, you can tell that I am on a total health kick lately. I have 10 more pounds to lose and I am totally going to continue with living healthier. I have more energy now than ever! I have a lovely guest post to share with you all. Here we go!

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This summer, fitness wear is not reserved for the gym only. Actually, the trend of colorful, bright, flowery fitness clothes that can be worn as a cool street wear has been on the rise since last couple of years. But, as evident from the fitness stores, this year it’s reached its full potential. With just a few additional details and personal touches, this kind of look is perfect for any sports and fitness lover who enjoys the exercise as well as a fashionable look on the streets.

Sports Bra

Sports bras are slowly replacing regular bras in everyday outfits. Apart from the world of difference when comfort is concerned in favor of a sports bra, these little life savers are everything but boring this summer. Their design and material make a perfect support for any chest size, they make the breasts look flattering under the top.

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The vast choice of colors and patterns add additional texture and touch to the whole outfit, especially with razor cut back and straps that can be seen. Unlike regular bras, this glimpse of a sports bra doesn’t have any inappropriate vibe.

Comfy Bottoms

A while ago, wearing yoga pants outside of the gym was considered a poor taste but with today’s technology, yoga pants replace the regular bottoms perfectly. They are made of sturdier material that keeps everything in place and thanks to the burst of colors and patterns, they make a sassy part of the outfit without any see-through consequences. Moreover, jogger and track pants have become a true icon of street style and provide comfortable and casual look for both sporty ladies and gents.

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Stylish Tops

When it comes to fitness tops, tanks and tees for the summer follow the tight trend and wrap the upper part of the body nicely yet they allow the skin to breathe thanks to the special fitness material they’re made of. What’s more, their design is getting more elaborate and it can get pretty difficult to choose your favorite color or pattern combination when shopping.

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Crop tops were very big in recent years but they too have found their place in fitness wear. Also, polo shirts are a great addition to summer fitness wardrobe regardless of whether you’re going to the gym or for a run, or pairing them with comfy bottoms for a sporty elegance look. Most men won’t be seen in a tight top that is great for the gym, but polo shirts have become really trendy among male population.

The Lightness of Foot

The new rule of fitness wear in the streets might be most apparent in the burst of different sports footwear. This summer, fitness shoes can be paired with any outfit and everyone can definitely find their perfect style and color. Many brands such as Ryderwear, have come up with new designs this year, and thanks to the special attention to detail and great comfort of fitness shoes, they’ve become a staple in any wardrobe.

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While men’s compression tops and bottoms haven’t made it that big in the streets, both sexes enjoy this new footwear trend.

Dandy Accessories

A great deal of detail is also put in makings and use of sports accessories. Arm warmers are basically new statement accessory, while wearing jazzed up headphones decorates the neck and ears. Fitness socks of all colors and patterns are another go-to choice for both men and women since they provide additional comfort, look really interesting as they peek out from the shoe and keep the feet from sweating and overheating. What’s more, stylish gym bags aren’t just for storing gym necessities anymore. Their sturdy, high quality material, modern design and most importantly, unique patterns, colors and style, make them a great addition for a complete and unified street fitness outfit.

men's workout bag

The time when one had to choose between comfort and great street look is gone with this summer’s trend of stylish and fashionable fitness wear. With its great popularity, people get encouraged to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle even more, which is undoubtedly one of many great benefits of this look.

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