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Relaxation + Chrissy’s Socks

9:24:00 AM

Chrissy’s Socks Review

I love relaxing and lounging around after a long stressful week but for some reason, I'm often bad at it. I feel a little guilty for watching tv on my sofa and watching a series of Lifetime movies. But as I get older, I'm beginning to realize the moments of downtime are 100% necessary. After a mini break, I feel more refreshed, inspired, and more determined than ever. Shutting down is temporary and necessary in order for the little gray cells to recharge. 

Chrissy's Socks was awesome enough to send me a few pairs of their socks to match some of my pajamas. Absolutely nothing beats lying around in sweatpants, leggings, or shorts with knee high socks! I swear, I always wear socks to bed for some reason with shorts. Then I crank the AC on! Chrissy's Socks come in a wide range of styles and patterns but I stuck to my favorite type and had fun with the colors. But with hundreds of styles to chose from, trust me, I'll find one that you like!

Chrissy’s Socks Review

Soooo we have.....

1. Black with hot pink stripes: I absolutely love this color combo! Pink is my favorite color so I try to incorporate it into everything. Yes, even my apartment is filled with pink. My bathroom looks like you're walking into cotton candy.

2. Unicorns: How fun is this?? Unicorns are so amazing and majestic and I want a little bit of it. My nieces go crazy over this pair. 

3. Gray and pink argyle: Again, another great classic color combo. My friend's wedding color theme was actually gray and pink argyle! 

4. Royal Blue with white polka dots: Who doesn't love dots? Fun but again a classic. 

5. Dark Blue and black stripes: These two colors match with everything! 

Not only are all of these socks great for lounging around but I'll be wearing them under my Winter/Fall boots during the colder New York City months. Trust me, NYC winters aren't fun and waiting on subway platforms can get super cold super fast. These socks will be put to good use! 

Here are some ways I'm trying to mellow out...

1. Lighting a candle and turning the lights low as I watch some TV. Yes, very romantic but sets a calming tone.

2. Turning off my phone. I have to turn off my phone and not just try to ignore it. I'll still see the messages pop up from the corner of my eye. This is a total mental game. Haha. My iPhone is with me everywhere I go but sometimes it becomes an unhealthy relationship. Separation makes the heart grow fonder. 

3. Wine. Not sure if this is officially a good one or not but it makes me feel better! Just a small glass of wine as I watch tv. I was going to say drink a green tea which I do every so often but wine is more relaxing to be. (Especially when you add the candles)

4. Setting time aside. I know this may an odd when but I'm the queen of guilt. I'm trying to set two nights a week where I trying shutdown after a long day at the office. Since I won't be doing any work after hours and my workload hasn't changed, when am I going to do it? Instead of writing one sentence for a blog post and then checking Snapchat, I really focus and try not to touch social media until the post is written. I'm also using subway travel time to write instead of checking my gossip apps. I'm using my limited time wisely…

5. Reading! This is my all time favorite way to relax. Nothing beats reading a Mary Higgins Clark book and ignoring the world!

How do you relax?

* This product was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. those socks look so lovely, i love the gray and pink argyle ones:) x

    1. Thank you!!! There's nothing better than PJs, knee high socks, and my sofa! xoxo