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August Goals

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August Goals by The Gossip Darling

Hello darlings!! Hope you're all having a great week so far! Just a super quick post today! Over the last month or so, I have really thought a lot about how I can grow this little blog of mine. I have sooo many goals and I really need to take action in order for my goals to become reality. Here's what I'm thinking...

  • Connect with more bloggers by commenting on blogs
  • Reach out to bloggers for interviews or potential collaborations
  • Create weekly inspiration boards. They are a hit! 
  • Try new types of contents. Ex/ my exercise routine or book reviews
  • Post a survey! I have never ever done this with this blog or my old one. What do my readers wanna see more of?
  • Include more up-to-date news. What are the latest makeup products coming out? What shopping sales are taking place? What's happening as we speak? Is it National Taco Day?Nobody is a fan of old news. 
  • Branch out and start selling ads on the blog or offer exchanges with other bloggers
  • Ask my readers what changes I should make to the blog design. Is it user friendly? Am I missing anything you are looking for? I need some construct feedback!
  • Spend more time on Pinterest. I used to love pinning. What happened? Now I am all about Snapchat! Weird! I need to pay attention to my old love. 
  • Host a giveaway
  • Participant[ate in weekly Twitter Chats 
  • Start posting monthly Instagram roundups
  • Overall, blog more! Come on 6x per week baby!

What do you want to see more of? What are your August goals?


  1. I'd love to participate in some twitter chats as well but they're always at awkward times for me!

    1. Yea!! Sometimes the timing is bad! Maybe we should start our own! :)

  2. I'd love to read some of your book reviews :-) It's a great idea!

  3. great goals, i hope you achieve all of them:) x