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Current Songs on Repeat

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Current Songs on Repeat

Hi darlings!! 

I haven't done a post like this in so long! I have no idea why since it was so popular the last time I did it! Today I thought I would sharing what's on my current playlist and why I'm keeping each song on repeat. These songs aren't the latest or literally just released. Some of these beats have been out for ages but I don't care. I love them and it's helping me shake my ass as I walk or I'm closing my eyes and feeling the passion! 

First up is James Bay's Let It Go. I'm truly soooo in love with this song. Every single word is like poetry and it's a really deep song. It actually reminds me of one of my friend's relationship. They have been dating for so long and honestly, it's time to just let it go but she keeps holding on. I promise everyone can relate to this one. 

Second up is Drake's One Dance. I have such a huge crush on Drake. John Legend is the guy I should marry but I am going to mess around with Drake for a few months or so. hahahaha. His music just makes me wanna move and dance. It's soulful and has a beat all at once. Lovvvveeee him.

Third is Beyonce's Sorry. Queen Bey strikes again! This woman is just so powerful and inspiring. This song is my jam when I'm at the gym. I take a weekly twerking class and this is always one of the songs we twerk to. I'm bringing out my inner Sasha Fierce and I always get such an amazing workout when I am try to dance like Bey. <snaps fingers>

Fourth is Grace's You Don't Own Me. This song will forever remind me of the movie The First Wives Club! Such an awesome movie. My friend Tommy and I always sing this song to one another. We were soooo happy when a new mix came out. You don't ownnnnn meeeeeeee. <insert runway walk!>

Fifth is Adele's All I Ask. Her whole album is phenomenal but this song is my favorite. (I'm still so bummed I missed out on her concert tickets here in NYC!!) I think Adele is amazing at creating music that everyone can relate to. She and John Legend just know how to sing to me. I think we have all been in love with someone and maybe they aren't feeling the same way and you know it's your last time together and you just want event to take place so you can make an amazing memory about of it. Does that make sense? When I was ending my last relationship, I knew it was going to be our last time spending time together and I just wanted an amazing night so I could have the memories to last me a lifetime. <sigh>

Sixth is John Legend's You & I (Nobody in the World). Is John not the most romantic man in the world? Like seriously, his music and lyrics just hit my soul. Each word and sound is more romantic than the next and I can only hope my future husband can write just one sentence about me like John writes a whole album about Chrissy! I am sooo jealous. Ugh I wish I could just hate her. I heart you John Legend.

I'm truly obsessed with all of these songs! They are perfect for my workouts, subways rides to work, or relaxing at home and blogging. 

What's on your playlist?


  1. i love John Legend and Drake so much! a lot of these are on my playlist too. great post:)x

    1. Thank you darling!!!! You have good taste :)