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Fabulous Fall Trends

10:16:00 PM

"If you have never fallen in love at first sight, you're shopping on the wrong site"

Yes, we are talking fashion today! Has anyone else already started stocking their closet with jackets, scarves and boots for this fall season, I can't be the only one! I am so happy to have a guest blogger to share her wonderful style tips today! Lovelies, meet Brandy! Brandy is amaaazing with all things beauty and she is the owner of Britain&Brooks, an online boutique (all clothes below are from Britain&Brooks!). Now, upcoming fall fashion trends to look for by Brandy:
LOVE this Sweater Dress with high boots look!

"Fall is one of the biggest times of year in fashion, no it is not New York Fashion Week, but it is the best time of year to show off your personal style. Street style is huge this time of year the weather is cool enough you can wear multiple layers but not too cold that you are too covered up or freezing your butt off trying to show off your outfit. You know we put a lot of work into these outfits so YOU KNOW we want to show them off!
Britain&Brooks Bomber Jacket layered look, love!

This Fall we have some major trends in circulation; 

-mixing prints
-mixing textures
-socks of all lengths
-layering absolutely everything
-and not to mention the color MUSTARD

Layering is taken to a whole other level this fall season. As we try and call on our inner 70’s flowerchild with flare jeans making a huge come back, our top half needs to be layered to perfection. 

Britain&Brooks fall look!

Although it may look like we just threw on every piece we could find, there really is some thought put in to it. The goal is to create dimension with your outfit, which just means everything hits the body at different lengths. You don’t just wear a dress anymore, throw on a long vest and a belt and make it a statement."
Britain&Brooks Romper & Vest Pair

I am seriously loving all of these fall looks! Links to the specific outfits are included in the captions, if you want to steal the look for this fall. Britain&Brooks is full of the BEST outfits, time to shop!


  1. Totally with you on the fall trends -- it's soo hot here still in florida but I'm mixing in fun fall colors already and can't wait to do the layering thing!


  2. Omygoodness I couldn't agree more with this post! Fall is such a fun time for outfits. Though my mustard color purse is a l w a y s in use :)

    Kelsey | www.abalancingpeach.com

    1. Thank you!! Fall is my fave time of year! xoxo