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Fighting Acne

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Fighting Acne by The Gossip Darling
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Hello loves!! Today I'm chatting about something I'm extremely passionate about...acne! It's something I've struggled with for years. For some people it's just a zit here and there but for others (like me), breakouts can be so bad, painful, and completely change how you feel about yourself on the day to day. At 32, I'm embarrassed by all of my breakouts. Even though I know that it's not true, I feel like I'm too old for zits! Wasn't this just a teenage thing? Not at all and many of us suffer from acne into adulthood. I've tried soooo many products and have wasted so much money trying to get rid of my acne. It's difficult because some products have made me breakout even more! After visiting a dermatologist and 100% not getting the treatment I wanted (another $128 down the drain!), I'm finally taking control over this situation and have developed a routine that works for me. Now this involves not only skincare, but my makeup routine, diet, and lifestyle as well! Are you ready for this super long post? I'm actually splitting it up into two parts because it's just too much info!

Before I get into the BareMineral products I've been using (part two post!) I just want to share a few lifestyle changes I've made and in less than a week, I've notice a huge improvement with my skin.

1. Cleaning my makeup brushes: HUGE! Keeping germs and bacteria alway from your face is super important. You can't continue to apply your makeup with dirty brushes. You just can't do it! Whatever you're trying to accomplish by cleansing your face will be useless if you just reinfect your skin with dirty makeup brushes. I wash my brushes every Sunday with my Sigma brush and a cleanser as the brush shampoo. I know you can use brush cleaner but I use a facial cleanser because I'm so paranoid about using products that can potentially breakout my skin. Here's my post here about my brush cleaning routine. I prefer the Sigma glove but truly use anything you have that will really clean out those brushes. 

2. Drink water: As much as I hate to say this because I hate drinking water, I have to say I'm drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day and it's making a huge difference. Staying hydrated is very important and reflects in your complexion. Cleansing your body from germs, bacteria, toxins, and other stuff is important for your overall health but also improves your looks! My skin doesn't look as "tired". Does that make sense? Lol. Like I've shared a few times before, I hate drinking water but honestly you just have to develop a pattern and stick with it. It's like working out. I hate it but I have to do that too if I wanna feel and look good! 

3. Hands off the face: Please tell me that I'm not the only one who loves picking my face or touching my face as I'm on the computer. My dirty hands are always on my face. Hands off! Unless you just washed your hands, again, no germs or bacteria on the face! I live in NYC so I get enough of that by just walking the streets. As much as we want to pick as our zits and face, we are truly making the situation worse. Let the acne products do its job without any interference from you!

4. Diet: I'm trying to stay away from sugars and even alcohol. We know that I suffer from migraines and bad sugars can also trigger them but sugars aren't good for your face either. My fave of choice, wine, can be extremely dehydrating to the body and without water intake, it sucks my body dry which causes it to produce more oil which in turn leads to acne. That was a lot right? Lol. I'm still on my fitness and weight loss program and no refined sugars go hand in hand with that but it also helps improve my acne. It's a win win all around.

5. Stop piling on makeup: Again, this is a super hard one for me. I love layering my makeup so I can cover my acne. Who really wants to show that to the world? Unfortunately, it's not improving the breakouts and is making me breakout more. I'm clogging my pores and not letting my skin breathe. My skin is suffocating and in turn retaliates by breaking out. Even though it's extremely hard to do it, don't add that second layer of concealer or foundation. I personally use my primer, Complextion Rescue mixed with Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation and call it a day. I used to apply my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick to my breakout areas but I'm not skipping this step. My skin can't be completely blocked. Let the poor thing breathe! 

6. Moisturizing: I used to totally skip this step in my morning routine. I'm really good at moisturizing at night but suck at it in the morning because I'm usually late and I'm a rush. Bad bad bad. We think just because we have acne that we should skip the moisturizer because we need to dry out our skin. This is actually the opposite. We still need to moisturize our skin so we create balance. We want to balance our skin so we can control it and for the skin to look clear. My making it too dry, we are creating an imbalance which forces your body to try to make up for something. Now I wash my face in the morning, apply moisturizer, let it settle while I fix my bed and make my coffee, and then I start my makeup routine. So far this new addition has been working out wonderfully. 

7. Washing my face as soon as I enter the apartment: So usually work very long days and then go to the gym. So I am out of my house on average 14 hours per day. I work out before I head home and usually my fitness routine is very intense. Once I walk into my apartment, I make my dinner and chat on the phone…I don't wash my face until I shower or before bed if I didn't work out. Wrong! Now as soon as I enter my apartment, I go straight to the bathroom to wash all my makeup and sweat off of my face. The longer it hangs out on my face, the more time germs and sweat have time to settle into my face. 

8. Oil free products: This is something the dermatologist told me. She recommended that I only use oil free products and to double check all of my makeup and skincare products. So I am using this oil based cleanser from BareMinerals and it comes highly recommended by many people who suffer from acne. All of my other products though are oil free. 

Stay tuned for part two of this post when I go into the exact products I'm using to keep my face clear of breakouts!

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