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Acne Update

3:17:00 PM

Acne Update || The Gossip Darling

Hiiii darlings!!

Hope you all had a great start to the week! So today I am struggling a bit with the beginning stages of a migraine. Totally NOT fun!! I am drinking loads of water, using my peppermint essential oils and really trying to stay relaxed and calm. I'm also have been skipping the gym which I hate doing. (Especially since I've gained a half a pound) I absolutely hate the pain I feel when I am in the mist of a migraine but I am trying to get better about identifying my triggers and actually listening. When I first started getting them, I would ignore the signs and continue on with my business. No more. I stop, listen, and pray it goes away. Wish me luck…

Super quick post today. I am starting a money challenge again! Yes, my spending recently has gotten out of hand and it's time for me to put a stop to it. Not making excuses for myself but it's not 100% my fault…I think you all know by now that this summer was terrible for my acne. My skin totally hates me and I have been having major breakouts. They haven't been fun and it's super embarrassing to be 32 years old and to have as much acne as I do. For the past 2 months, I have spent well over $600 on makeup and skincare trying to relieve the appearance of my acne. Nothing has really been helping. BareMinerals has been the best at trying to keep new breakouts at bay but I finally went to a dermatologist and I am now using Tazorac and Aczone. I've been using them together since last Thursday and my face has cleared up sooo much. Please let me know if you want to hear about my experience so far with them. The only issue is...even with my insurance, I paid $200 for the two meds! I was supposed to pick up cleanser as well but that was $217. I couldn't afford that so I just went with the two creams that will actually be staying on my face instead of the cleanser that I'll just be rinsing off. So I am using my BareMinerals cleanser both morning and night, Aczone in the morning, and Tazorac at night. The trio have been amazing but my skin is now super dry! I am moisturizing like crazy!

So since I'm at over $800 in the last two months just on cosmetics, it's time for me to regroup and save money. Hopefully the Tazorac and Aczone really help my face! So far so good. Let' just keep the good news coming!

How's your week going? Any tips for a girl suffering from acne?

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