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BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Collection

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Hiiii darlings!! I haven't blogged in forever! (Well almost two weeks) I have been really struggling with my skin lately and have been so busy with doctors and trying new products, that I didn't want to blog until I had a better grasp of what was going on. I am now using a combo of department store and doctor prescribed products. I am also taking an oral medicine called Acticlate for combating my acne. I am so upset that it has come down to me actually taking an oral medicine but I just can't deal with the breakouts anymore and simply spending so much money on things that don't work. I try to be "natural" the best that I can but my acne is beyond terrible and I needed to take a more drastic step. Please let me know if you want to know more about my doctor prescribed acne treatment routine.

Back in August, I stopped by my BareMinerals store and decided to try their Blemish Remedy line. (This was before I started using my doctor prescribed meds) This collection recently launched so I hadn't heard much about it but I have been using BareMinerals for years and I know it's super gentle with my skin. So I was totally on board to try this collection.

During my visit, I picked up the Blemish Remedy Primer, Foundation, Concealer, and brush. Before I start, I have to share that the brush is my absolute favorite purchase. Its quickly become one of my favorite brushes. So my daily routine was.... cleanse, tone, moisturize, prime, conceal, foundation, and set. (I'm sharing my skincare routine in a separate post...) Now let's chat about the primer!

Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel is an amazing primer in my opinion! It's not greasy, very lightweight, applies easily to the skin, dries quickly, and helps keep my skin matte throughout the day. It's a clear gel and has the mildest of medicated smell but it's nothing that you can't handle! I love this primer because it contains tea tree oil and aspen bark which are known to be an enemy of acne! It has an amazing blend of ingredients that will help treat your acne but it's not harsh and won't damage your skin. I have dry to combo skin so this primer was perfect for me because it didn't further dry out my skin which is what I'm afraid of when I use any acne fighting products. It's not as moisturizing as other BM primers but I do like this when I am fighting breakouts. 

I picked up Blemish Remedy Concealer in medium and it also contains aspen bark and tea tree oil to help kill acne. According to their site, it claims to be a full coverage concealer but I actually think it's sheer with buildable to medium coverage. I would say IT Cosmetics Bye Bye concealer or Estee Lauder's Double Wear concealer to be full coverage...Blemish Remedy? Not so much. Not saying it's not a good concealer but I don't want to make a promise that I can't keep. I applied it directly to each breakout and then dabbed it with my clean ring finger. This concealer did last me throughout the day, it was creamy, easily blendable, and was easy to build up. Since I do have a lot of acne breakouts, I went through this concealer in about a month. (PS- the bottom part is a sharpener and you can keep the point sharp!)
I love love love the Blemish Remedy Foundation. (I wear #7 Clearly Nude) I heard some mixed reviews about it but it's actually an amazing foundation. Again, I did go through this product within a month because the foundation is sheer to full coverage I would say. I applied about 4 layers in order to make it full coverage. You can definitely smell the tea tree oil and aspen bark when you apply it but it's nothing too powerful. I wore this foundation throughout the whole hot month of August and I didn't have to reapply and I only had to pat down my t-zone. After many hours, it didn't separate on my skin or look cakey or blotchy. I can't use it anymore because the tea tree oil now burns my face since I am using such heavy acne meds. Even though the combo of the primer, concealer, and foundation didn't cure my horrible acne, it did keep it under control. FYI...towards the end of the container, I had to cut out the mesh center in order to get more product to come out. It ended up making more of a mess but I wasn't sure how to scrap the bottom of the barrel...

My hand down FAVE purchase was the Seamless Buffing Brush. I am obsessed with this brush and it was such a pleasant surprise. I must admit, sometimes I think it's bullshit when they tell you that you need to purchase the brush in order for the product to be effective. I was like blah blah blah. But truly, this brush is a must have. Let me tell you about it....

This brush is definitely the reason why you can build the Blemish Remedy Foundation to full coverage. The brush has short and round synthetic bristle and a thicker and shorter handle so you have absolute control over this brush. I dab it into the foundation and then I apply to make face in circular motions. The short bristles make it possible to create a full coverage look. I am now using it with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation powder and I swear it's the perfect partnership. It truly creates the most beautiful finish. My favorite thing about this brush? Since the bristles are synthetic, it doesn't spread bacteria as you as buffing product into your face. That's why I haven't been using my Beauty Blender to apply my foundation. I don't want to transfer bacteria all throughout my face. This brush is small but omg is it powerful!

My overall thoughts? Great for creating a matte look and will work for people with mild acne. I am a fan of it but unfortunately it wasn't strong enough for me. My acne was just too advanced. BUT this did help control my breakouts. I must say...well done BareMinerals!

Have you tried Bareminerals Blemish Remedy Collection?


  1. i've never actually tried anything from Bareminerals, but their stuff always sounds so good! great post! x

    1. Thank you!! I love their makeup and skincare!!

  2. This collection looks amazing. It's been ages since I've tried anything new from Bare Minerals, but their products usually work really well with my acne-prone skin.

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Yesssss! My skin loves BareMinerals. My acne has been out of control lately so it was time to go back to the beginning...