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Happy 2nd Birthday Lexi!

2:20:00 PM

Hi darlings! Just wanted to wish my Lexi girl a Happy 2nd Birthday!! I can't believe Lexi is already two years old!! I adopted her at 5 weeks old and time has just flown by.

I adopted Lexington aka Lexi after she was abandoned in a box with her two sisters. We have no idea where they came from but it was late November and there was already snow on the ground. I couldn't believe someone would be cruel enough to leave little kittens out in the cold. They weighed less than a pound and were shivering.

So admittedly....I didn't want any more pets. I had recently lost my 5 year old Siamese to heart disease and was left absolutely heartbroken. I also lost my 15 year old Westie a few months before so it was a double heartbreak. I went from having two pets to nothing. I don't think I've ever cried that much in my life. I certainly never cried over a boyfriend like I did my pets! So everyone kept trying to convince me to get a pet...I kept repeating hell no! No no no! The Vet kept trying to convince me by saying I'm such a good pet owner and a homeless shelter pet could really use my love. I said no because I can't deal with the heartbreak. Then I discovered a box…

My Mom was with me when I first saw Lexi and of course it was instant love. My mom just melted. Lexi was playing with one of her sisters and they were going nuts. Hahaha. I've never had a kitten before since I adopted my Siamese at a year old so I had no idea what kittens were like. Similar to puppies? I just knew she was really small, smelled horrible, her fur was matted, and she was...homeless. Two other people grabbed her sisters instantly as I was holding Lexi. To my Mom's persistence, Lexi was now coming home with me. Looking back on it now, Lexi really saved me at the end of the day. I was so depressed and heartbroken and Lexi totally brought me back to life.

Here are some of Lexi's traits…

  • She's absolutely the sweetest pet I've ever had. She lovesssss to cuddle on your lap...for hours! Hahaha. When you're watching tv, when you're chatting on the phone, and even when you're sleeping! Lexi needs to touch some part of you and I think it's so cute. 
  • She howls for treats at 6am every morning. I had no idea that cats loved their treats so much! My previous cat Madison never ate treats so I wasn't sure what the 6am wake up calls were all about. She stands by the pantry door and doesn't move until she gets what she wants. Even throughout the day when you walk past the pantry, she starts going nuts with the begging. Lol.
  • She loves hanging out on top of her kitty condo. This baby is 4 stories tall and of course she hangs out on the very top. It's in the family room and she just watches everyone like a hawk and waiting for an opportunity to do mischief.

  • She also loves hanging out by the glass doors in the back of the house or the bay window. There's a lot of sunshine in those areas which makes me nervous because I'm concerned about skin cancer. I have to talk to my Vet about this. 
  • She's obsessed with one chipmunk. There's a chipmunk in my parents' backyard and this thing lovessss to bother my baby. They have staring contests and it drives Lexi nuts. I secretly think they are bffs. 
  • My Mom is her favorite person. Lexi actually thinks that my mom is her mom. She follows her around everywhere and sometimes stops eating if my mom isn't around. When my mom gets home, Lexi starts doing laps around the house. 

If you ever want to get a new pet, please adopt! Shelter animals make the most loving and loyal pets! Lexi now lives back upstate with my parents full time because after one visit she decided that she didn't want to be a city cat anymore. She's obsessed with my parents because they are home a lot more often than me. My mom stays at home full time so Lexi is surrounded by constant attention. Trust me, Lexi and I FaceTime during the week and I see her every weekend. Ginger tabby cats are known for being the sweetest and I couldn't agree more!

Happy Birthday baby girl.


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