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How to Get FREE Estée Lauder Goodies!

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How to get FREE Estée Lauder Goodies!

Wanna know how to get free makeup from Estée Lauder? I just discovered how and now I want to share with you!! 

So as a beauty lover, I use products from many different brands but Estée Lauder is one of my faves. At my nearby store, they sold out of a product I needed so I actually went directly to Estée Lauder website for the first time. I'm so happy I did! They give you points for like everything and points turn into free stuff! You earn  each purchase and if you post reviews of products you've posted. Even better, if you make Estée purchases at stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, Bergdorfs, Saks, and many more places, just submit your receipts online and they will give you credit! How amazing is that? I wish every brand did that!

How to get FREE Estée Lauder Goodies!

There are three tiers to this program: Be Excited, Be Enthusiastic, and Be Envied. Obviously the more you buy, the more perks you get. Just for signing up for the program, you get 15% off! Woooo hoooo! Then as you continue purchasing, you earn more benefits. So I'm at the highest tier which is "Be Envied". ( Of course I am! lol) So far I have received this FREE cleanser and this FREE serum. I also earned 20% off my next purchase. I'm actually saving it up for something good. I don't want to waste it on just one eyeliner! I'm saving it for a large order.

How to get FREE Estée Lauder Goodies!

Just imagine if every cosmetic brand had an awesome program like this? They'll also send you something for your birthday. I just thought I would share the knowledge! Estée is very good to offering free gifts with every purchase and providing samples. They definitely aren't cheap about giving away goodies. It's smart business practice if you ask me because that's how I've fallen in love with new stuff.

How to get FREE Estée Lauder Goodies!

Are you an Estée Lauder fan? What beauty programs are you a member of?

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