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National Handbag Day!!

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Hello my Darlings!

Happy Monday! I just made it with this post! hahaha.

I am so happy to be off from work to be Upstate with my family. Today was definitely one of those days to spend inside, curled up with loved ones, a book, movies or even board games. (I may be the only person to still enjoy board games lol).

However I wanted to share that today is National Handbag Day! I was mulling over the idea of throwing in a few quirky but fun ‘holidays’ into my blog series, so I figured I’d start with an essential item to every female’s life---the handbag. This can also be gender neutral so if any of my gentleman followers care to comment please do!

Let’s start with how handbags came about. Originally from the time 1500 – 1900 A.D. handbags were referred to as ‘hanging bags and purses’. Essentially they were mainly used for every day practical uses for carrying around various items. Both men and women utilized this for money, small articles, and tools. Most of them time they were fashioned out of perishable materials, so little evidence is available of what they looked like other than old tapestries and paintings.
They came in a variety of shapes, designs, as well as hardware such as clasps, leather straps with drawstrings mostly hung around the hips like the fanny pack. All hail the invention of the Fanny Pack!  Pockets were not invented until later on during the 16th century which is when men’s bag faded out of the picture or painting as would be more appropriately stated.

Eventually during the 17th and 18th century women’s clothing was so voluminous they could hide their small clothes under their clothing! Imagine trying to walk with those skirts and petticoats?! Thus women during this time tied small bags to their hips generally carrying personal items.
Eventually with the Industrial Revolution women’s fashion gave way to iron and polished steel, along with papier-mâché stylized handbags. It also paved the way for the ‘modern traveler’ because people had to journey over water and rail.

Flash forward to our current status: high-end luxury brands for handbags. With the 20th century we saw momentous fashion movements that came with a flurry of excitement and faded just as quickly. With the Women’s movement it was a crucial factor in the development of the modern handbag. With women being employed, the need for a more practical handbag increased. Resulting in an entire catalog of specifically designed handbags for a plethora of uses. Evening, office work, daytime, evening, and even just visiting handbags. The list can go on!

However with today’s world it’s all about the branding of a certain name, particularly my two favorites Louis Vuitton & Chanel. <3

Whenever I think of Louis Vuitton or Chanel, a smile just appears on my face. I am sooo lucky to have a few LV pieces but I desperately want a Chanel. A black large quilt handbag! Sigh. Both brands are the definition of elegance, chic, class, and luxury. My all time fashion icon, Princess Diana, was a fan of the brand as well. They are just timeless. My dream is to have kids and to be able to pass down my bags from generation to generation. How amazing would that be? (I also want to pass down my fave eyeshadow blending brush I got when I was 17).

What's your dream handbag? Who are you gushing over?

Have a great week!!

PS- Information pulled from here.

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