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Weekend Workout Playlist

10:06:00 PM

Happy weekend, it's Jordan again today!!

First off, if any of you readers live south, or have family & friends down south, my thoughts & prayers are with you! This hurricane is so devastating!!

So, I made a new playlist for the gym the other day & it is wonderful! There is nothing that makes me more excited to go run than having a new workout playlist. I love Spotify for having the option to make a specific playlist! I am a huge Spotify fan, buuuuut I will occasionally put on my Jesse McCartney (lol) Pandora playlist to listen to my old favorite high school hits! Anywayyyssss, I decided to share some of my favorite workout songs with you all, hope you enjoy! (:

1. F*** Apologies by JoJo (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - JoJo is baaaackkkkk & killing it! I remember listening to her songs in high school & was so excited when I saw this song come on Spotify! It is so empowering & makes you feel like women rule everything (cause we do).

2. Does Ya Mama Know? by 99 Percent - This song is so fun!! You gotta love a song with a good upbeat to workout to! Just imagine this guy is talking about you in this song while doing cardio & tell me this doesn't give you motivation to keep going! "Girl I like the way you bring that back, does ya mama know you dance like that?" **cue squat jumps**

3. Side to Side by Ariana Grande - If this song doesn't make you feel sexy & sassy then I don't know what will! When I am at the gym, the songs that give me motivation are the sexy songs that make you feel like you are the hottest thing in the room, cause you are, obviously!! But really, it is a song by Ariana & Nicki Minaj, enough said.

4. Faded by Cierra Ramirez - Another sexy & sassy song (ha, notice the trend). I had never heard of this artist before, so props to Spotify for this introduction! I love the beat to this song, you may break out in dance between your bicep curls.

5. Tell Me What You Want by T-Wayne - I guess I have to throw a few male artists in here.. This song has another great beat. I am not a huge rap fan, but this song is like more of a singing rap (if that makes sense). It is definitely a more chill rap song & I enjoy that!

6. My PYT  by Wale - I am sure most of you have probably heard this song by now! It blew up about a month ago, but I still love it! Another smooth rap song with a good beat. I have always been a Wale fan, but this is definitely my favorite of his! And what better to workout to than Wale calling you his PYT!!

7. Alright by Kent Jones - This song is soooo fun to sing!! He hits super high notes & it is the best to sing super loud in the car!! This song doesn't scream workout song to me, but I thought it was definitely up there enough to share with you all.

8. All Eyez by The Game (feat. Jeremih) - Okay, last one for today. I have always been a huge Jeremih fan ever since high school! Love this song in the gym, it is another one of those songs that makes me feel like I am about to be in an epic music video where some crazy hot guy is singing about me (I put a lot of thought into songs I choose, ha!).

Hope you all love part of my workout playlist! Hopefully there are some that you have never heard before!! Comment some of your favorite songs below, I am always looking to add some to my playlist!!


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