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New Holy Grail Eyeliner!!

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New Holy Grail Eyeliner!!

Omg! Omg! Omg! I have a new favorite Eyeliner. Liner is definitely a must have part of my beauty routine and I think it changes my entire look. I wear black liner every single day! (My Mom does too!) I'm truly obsessed with it. I use a liquid liner (usually Stila) to line my top lid and I use whatever I like at the moment to line my waterline. After visiting the Chanel counter and doing a lot of damage, I picked up the Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in #88 Noir Intense and I won't ever look back!

I have just been using it on my waterline for the past month and I like it a lot but I wasn't 100% sold. After watching loads of beauty tutorials on YouTube last week, I noticed a lot of vbloggers using it to line their top lids. I still wasn't convinced. In the past, every single time I lined my top lid with a pencil, it bled into my cease within an hour. It 100% always transfers. And I haven't just tried with one brand....I've tried with loads of brands. It gets super annoying so I just stopped trying. I've been using my Stila liquid liner for about 5 years now (only cheating once with Kat Von D) so I thought I should re-explore the pencil method. I'm so happy I did!!

Chanel always makes wonderful beauty products but this pencil really fooled me. It's more on the hard side and not as soft as the pencils I usually use on my waterline. BUT it still gets the job done. The bottom part of the package comes off as a sharpener and you can use it to make your tip pointer. I love that I don't have to actually really use a pencil sharpener. I don't know if it's just me but when I actually have to sharpen an eyeliner like I would a writing pencil, the sharpener eats a lot of the pencil. What a waste of product!! This isn't the case with this. Technically, you never even have to sharpen this baby! Just twist and go!

Now I know the $33 price tag is a bit pricey but now I won't have to buy two separate eyeliners. I am saving time, money, and space by just using the one product! Wheeeeeee!

Have you tried this Chanel eyeliner? What's your favorite products to line your eyes?

Step One of My Nighttime Skincare Routine

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Step One of My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hi darlings!!!!

Hope all is well and you had a great start to the week. So you must all be tired of hearing about my acne, right? Hahahaha. Sorry but I can't help it! My bumps have literally taken over my life. Since getting bad breakouts, skincare and makeup has taken over my life at a whole new level. I don't think people realize how badly your confidence can take a hit when your face is covered in acne.

My skincare routine has been really intense over the last few months. I had to really learn the hard way that if you love makeup as much as I do that you really must make sure they you completely take off every speck of makeup before you go to bed.

Since I wear heavy makeup every single day and I contour like a Kardashian, it's super important that I remove every lick of makeup from my face or my pores will get blocked like you would not believe. My skincare routine is a bit intense and I'm happy to share if you want me to, but here's step one of my nighttime skincare routine...

Step One of My Nighttime Skincare Routine

You must...I repeat... you MUST double cleanse your skin if you wear loads of makeup like I do! I just don't go to my sink wearing loads of makeup and reaching for my cleanser like I am going to get away with just one wash. In order for my cleanser to really work, I must remove the majority of makeup first so the cleanser can actually reach my skin. I use two products in order to reach my cleansing goal....a cleansing oil and makeup removing wipes. My personal faves are BareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil and Avon's Makeup Removing Wipes or Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes.

BareMinerals Cleansing Oil has been a miracle worker!! I can't gush about this product enough and I have repurchased it 3x already. It smells amazing, is super gentle, and removes pretty much every single bit of my makeup with just one application. In my opinion, no one should be with out this product, especially if you love makeup as much as I do....I apply it directly to my dry skin, rub it in, and wipe away with my makeup removing wipes. My skin feels soooo amazing afterwards!! This oil removes everything, including eye makeup!! It removes all makeup without drying my skin which I really appreciate! This cleanser has been a game changer for me.

Step One of My Nighttime Skincare Routine

For the past year, I have talked non-stop about my Avon makeup removing wipes. They are so moist and effective that I just have them automatically on repeat. They are also soooo cheap compared to other brands!! But of course I am always trying out new products and once I saw these detox wipes at Target, I had to try. I know that charcoal is supposed to be really great at detoxing your skin. I was really shocked when it turned out that I liked them.. a lot! 

Step One of My Nighttime Skincare Routine

First off, they smell amazing!! So clean but flowery! I was a little hesitant because I thought a black wipe? Is it going to leave residue? Nope! Absolutely not! They leave my skin sooo soft and smooth. They aren't as moist as my Avon wipes and they clean my makeup brushes horribly but they really are amazing to my skin. Just because I can use my Avon wipes for multiple purposes, I'll continue to stay loyal, but these were a refreshing change. 

After I clean my skin with both these products, my skin is 100% ready for part two of my skincare routine which is to cleanse. If you suffer from acne like I do, you need to add a cleansing oil to your skincare routine and make sure you double cleanse!!

How to you wipe away your makeup?


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Hello all you pretty people!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, family & friend filled holiday! It is Jordan again today as a guest blogger on the amazing, Gossip Darling (:  I am loving this long holiday weekend, even though I had to travel all over the state of West Virginia to see all my loved ones (worth it!). Now that we are all nice & fluffy from our holiday indulgences, I thought I would share this handy app that you can use to get back on track!

Fooducate Free App Logo!

So, the app is called Fooducate & it is free, yes FREE! Of course you can get premium versions as well for more specific tracking, such as carb tracking or gluten free & GMO free tracking… but I just use the free version. More on the food side of the app… you can scan the barcode of any food & the app will give the food a grade (A being good & F being bad, obviously). It will also give you an explanation as to why it has that grade, which I loooove! It will say things like, contains trans fat, or contains more than 1/2 of daily recommendation for sugar & so on. Fooducate will also give you alternative suggestions that are similar to the food product that you scanned, so handy!

On to the exercise portion of Fooducate! This is pretty standard for a lot of fitness apps, but I will say that it is way easier to navigate & input than most other fitness apps that I have tried. You can add exercise whenever you want & put in the time of day later. I usually update all my exercise at the end of the day while I am laying down watching TV lol. So for me, I usually will put in running & put in around 30 minutes, then I also put in weightlifting for 60 minutes… it calculates the calories you burn & simple as that!

Here is a snapshot of my daily tracker for the day! Super easy to read!

Wrapping it all together! You set a profile for yourself, including gender, age, height, current weight, & set a goal. With this information it can accurately calculate how many calories you need & how many you would burn doing each exercise. You can easily see how many more calories you have for the day on the home screen. To be honest, I mostly use this app for the food grading & information it tells you on each food by scanning the barcode. I am not the type of person how counts calories or needs to know how many calories I am burning.. but I LOVE learning more about the food I am eating! 

Why not try it out for free! Let me know what you think of it, or if you have a nutrition app that you like even better!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving my darlings!!!!!!

I truly can't believe the holiday season is here! I will definitely be out tomorrow for Black Friday! My shopping list and credit cards are ready!!! Let's do this!!

I truly have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday. There are no expectations except to eat, drink, laugh, watch movies, and enjoy your loved ones.

Here are a few things I'm thankful for this year....

1. I would be absolutely nothing without my family and friends. My loved ones mean everything o me. They save me every single time and I can always depend on them. This past two weeks have been very hard for me and they were soooo supportive of me. I get emotional just thinking about it. Thank you to them for always putting up with me!!

2. This little blog of mine!! I am sooo thankful for my readers and how much this blog has grown in the past year. It's crazy and humbling. Thank you so much!! Over the years, I have had so many different types of blogs and I have tried my hand at it many times....and I've failed. I am so blessed that TGD has take off and keeps getting stronger and stronger. Never give it...your dedication will pay off in the end.

3. My cat Lexi! That little fur ball is the love of my life and makes me crack up every single day. Love that little sassy bundle of energy.

4. My 3 nieces!! They are the sweetest little girls I have ever met. Everyday they make me laugh and as little girls do...they humble me and put me in my place. Love them to pieces.

5. My job! I am so thankful to have a job and be able to pay my bills! hahahaha. And that's the truth!

6. My acne is almost gone!! I am soooo happy! I know this may seem narcissistic but I've been struggling with acne for at least 6 months. It has changed the way I look at myself and my confidence. There were days I truly didn't want to leave my apartment. I am so happy my skin is looking better and I am becoming my old self again!

7. I am thankful to know that 2017 will be better than 2016! Each year I continue to learn lessons, grow as a person, and reflect on what really means the most to me. I am so blessed to see another year of life. Thank you God.

From my family to yours, I wish you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!


My Chanel Wish List!!

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My Chanel Wish List

Hi darlings!! Hope you all had a fab weekend!! I am ready for Thanksgiving! Seriously, I need to control my mouth because all I've been doing for the past week is eating. Lol. I'm prepping!

I am obsessed with all things Chanel. I mean, it's hard not to love anything Chanel. My friend recommended that I use only Chanel makeup and other beauty products because of all of my skin and acne issues. About 5 years ago, she was on accutane and after she finished her treatment, she switched to Chanel only makeup and she hasn't had another issue since. Granted, we both have no idea if the meds were the only reason why her acne hasn't made a reappearnace but she swear by Chanel so I am following her lead. So far it has been two weeks and I am soooo happy with how my skin is looking. 

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have recently purchased loads of Chanel products but here are a few more things on my wish list...I have to budget myself and buy more every time I get paid!

Here we go...

1. Eyeshadow in Lotus: I am trying to simplify my everyday makeup look so I think this light basic shade would be great for my daytime look. Soft and basic. Perfect!

2. Long Wear Matte Eyeshadow in Melody: Again, I think this will be great for my everyday daytime wear. Maybe I'll layer this with the Lotus shade or maybe I'll wear alone. We shall see! You can never had too many shadows though!

3. Rouge Allure Intense Long Wear Lip Color: With the holidays coming and a bunch of weddings, I want a sexy and intense lip look! Nothing screams sexy and chic better than the perfect red lipstick. It's a Chanel signature so I definitely want it. 

4. Le Blanc de Chanel: I have heard soooo many great things about this primer. I am currently not using any primers because I have so many layers to apply in the morning due to my acne skincare routine that I really can't add an extra step. (I don't have the time and I am afraid of clogging my pores.) This also brightens your skin so hopefully this will lighten my acne scars so when I apply my foundation, it will help my skintone will look more even. 

5. Le Teint Ultrawear Flawless Foundation: I have been using this lightweight foundation for my everyday daytime look because it's super light and won't clog my pores. With all of my acne issues, it's important for my skin to be able to breath! But with the holidays approaching and a lot of parties and weddings, I want a full coverage foundation for those times. I want a more intense makeup look and I want all acne scars covered. This baby will help me do that. 

6. Le Volume Mascara: I have heard a million great things about this mascara. I am not loyal to any mascara and usually just grab whatever free sample or cheap thing I can get my hands on. But since so many bloggers and YouTubers have been bragging about this, I am dying to try! 

Do you love Chanel beauty products? If there anything I must try? I wanna hear!


Life & Goals Update

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Life & Goals Update || The Gossip Darling

Oh dear! It's almost the holiday season!!! Frickin nuts!! I have three Thanksgiving celebrations coming up so wish me luck with my fitness routine. Seriously 2016! Where did you go? I have made sooo many changes in my life recently. Mostly involving skincare, makeup routine, diet, fitness, and maybe a little romance...I'm trying to stick to my goals and really develop a permanent routine. Sometimes it's so hard for me to start something new and really stick to it! Am I an old dog? Can you not teach me a new trick?

I'm sure I've mentioned these goals before and I'm sure I will again but here we go! Maybe if I keep repeating myself, they'll actually stick...

1. Stay Hydrated: I'm taking oral acne meds and using two topical creams as well as a sulfur cleanser. What do the three have in common? They are seriously drying my skin out! With my oral acne meds I have to drink loads of water with it so I'm trying to drink at least 64oz per day. I also work out so I have to increase my water intake even more. Goodness...I'm in the bathroom every 10 mins! Will my body get used to this? Any good recipes for my water? I'm starting to get bored...

2. Meditate: I even bought a yoga mat! I downloaded a bunch of meditating apps on my iPhone and I'm really hoping it calms me and helps me destress. Usually I just drink a bottle wine to relax me but I think mediating is healthier...

3. Stop Making Stupid Purchases: Ugh! How long have I been saying I need to save money? Please just take my cards away. Is there a program that helped you? It's a hard habit to break! Just swipe swipe swipe!

4. Natural Look When It Comes to Makeup: Ever since my horrible acne breakout, I've been really taking it easy on the makeup! As I get older, it seems that everything is clogging my pores! But I got rid of my entire makeup stash recently (yes, ALL of it!!) and replaced it with Chanel based on a friend's recommendation and I'm so pleased that I did. It has only been one week and my skin has shown soooo much improvement. No more looking like Kim K everyday. I'll be sharing my new daily makeup routine soon.

5. Stay Focused on Blogging: Ugh! I really want to blog 5x a week minimum on this little baby of mine but with my insane work schedule, it's sooo hard for me. I'm really trying to keep up with my 3x per week. Maybe I should organize myself better??

6. Go Out More: As the weather gets colder, sometimes it's harder and harder to leave the house. It's just too cold! Especially here in NYC where we have to walk everywhere. Even though I prefer Summer rooftop happy hours, I am really going to try to catch up with my friends at least 1x per week. I need to socialize more and gossip with the girls. The best way to destress is with your friends! Who doesn't enjoy a good gossip with a glass of wine with your BFF?

7. Do More Things for Myself: I need to stop feeling guilty about doing things that make me happy. Even though I need to socialize more, sometimes I spend my days running around and doing things for other people instead of doing things that I enjoy. It's time to change this. If I want to spend the day alone at the spa...then I should do that! It's great doing things for others but admittedly, sometimes it become draining. It's time for me to fully regroup. It's important.

8. Start Eating Healthy Again: I lost 12 pounds and was doing soooo well with my eating. The winter is so hard though because of all the holidays and because fruits don't taste as good in the colder months. It's easy to eat a watermelon in July! I need to find new healthier snacks. I have gained some of the pounds back which is fine. I just need to regroup...

9. Start Working Out More Again: I was working out 6x per week! Now I am happy if I get 3 workouts in during the week. Nope. I need to get focused again and get my ass back in there!! No more excuses, just results!! Here I come six pack!

10. Create a Game Plan: For all aspects of my life and actually stick to it!!

What's your game plan?

Keratin Treatment Explained and Review

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Hi all!!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I had a very productive one! I totally can't believe the holidays are around the corner. Crazy right?!

I have been waiting to write this post for months and just seem to know be getting around to it. I am sharing my thoughts about keratin treatments! I have extremely curly and thick hair. My hair is unruly and can get superrr frizzy. Sounds like a joy right? I have been straightening it for over 10 years and never knew about keratin!! It wasn't until my friend Nina told me that I should do a treatment and explained what it was about. I instantly called a salon and scheduled my appointment. 

Here are the details....

Keratin Treatment Explained and Review
getting it done and being dramatic (wearing shower cap because I had to walk in the rain)
What's keratin? It's protein! Your hair naturally has it but depending on your hair type, it's hard for the protein to get from the roots to the ends. Our hair also loses protein which causes damage and breakage. This will bring your hair back to life! It will relax your curls (it did for me), make your hair shine, and control the frizz. 

Keratin Treatment Explained and Review
styled and ready to go :)
The entire process takes about 90 minutes. Here are the steps:

1. Wash: First, they washed my hair really good!

2. Straighten with Blow Dryer: After they wash my hair, they begin to straighten and dry it with a blow dryer. The hair has to be completely dry!

Keratin Treatment Explained and Review
just washed and no straightening or product
3. Treatment: Once my hair is completely dry, they "paint" the keratin to my hair. The treatment smell is very strong so I wore a mask. While I waited, I played with my phone. 

4. Blow Dry: After waiting about 30 minutes, they blow dry my hair again. My hair is completely dried in order to start the next step. 

Keratin Treatment Explained and Review
quick selfie
5. Straighten with Iron: After my hair is completely dried with the blow dryer, they straighten it with an iron. This is to officially seal the treatment to my hair. My beautician also styles my hair at this point. 

6. Spray: She sprays my hair just in case we missed any flyaways. 

7. Done!!!

Keratin Treatment Explained and Review

Things to remember...
  • Don't wash your hair for 3 to 4 days. The keratin needs time in your hair. 
  • No touching or playing with your hair. Also, no pony tails or putting it behind your ears. If you do, it'll leave a mark in your hair. 
  • Use only sulfate free products! It makes the keratin last longer in your hair. I try to use keratin infused shampoo and conditioner. 
  • You're good to go for 3 to 4 months!
Have you ever gotten a keratin treatment done? If so, do you like it?

Beauty Goodies Used Up in October

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Beauty Goodies Used Up in October

Hiiii darlings!!!

Happy Sunday! Hope you all are having amazing weekends so far! It has been extremely productive and expensive for me! Hahaha. More details later but I have completely revamped my makeup and skin routine for hopefully the final time...thank you acne for taking over my life. *insert middle finger*

I feel like I haven't done a beauty used up post in awhile! I've been all over the place because of my acne but hopefully no more! I'm using up some products! Let's do this!

1. bareMinerals Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam: I surprisingly really liked this cleanser even though it's so gentle! It didn't have any scents, was extremely gentle and got the job done! I'll definitely repurchase it because I was super pleased! I also used it to clean my makeup brushes. I only like cleaning my brushes with products I wouldn't mind actually touching my face. I've tried 3 other bareMinerals cleansers and with the exception of the cleansing oil, this one is my next fave!

2. Neutrogena "Night Calming" Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes: I love my makeup removing wipes! I usually use their original formula but after hearing Kim Kardashian raving about the "night calming" ones, I ran out to Ulta after work the very same day and picked them up. I'm not disappointed! I already purchased two more packs. I alternate between these and my other fave wipes. So this is what I do... I use my bareMinerals cleansing oil as soon as I walk into the door from work. I apply it all over my face and then wipe off with the towelettes. After I have cleaned the surface of my face, I take my clarisonic and sulfur cleanser and really do a clean. I like this routine because my pores loveeeee clogging up and I don't want any barriers blocking me from really cleaning my skin. So far this routine has been working so well for me!

3. Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation: So everyone said I was going to love this foundation just as much as the regular formula...I don't. This wasn't a hit with me and I should have gone back to Macy's and returned like my gut was telling me too. Just $40 down the required a lot of product to get the finish I wanted and I had to use a lot of powder on top to stop the shine. Everyone said I would get the same coverage with a lighter feel. They lied to me. Lol. I saw every single acne scar. I think I would like this if I had perfect skin. (We all know that my skin is horrible so pass!)

4. L'Oréal Double Extend Lash Extension Effect MascaraSo two of my fave bloggers highly recommended solely the primer side of this mascara...and they knew their shit. The primer end of this wand is amazing!! Everyone compliments my lashes and I have to keep saying they are real! No false lashes here! I have also stopped wearing liner on my upper lid because my Chanel girl said it's blocking the view of my amazing lashes. She said I don't need it! So my Chanel girl gave me a sample of Chanel's mascara primer so I will see how it compares. Why buy Chanel when L'Oréal is so much cheaper? Because this mascara dries out super fast and I have to repurchase on a monthly basis. I also feel bad not using the black mascara side. I'll definitely continue to buy this product if the Chanel one ends up not working for me.

5. Primark's Dark Brown Brow Gel: Omg I love this stuff! Works just as well as the expensive stuff at Sephora but this is only $1.50!! It lasted me for monthssss as well without drying out. I would love to repurchase but every time I's sold out. I'm using one by Maybelline which is great but it was $7.99 and not $1.50. *sigh*

6. Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Creme: I received like 10 of these over the course of a month from free gifts and sales associates. It's a great moisturizer for the colder months when your skin is super dry. It felt a little balmy to me and is on the thicker side. Not crazy smells to this one and I would purchase full size but there's no need to. Haha. But actually I'm doing some research and I hate to say this but I may now need to stay away from Estée Lauder products for a bit. I'm 100% not sure if it's causing my clogged pores breakouts or if I'm using their products the wrong way but since I stopped using some of the products, my skin has been clearing up...I don't want it to be true tho! 

That's my round up! What beauty goodies have you used up? Have any brands caused your skin to severely breakout?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Pampering My Cat with Purina + DIY Scratching Post Tutorial

11:33:00 AM

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OneStopKittyShop #CollectiveBias

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Happy Tuesday darlings!!

I get to talk about one of my FAVE topics on the blog cat, Lexi! My Lexi just turned 2 years old and I shared her story on my blog last month and you can read all about it here. Just to give you a quick recap, I adopted Lexi at 5 weeks old when she was found in a box with her two sisters a few days before Thanksgiving. Yes! It was a very cold November and weighing less than a pound, someone left kittens outside. So the partnership between Lexi and I begun...let me share some fun facts about Lexi..

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

  • Lexi's full name is Lexington. I have a "thing" about naming all of my pets after NYC landmarks/streets. So I've had Chelsea, Madison, and now Lexington. (I'm thinking about adopting another girl and naming her Liberty...)
  • She's an orange/white medium haired tabby with hazel eyes
  • She lovesss to be pampered. I think it's because I've had her since she was 5 weeks old so she's used to be wrapped in cashmere blankets and rocked to sleep. She actually climbs on my lap and is very pushy about being rocked to sleep
  • Lexi wakes up at 5am every morning and yells until she receives her treats. Like legit, she will wake up the entire house! 
I think it's super important to pamper your pets. A pet's love is something rare, special, and should be nurtured. They love you no matter what, don't judge you, and they are the true definition of companionship. Lexi has saved me from sadness and tears millions of time already over the last two years. With that being said, the least I can do is return some of the love Lexi shows me and spoil her with special treats and toys that I know she'll love. It's also super easy to pamper your cat now because I'm able to do my grocery shopping at the same time as I shop for Lexi. I put something in the shopping cart for me and something in the shopping cart for her.

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Stop & Shop and Purina make it super easy for me because they have a large selection of products and they have so many different options for both Lexi and I. Since I'm always running around during the weekends, if I can save an additional stop, I 100% will! Plus, with such a wide range of products, I know I am going to be able to find the best products to suit Lexi's needs. Whenever I shop, I always pick up....

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

Pampering My Cat with Purina +  DIY Scratching Post

  • Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats (I get a minimum of 6 bags!): I'm not kidding you. Lexi will scream the house down if she doesn't get her favorite snack! My motto: Live life to the fullest and eat the treat! 
  • Purina Tidy Cat Clumping Litter Lightweight 24/7 Performance: I love my Lexi and I want her smelling fresh and clean. There are so many types of litters to choose from but the LightWeight 24/7 Performance is my favorite. This litter is perfect because it's low maintenance litter control, locks away the odor and you won't be able to smell a bad thing in your house. Since my house is always active with visitors and family, I want everyone to see Lexi and not smell her...
  • Purina Friskies Indoor Delights Dry Food: Lexi loves her dry food and munches throughout the day. I get the Indoor formula because she's indoors 100% of the time. There are so many different offerings so as Lexi gets older, I am sure I'll be switching up her dry food a bit. 
  • Friskies Classic Pate Wet Cat Food: The moment you open this can on the kitchen counter, Lexi jumps up on the counter, puts her nose to the can, licks as you're putting it in her dish, and then jumps down and follows you until you place in on the floor. Lol. Stalk much?
I love being able to pamper my cat, especially when it's super easy and convenient while I shop for myself. Let's not stop there...

I also want to share one of Lexi's favorite treats with you....the DIY Cat Scratcher I made her! My Lexi loves using her scratcher and playing with the dangling ball that hangs. She's so funny because sometimes she randomly passes by it and decides to give it a quick swipe! I also think it's super important to take care of my pet and make sure she stays active and entertained while staying indoors. Want to make one for your cat? Well just keep reading!

What you need: 
  • Glue gun
  • Wood base
  • Staple gun
  • 100 feet of sisal rope
  • Carpet
  • Screws 
  • Screwdriver 
  • Flat metal plate bracket
  • Wood post (height depends on your preference)
  • Felt stickers for furniture
  • Ball or toy to dangle from post
DIY Scratching Post

1. Start with a wood base. I just chose a circular shaped one because I liked the shape of it but you can totally use leftover wood that you have around the house.

DIY Scratching Post

2. Take your flat metal plate bracket and screw it into the center of the wood base using your screwdriver. This is how you will secure your wood post to the base. You will screw it in later....

DIY Scratching Post

3. Now cover the wood base with the leftover rug or carpet. Using your staple gun, after you've arrange the carpet, staple the carpet with the wood base. Please staple along the edge of the wood. (I'm using a neat freak about this even though no one will see it.) 

DIY Scratching Post

DIY Scratching Post

4. After you've staples the rug/carpet to the wood base, please cut off any access rug/carpet.

DIY Scratching Post

5. This step is totally optional but I placed felt furniture stickers on the bottom of the wood base so it wouldn't scratch the wooden floors when Lexi plays with it. (She tends to play a little rough!)

DIY Scratching Post

6. Flip it back over and you have smooth carpet on top! Now make a small hole in the center of the rug covered wood base so you can find the hole of the metal bracket. You are going to have to screw in the post to the base. Use a pair of scissors to cut the small hole. 

DIY Scratching Post

DIY Scratching Post

DIY Scratching Post

DIY Scratching Post

7. Once you've located the hole, screw in the wood post.

DIY Scratching Post

8. Now take your glue gun and rope! Here's my favorite part. Apply the glue to the post and then wrap the rope around the post. I go slowly with this step because I like the rope to be wrapped evenly and tightly. This step is going to take awhile and it's repetitive but it's going to make your kitty happy!

DIY Scratching Post

9. Totally optional but you can use a little leftover carpet/rug, cut a square from it and glue it to the top of the wood post. This way it's consistent and wood isn't exposed. 
10. After you've completely wrapped the rope around the post, now staple the string of the dangling toy or ball to the top of the wood post. I added two staples just to be safe. (Again this step is optional)

DIY Scratching Post

11. Wham! You have a DIY cat scratching post!

DIY Scratching Post

12. Give to Lexi to have fun!

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