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Hello all you pretty people!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, family & friend filled holiday! It is Jordan again today as a guest blogger on the amazing, Gossip Darling (:  I am loving this long holiday weekend, even though I had to travel all over the state of West Virginia to see all my loved ones (worth it!). Now that we are all nice & fluffy from our holiday indulgences, I thought I would share this handy app that you can use to get back on track!

Fooducate Free App Logo!

So, the app is called Fooducate & it is free, yes FREE! Of course you can get premium versions as well for more specific tracking, such as carb tracking or gluten free & GMO free tracking… but I just use the free version. More on the food side of the app… you can scan the barcode of any food & the app will give the food a grade (A being good & F being bad, obviously). It will also give you an explanation as to why it has that grade, which I loooove! It will say things like, contains trans fat, or contains more than 1/2 of daily recommendation for sugar & so on. Fooducate will also give you alternative suggestions that are similar to the food product that you scanned, so handy!

On to the exercise portion of Fooducate! This is pretty standard for a lot of fitness apps, but I will say that it is way easier to navigate & input than most other fitness apps that I have tried. You can add exercise whenever you want & put in the time of day later. I usually update all my exercise at the end of the day while I am laying down watching TV lol. So for me, I usually will put in running & put in around 30 minutes, then I also put in weightlifting for 60 minutes… it calculates the calories you burn & simple as that!

Here is a snapshot of my daily tracker for the day! Super easy to read!

Wrapping it all together! You set a profile for yourself, including gender, age, height, current weight, & set a goal. With this information it can accurately calculate how many calories you need & how many you would burn doing each exercise. You can easily see how many more calories you have for the day on the home screen. To be honest, I mostly use this app for the food grading & information it tells you on each food by scanning the barcode. I am not the type of person how counts calories or needs to know how many calories I am burning.. but I LOVE learning more about the food I am eating! 

Why not try it out for free! Let me know what you think of it, or if you have a nutrition app that you like even better!!


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