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Life & Goals Update

10:45:00 AM

Life & Goals Update || The Gossip Darling

Oh dear! It's almost the holiday season!!! Frickin nuts!! I have three Thanksgiving celebrations coming up so wish me luck with my fitness routine. Seriously 2016! Where did you go? I have made sooo many changes in my life recently. Mostly involving skincare, makeup routine, diet, fitness, and maybe a little romance...I'm trying to stick to my goals and really develop a permanent routine. Sometimes it's so hard for me to start something new and really stick to it! Am I an old dog? Can you not teach me a new trick?

I'm sure I've mentioned these goals before and I'm sure I will again but here we go! Maybe if I keep repeating myself, they'll actually stick...

1. Stay Hydrated: I'm taking oral acne meds and using two topical creams as well as a sulfur cleanser. What do the three have in common? They are seriously drying my skin out! With my oral acne meds I have to drink loads of water with it so I'm trying to drink at least 64oz per day. I also work out so I have to increase my water intake even more. Goodness...I'm in the bathroom every 10 mins! Will my body get used to this? Any good recipes for my water? I'm starting to get bored...

2. Meditate: I even bought a yoga mat! I downloaded a bunch of meditating apps on my iPhone and I'm really hoping it calms me and helps me destress. Usually I just drink a bottle wine to relax me but I think mediating is healthier...

3. Stop Making Stupid Purchases: Ugh! How long have I been saying I need to save money? Please just take my cards away. Is there a program that helped you? It's a hard habit to break! Just swipe swipe swipe!

4. Natural Look When It Comes to Makeup: Ever since my horrible acne breakout, I've been really taking it easy on the makeup! As I get older, it seems that everything is clogging my pores! But I got rid of my entire makeup stash recently (yes, ALL of it!!) and replaced it with Chanel based on a friend's recommendation and I'm so pleased that I did. It has only been one week and my skin has shown soooo much improvement. No more looking like Kim K everyday. I'll be sharing my new daily makeup routine soon.

5. Stay Focused on Blogging: Ugh! I really want to blog 5x a week minimum on this little baby of mine but with my insane work schedule, it's sooo hard for me. I'm really trying to keep up with my 3x per week. Maybe I should organize myself better??

6. Go Out More: As the weather gets colder, sometimes it's harder and harder to leave the house. It's just too cold! Especially here in NYC where we have to walk everywhere. Even though I prefer Summer rooftop happy hours, I am really going to try to catch up with my friends at least 1x per week. I need to socialize more and gossip with the girls. The best way to destress is with your friends! Who doesn't enjoy a good gossip with a glass of wine with your BFF?

7. Do More Things for Myself: I need to stop feeling guilty about doing things that make me happy. Even though I need to socialize more, sometimes I spend my days running around and doing things for other people instead of doing things that I enjoy. It's time to change this. If I want to spend the day alone at the spa...then I should do that! It's great doing things for others but admittedly, sometimes it become draining. It's time for me to fully regroup. It's important.

8. Start Eating Healthy Again: I lost 12 pounds and was doing soooo well with my eating. The winter is so hard though because of all the holidays and because fruits don't taste as good in the colder months. It's easy to eat a watermelon in July! I need to find new healthier snacks. I have gained some of the pounds back which is fine. I just need to regroup...

9. Start Working Out More Again: I was working out 6x per week! Now I am happy if I get 3 workouts in during the week. Nope. I need to get focused again and get my ass back in there!! No more excuses, just results!! Here I come six pack!

10. Create a Game Plan: For all aspects of my life and actually stick to it!!

What's your game plan?


  1. Lovely post. x

  2. I'm looking forward to you new makeup routine! This was a great post and gives me something to think about. x

    1. Thank you!! Working on it and it'll be up soon! xoxo

  3. i love these goals, i need to start eating healthy again too. i go through phases of eating really healthy and then eating so unhealthy for like a week and then eating healthy again and i can't stop haha! lovely post:)

    1. Thanks love!!! Omg I love my junk food!! lol