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New Holy Grail Eyeliner!!

12:09:00 PM

New Holy Grail Eyeliner!!

Omg! Omg! Omg! I have a new favorite Eyeliner. Liner is definitely a must have part of my beauty routine and I think it changes my entire look. I wear black liner every single day! (My Mom does too!) I'm truly obsessed with it. I use a liquid liner (usually Stila) to line my top lid and I use whatever I like at the moment to line my waterline. After visiting the Chanel counter and doing a lot of damage, I picked up the Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in #88 Noir Intense and I won't ever look back!

I have just been using it on my waterline for the past month and I like it a lot but I wasn't 100% sold. After watching loads of beauty tutorials on YouTube last week, I noticed a lot of vbloggers using it to line their top lids. I still wasn't convinced. In the past, every single time I lined my top lid with a pencil, it bled into my cease within an hour. It 100% always transfers. And I haven't just tried with one brand....I've tried with loads of brands. It gets super annoying so I just stopped trying. I've been using my Stila liquid liner for about 5 years now (only cheating once with Kat Von D) so I thought I should re-explore the pencil method. I'm so happy I did!!

Chanel always makes wonderful beauty products but this pencil really fooled me. It's more on the hard side and not as soft as the pencils I usually use on my waterline. BUT it still gets the job done. The bottom part of the package comes off as a sharpener and you can use it to make your tip pointer. I love that I don't have to actually really use a pencil sharpener. I don't know if it's just me but when I actually have to sharpen an eyeliner like I would a writing pencil, the sharpener eats a lot of the pencil. What a waste of product!! This isn't the case with this. Technically, you never even have to sharpen this baby! Just twist and go!

Now I know the $33 price tag is a bit pricey but now I won't have to buy two separate eyeliners. I am saving time, money, and space by just using the one product! Wheeeeeee!

Have you tried this Chanel eyeliner? What's your favorite products to line your eyes?


  1. this pencil sounds amazing! the fact that you can use this as your top eyeliner and on your waterline sounds so good! lovely post!

    1. Thanks love!!!! I highly recommend it! I am hooked!!!!

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    1. You'll love it!! I highly recommend it!! xoxo