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10 Cute Makeup Bags on Etsy!

11:15:00 AM

I loveeeee me some Etsy!! Who doesn't? I remember discovering Etsy over 7 years ago from a friend planning her wedding. I was looking for something original and custom and she sent me to Etsy. Since that moment, I haven't looked back and I am completely hooked! I am also sooo happy to help support small business owners!

Anyway, you all know how much I love my makeup and I think my makeup looks so much nicer when I have a cute bag to store it in. During one of my long Etsy marathon sessions, I discovered a bunch of adorable makeup bag that are sure to make a statement. They will also make the most amazing Christmas gifts!!!

I keep different makeup bags at the gym, at my desk at work, in my handbag, and at home! So if you happen to pick up three or four of these bags....you have a good reason to! Feel no guilt :) 

Check out some of my faves....

1. OMG! How cute?! "Bag of Tricks"....I swear, if you all every saw me without makeup...what a scary thought!!! I definitely pull some tricks every time I take my makeup out of my bag. Hahahaha

2. Yassssssssss!!! "I've Got 99 Problems But My *Eyelashes* Ain't One"... oh how I love Jay Z and how I love how fun this bag is....If you pull this out of your bag, people will definitely have a chuckle!

3. "Lipstick + Lashes" baby!!!! I love the simple chicness of this bag! It's perfect for any occasion and super stylish. I am nothing without my lipstick! 

4. I definitely need "Gym & Tonic" for my gym locker! I can put all of my beauty goodies and personal effects in this gem....If I work out as hard as I do, I should be able to have a drink or two? Right?! (Or three) 

5. Get it girllll! There's no better way to get ready than a glass in your left hand and a wand in your right! "Hand Me The Prosecco and Watch Me Get Fabulous" is 100% ME!!!

6. "Girl Boss" This bag is def for my work desk...I always need a reminder of how amazing I am and how I can take over the world....Get it girl! 

7. "I Came, I Saw, I Contoured" It doesn't get any better than this!!! Omg, I am dying....you can conquer the WORLD if you're contour is on point!! 

8. "Don't Let Anyone with Bad Eyebrows Tell You Anything About Life"Amen! Amen! Amen! PS- I this is soooo true!!! Don't we all have people in our lives who love offering advice when they are a hot mess themselves? Just sayin...

9. "Winging It" This is my life motto! But aren't we all?

10. "Makeup (meyk-uhp) n. I. So I don't look as hungover as I feel" Omg!!! Haven't we all been there?! My makeup girl at one of the department store counters is always hungover when I see her on a Saturday morning. It cracks me up...I am texting her this!!

What does your makeup bag look like? Which one of these babies do you want?



  1. Fab beauty picks. Please check out my new Day To Night Loose Waves Tutorial!
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  2. I love cute makeup bags, I have so many! I can't resist one when I see one! I have to buy it! lol Great post! xoxo

  3. Etsy always has the cutest stuff! Love all of these :)

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