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Chanel Mousse Confort Rinse-Off Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser Review

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 Chanel Mousse Confort Rinse-Off Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser Review

Omg omg omg! Of course you all know by now how much I love Chanel makeup and skincare but I recently discovered Chanel Mousse Confort Rinse-Off Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser and I am 100% in love with it. Like legit, I applied it to my face and I saw hearts floating around me.

Due to my acne prone skin, I am very particular about what products I put on my skin. Before I purchase anything, I do LOADS of research and read as many review as I can find before I make any decisions. Thank goodness due to doctor prescribed medicines, my skin has been looking amazing lately. The only outstanding issue I'm having it my dark spots. The acne scarring is very much there but I am doing so much research and will speak to my doctor about the best way to handle that angle.

I use this sulfur cleanser that my dermatologist prescribed but it's too harsh on my skin for daily use and it leaves my skin leaving super dry and flaky. It's best I use that cleanser just once a day or once every other day. (Flakes aren't a cute look) So I needed to find a cleanser to use when I am not using the sulfur one. I tried Cetaphil since everyone said that's what doctors recommend. It's just ok to me. It doesn't make me skin feel clean, hydrated, or soft. I am going to finish using the bottle I have and will probably use most of it to clean my makeup brushes but it definitely won't be a permanent part of my skincare routine.

I did also order a cleanser by Tula but I am scared to try it! I have seen all the fashion and beauty bloggers using it and they highly recommend it but I also want to hear from "real" users. Do you now what I mean? If you tried this line, please let me know!!

Anyway, I decided to go back to my trusted Chanel since I love every other thing I have purchased from them! And goodness I am NOT disappointed. Their cleanser is super foamy, a tiny bit goes a long way (so the $45 bottle will last you awhile!!) and it doesn't have a strong smell. I used it with a washcloth as well as my Clarisonic and both ways left my skin feel squeaky clean! This formula is for sensitive skin so it didn't feel heavy or harsh at all. I really appreciate the gentleness!! This milky white foamy cleanser is going to be part of my daily routine for a very long time.

As soon as my wallet refills a little bit, I am also going to add the toner to routine as well as moisturizers to see how my skin feels afterwards. But please don't hesitate, the cleanser alone with worth everything! You won't regret this purchase!

Have a great week!!


  1. Yay, so nice to find a product that works, glad your skin is looking great- it's such a good feeling. I love Cetaphil but sometimes it's not "creamy" enough for me. CeraVe Hydrating cleanser is a great drugstore cleanser too, and it leaves your skin feeling more clean.

    Thirteen Thoughts

  2. This sounds right up my alley!

    1. It's totally worth the money!!!! I highly recommend it!!