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Sneak Peek to the International Wedding Trend Report

11:38:00 AM

Happy Tuesday darlings!!!!

Are you getting married and need help planning your Big Day? Or are you like me and just obsessed with everything weddings? Yes, even after all the years of planning weddings and running my own wedding blog...I am still super obsessed with all things wedding. 

Now there are soooo many great resources for couples planning their big wedding days. Have you heard of the International Wedding Trend Report? Well let me tell you a bit about it! They have wedding professionals from all over the world offer readers loads of tips, trends, and other useful advice so your wedding day can be perfect. 

The report is published by the Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. They know their wedding stuff because they are the lead company for training "wedding planners, stylists and designers, and with campuses across the globe, they are well-placed to compile a report that pulls together all the trends we are seeing in the wedding industry. To help with give and give the report a true international feel, we have called upon 50 top wedding professionals to give their insight into what is trending in their corner of the world."

The report is free and launching on January 4th, 2017. Why not jump on the chance for 140+ pages of amazing information which makes for an incredible resource? 

Sign up here so the report can land directly in your inbox on January 4th!

PS- They hosted their pre-launch party on November 25th! Please check out the video below :)

Happy Wedding Planning!!


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