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Beauty Goodies Used Up In January

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Beauty Goodies Used Up In January

Oh goodness! Where is time going? Wtf? Another month bites the dust. 2017 is flying by just like 2016 did. Ugh.

I am on a mission to finish up beauty products before I buy new products. I am trying to save money as well as change my ways when it comes to beauty. I need more natural, animal friendly, and consistent products. If I like something, I'll be sticking with it. With that said, you'll be seeing different types of posts in the future. Maybe I'll be doing more fashion, book reviews, food recipes, and anything else that comes to mind!

Anyway, here are some beauty goodies I used up in January....

1. BareMinerals Dirty Detox Mud Mask: I like this mask but I am not 100% in love with it. I would repurchase it if I can't find something better. (I'm currently trying the Josie Maran mask) I actually have a second tub of this at my parents' house. It's very effective at cleaning out my pores but after I wash my face, sometimes my skin can feel super tight and dehydrated. I haven't really noticed a real improvement in my skin after I use. Maybe I have the wrong idea when it comes to face masks. Am I supposed to see instant results? What am I supposed to see? lol. Is this step really necessary? I am going to ask my dermatologist when I see her in two weeks so I'll let you know.

2. BareMinerals Brilliant Future Eye Cream: Ehhh. Another eye cream I will not be repurchasing. I noticed absolutely no difference. I tried a sample of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Eye Cream and I noticed more of a difference in the one application than the 4 months of using this one. Definitely something to toss. Maybe BareMinerals isn't strong enough for me skin? Idk.

3. Chanel Mousse Confort Face Cleanser: I LOVE this cleanser. It's so foamy and creamy and lush! Omg, I can gush all day over this product. Then to make this even better, I use it with my Clarisonic and it's just heaven. I can't wait until the end of the day so I can use this gem. Sigh. I will definitely repurchase this but... I am so depressed to say that I have to look for a cheaper option. As much as it's gentle enough for my sensitive skin, super foamy, leaves my skin squeaky clean, and has no strong scents, since I use this 2x daily, I go through it fairly frequently. I am hunting for cheaper options because I go through a tube every month and a half. So that's $45 a pop. Yeah...a little too rich for my blood. I recently purchased the Tula cleanser based on all the beauty blogger recommendations so we will see how that goes. If not, I'll be coming back to this baby.

4. Cetaphil: I feel like this is becoming a negative post. lol. I seem to not be repurchasing anything! hahaha. Oh well. I guess that's the way life is sometimes. I got this cleanser at BJ's and got two huge bottles for $20! What a deal! This is an old fave with dermatologist so I figured...what the hell and bought it! So I used the cleanser for a week and didn't like. It's gel like and not creamy at all which I love. And it also doesn't foam up the way I like. I know it's just supposed to clean my face but I'll all about how things feel as well. I have to pass on using this for my face but I have been using it up by cleaning my makeup brushes with it. It didn't make my face break out and it's very gentle so why not use it to clean my brushes? So far so good! Again, I probably won't be repurchasing in the future.

5. Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation: I love this foundation and I got my Mom hooked on it as well. It's so lightweight and the coverage it great! This is definitely a sheer to medium coverage foundation if you build it up. It's amazing for those who don't like anything heavy on their face. This was excellent for me to use during my acne crisis because it didn't clog my pores at all. As much as I wanted to hide the blemishes and scars, my dermatologist and I agreed that I wouldn't. My face wasn't going to heal if it wasn't breathing. I needed to allow my skin to breathe and repair itself and not cover it with heavy duty makeup. As much as I hated it...I did it. I went through 2 bottles of this Chanel gem but now I am switching over to IT Cosmetics CC Cream. IT's CC Cream is cheaper, provides heavier coverage, has SPF 50, and includes skincare benefits. I love Chanel but again, I am looking for more affordable options that are also cruelty-free. I am going through a bottle of this foundation every month and a half. But if you're ok with spending $48 on foundation, this is a great pick.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you used up this month?


Chanel La Solution 10 Sensitive Skin Cream Review

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Chanel La Solution 10 Sensitive Skin Cream Review

Hello darlings!! Hope you all had a fab weekend!! I am sharing my thoughts on a moisturizer from one of my fave brands...Chanel!

First off, I really do love Chanel beauty products. They are all so luxe and well made. The packaging alone make you squeal! But as much as I love the feeling of holding anything Chanel in my hands....this moisturizer is not worth $110 to me. It kills me to write this!

You guys are probably tired of hearing this but here it is...Since my acne disaster, I have been really careful about the products I put on my face. I don't want anything coming near me unless I know the ingredients behind it. Since my friend highly recommend Chanel makeup and skincare after she went through 9 months of Accutane, I decided to take her advice and go with it. Since my skin was super dry from all the pills and topical creams, I needed a moisturizer that wasn't going to be heavy, greasy, or most importantly...pore clogging. I needed something light, effective, and something that wasn't going to challenge my acne meds. Chanel's Solution 10 fit the bill.

Chanel La Solution 10 Sensitive Skin Cream Review

What I like about it:

  • Come in a pump! So no sticking my fingers in a jar, contaminating the product, and applying to my face. I pump 3 squirts and I am set to go. Nothing touches the rest of the moisturizer in the bottle. 
  • It's super lightweight. I apply this cream every day and night and it doesn't challenge my makeup or leave any residue. It's not greasy at all and my skin easily absorbs it. 
  • This moisturizer is oil free, fragrance free, and alcohol free. It has actually won awards for being the best moisturizer for sensitive skin.
  • There's only 10 ingredients in this moisturizer and they list them on the bottle! They are: water, vegetal squalane, soft powder, glycerin, silver needle tea extract, shea butter extract, emollient, emulsifier, humectant, and preservative. 
  • Despite being light in weight, it does the job and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, moist, and radiant even though I am using harsh topical creams. I actually carry it in my handbag as well as I can apply throughout the day when my dry skin begins to crack! (Yes, the joys of acne!)
What I don't like about it:
  • The price. The price. The price. Did I mention the price? I bought two 1,7 oz bottles at $110 a pop. Should I only have purchased one and see how it worked? Absolutely but that's my stupidity. I am not saying that I don't love this moisturizer because I do. It it were $50, I would be screaming from the rooftops for everyone to purchase. 
  • The bottle with the pump is amazing and a positive feature but I also can't tell how much of the product I have left. So I am just going to keep pumping away until nothing comes out. I have no idea when that will be. 
  • I want to start using more cruelty-free brands. I love you Chanel but I love animals more. I am going to use up beauty products that I have but....I will only be replacing with cruelty free brands. 
Final thoughts? It your skin is suffering and you have extremely sensitive skin, I would recommend this product if you have some extra money to spend but IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Jar and Josie Maran's Hydrating Milk do the same exact thing in my opinion. My skin can't tell the difference and they are half the price. After I finish using my two bottles, I'll be replacing with more budget-friendly and animal-friendly options. 

Have you tried Chanel's Solution 10 moisturizer?

Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum

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Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum || The Gossip Darling

Hi darlings!! I can't believe it's already Wednesday! This week is just flying by! Just wanted to share some quick thoughts about Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment! I used to use this product about two or three years ago and I just rediscovered it! It was part of a QVC set I recently purchased and after using it again, I thought to myself...why did I ever stop using you?" Hahaha. I think it's just so easy to get consumed by so many products that some goodies just get lost in a large crowd. 

Since my skin disaster of 2016 (maybe I'm going to trademark that phrase!) I have really been observant about the brands I use, ingredients, and how natural the products are. I downloaded the Think Dirty app months ago (read my post about it here) and it has been getting sooo much use lately! I'm obsessed with checking the toxicity levels of products I'm using. The older I get, the more I want organic, natural, and anti aging. Am I asking for too much? Nah. 

Just to be clear, I'm not throwing away my current beauty stash. I'm just slowly replacing items with more natural options. Josie Maran is such a great brand and she just keeps expanding her line which makes me happy! That means people want more natural items in their lives. She's known best for her 100% Pure Argan Oil but she has a lot of goodies you should consider the Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment!

This little gem is super lightweight and non greasy! I have no idea how they made something so light be so effective. As soon as I apply to my face and neck, I feel instant hydration. My skin is left feeling soft and healthy. I use it both day and night and apply it from my face down to my chest. (Remember we age on our chests as well)

Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum || The Gossip Darling

According to her website, "Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum contains a blend of micro-droplets of argan oil suspended in purified water to deliver the hydrating and nourishing benefits of argan oil to the skin. This revolutionary formula pairs the deep hydration of purified water with skin-rejuvenating micro-droplets of Josie's 100% Pure Argan Oil." 

It works for all skin types and you apply a moisturizer or Josie's Argan Oil on top of it. I personally just add whatever moisturizer I'm using at the moment when I'm applying at night. In the morning, I apply my sunscreen after this. 

If you need extra hydration during these winter months, I would really give this a try! You can use it all year round but in the summer I personally get too sweaty and I'm scared of clogging my pores. This baby is perfect for right now! 

Have you tried any of Josie Maran's products? You won't regret it! 

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection

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Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

I've been meaning to write this post for a really long time. Well since September 13th, 2016 when this collaboration was released. Hahaha! I have just been really picky about what makeup and skincare products I use after my whole acne mess. I made sooo many mistakes in the past by using crappy products, not cleansing my skin well enough at time, and using different products every single day. Now I wait a few months before I blog about something. My skin is constantly changing so it's hard to determine if I am going to like something right away! (Makeup brushes are different and I do have some exceptions to the rules like eye makeup!)

I am a HUGE Victoria Beckham fan and I have been since her Spice Girl days. Seriously, anything Victoria Beckham recommends, I am totally on it! So when this collection was released, I left work at 6pm on the dot and ran up to Bergdorfs to get my stash. I also placed an order online first thing that morning. Hahahaha. I picked up the highlight, lipstick, eye shadow palette, and eyeliner. I was waitlisted for the bronzer and bitter clove eye shadow. I was on the waitlist for these items at both Bergdorfs and Nordstrom but never got them. Bummer!

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

The first thing I noticed about the collection was the luxe packaging. Seriously, I have never seen anything so beautiful when it comes to makeup. Victoria didn't miss a beat and from the black leather to the gold details, the packaging alone was worth the money I spent. The products are a bit on the heavy side because the packaging is sooo well made. Well done VB!!

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

My all time favorite purchase from the collection was the mercury highlighter. I bought two of them at $70 a pop. (One for me and one from my Mom) My Mom is absolutely obsessed with this gem and uses it everyday. It's a light rose gold shade and is perfect for any skintone. It's nothing too over the top like Becca's Champagne Pop tends to be. This is chic and elegant and perfect for a stylish woman on the go.

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

The dual ended eyeliner was next on my list. I must admit, even though I like the black side of eyeliner, this is something I could have saved my $30 on. It's ok but the pencil is very soft. It makes it very easy to smudge if you want that look but it's also very easy to make a mess of things. I only use the black side of the liner so it's a bit of a waste. I tried using the white side of this liner because it's supposed to make my eyes "pop" but I am a creature of habit and I hated the way it looked on me. Since I am obsessed with liners, I needed to get it but....

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

I purchased the lipstick in the Chilean Sunset shade which is a red/orange shade. I have used it once (for a Christmas Eve wedding) at it's full capacity. Most times I dilute it and apply chapstick first and dab this lipstick on my lips. It's just too strong for my everyday look and it's too orange for my glam look. Maybe I just have to get used to it but I should have purchased the nude shade since I know I would have really gotten some good use out of it.

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

The 6 shade eye shadow palette is to die for!! The only shade I am having difficulties using is the blue. It's a stunning color but not really easy for me to wear. The other 5 shades are perfect for me. The green is also something a little different for me but usable!! I would love it if they made the gold/champagne and the bronze shade on their own! I missed out on the Bitter Clove shade but I'm sure I would have used that everyday as well. The $95 price tag was a hard one to swallow but these colors are sooo pigmented that a little bit goes a long way. I'll have this easily for 2 years and that's with me using it everyday. What I love most about this palette is that when I apply, there's very little fall out! (I make a mess when I use my Too Faced and BareMinerals palettes)

I just wish I could have gotten my hands on more eye shadows and the bronzer!!

Well done VB. I heard a rumor that she was going to create her own makeup line for permanent availability! How amazing would that be?

Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection || The Gossip Darling

I also heard that she was HEAVILY involved in this collaboration. She handpicked every single item and pretty much created everything with the people of Estee Lauder. She 100% didn't have "her people" creating this and just slapping her name on it. I heard she met with the people of Estee Lauder in LA and she brought with her 20 years worth of her favorite makeup!! She shared her stories of bad skin and horrible acne and what worked for her and what didn't. She knows her stuff! It was so awesome for me to hear that (because you know I can relate re: acne!) and it's refreshing that she cares about what she puts out there.

I know some of the products from the Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection are still available and I really encourage you to pick up some pieces. It's worth the money!!

Have you tried anything from this collection?


PS- I am still hoping I'm on the waitlist and they didn't forget about me!

Frustrated with Makeup

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Frustrated with Makeup

Hi loves!! 

Today is the most random post and honestly just a venting session. I consider myself to be a lifestyle blogger who focuses a great deal on beauty but things are going to change. Why I mostly write about makeup or beauty is because for the last year, I have really struggled with acne. Like it has been crazy bad and it's been a year of loads of new beauty products and meds. I've using doctor prescribed pills, cleansers, and facial creams. 

Before I went to see my doctor and even after I saw her, I started buying every beauty product under the sun because I'm was trying to cure, cover, and repair my bad skin. It hasn't been easy! Even as a teenager, I never ever ever suffered from acne. I just had a minor breakout here and there but for the most part, it was gone a day or two later. 2016 was the year of skin chaos! Like whoa! None of my usual products worked, everything hated me, and all of the meds have caused my skin to constantly change. What used to work for me last month no longer works for me this month. Last month I had dry skin and now I have oily skin. Blah blah blah. I swear I am now a beauty expert who can teach girls at Ulta and Sephora a thing or two! 

I totally just venting now but I'm exhausted. I have totally tired myself out. I have spent so long trying new products and obsessing over my skin that now I'm just over everything. I spent so much money at Chanel two months ago and now my skin isn't reacting to it the same. I'm still going to use up the products I have because I spent way too much money on it but I won't repurchase. I need to find cheaper alternatives. 

I think for right now as I finish some more products, I'm just going to go back to the start and use the beauty products that I used to use for years many years ago. I think I'm going back to my Tarte foundation. I absolutely love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and the SPF 50 it has but I need to mix two colors in order to get my shade. I'm the morning I'm always in a rush and honestly I don't have time for it....I have to keep it moving! I'm praying they make in between shades so girls like me can appreciate their products! (Come on IT)

There's really no point to this post except to say that I need a beauty nap....

As always, thanks for stopping by! 


Selling Some of my Makeup Brushes!!

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Hi darlings!!!

Happy Sunday!! I am cleaning out my makeup drawers and my closet! It's all about simplicity in 2017! Here are some of the makeup brushes I am selling! I love these brushes but seriously I have wayyyy too many!! There's a lot more to come but I am starting with these...

Please let me know if you're interested! Just send me an email. Also, check out my stash here on eBay :)

1. Sephora's Pro Angled Blush Brush: This brush is great for applying blush or bronzer! It can definitely serve multiple purposes! Regular price is $32. 

2. Tarte's "the buffer" Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush: I loveeeee this brush!! I have two of them which is why I'm selling one. This one was ordered from QVC and it's a beautiful floral print. Loveeeee. So pretty and feminine. I used it to apply my Amazonian foundation. Read the post here

3. BareMinerals Seamless Buffing Brush: Again, I LOVE this brush. I used it for a month over the summer when my acne was out of control. I used it with their blemish foundation. Now I'm back to using liquid foundations so I have no use for this one. Check out my full post here

4. Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush: I bought this brush to go hand and hand with their duo compact for bronze and highlighting. They stopped making the cream compact so I stopped using the brush. Also, I don't travel as much as I used to and I loved this brush to travel with. I was able to apply my foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and highlight all with this ONE brush. I just grabbed a napkin or towel and wiped it in between. The steep $68 price tag is what usually stops people. I love the brush but then again...not necessary for me anymore since I have sooo many brushes. Please read more here

5. IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Powder Brush #8: I am obsessed with this brush!! I already own it and it's soooo soft. IT makes my most favorite brushes! They really do! This one hasn't been used but the packaging seal is broken. I am tempted to keep it but I can't.....I really do want to tho! Read more here.

6. BareMinerals Seamless Shaping and Finish Brush: This baby is still in the package. Regular price is $38! It has never been opened. Great way to apply your finishing powder.

7. IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Bye Bye Pores Brush #701: Omg IT brushes...stuff dreams are made of! Got this last year and love it due to its super soft bristles. Makes everything apply so flawlessly. Regular price is $58!

8. BareMinerals Skinsorials Mask Brush: I got this as part of a kit. Great brush and makes mask apply evenly and smoothly. You end up using less of the product. I also have two :)

9. Origins Foundation Brush: Perfect way to apply foundation. I especially loved this brush when I had acne because it doesn't spread any bacteria and it's easy to clean! Origins is one of the first makeup brands I ever used!

That's it for now! Please keep checking back as I have a lot more brushes to add!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Regret the Moon by Smith & Cult

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Regret the Moon by Smith & Cult

I have a new nail polish obsession. It's not really easy to convince me to spend $18 on a nail polish. Especially when you can buy Essie, OPI, or a drugstore brand. I was first introduced to this brand by PixiWoo. I was watching their makeup tutorial on YouTube (see below) and Lovers Creep by Smith and Cult was featured. It's the most perfect shade of red! They said the lasting power was unbelievable so I knew I had to try it.

Since I get weekly manicures, I use regular nail polish instead of gels or acrylics because I like to be able to do them myself if need be. I also prefer a more natural look and short nails so manicures are the way to go. My Mom and I ventured out to Neiman Marcus to pick up a color and try some out.

I was going to get the Lovers Creep shade as it's super chic and classic but since I rarely wear reds, I decided to go for a color that I'll use every single day. I made that mistake with buying a bottle of Deborah Lippmann. I was going to buy my fave shade of pinky white and then a friend told me to get something different. I ended up using the blue/purple color 3x and then gave it away. What a waste of $18! So this time around, I went with my fave! No regrets!

Regret the Moon by Smith & Cult

No lie...this nail polish formula is AMAZING. I apply myself on a Sunday and won't touch again for an entire week. And I do everything from washing dishes to cleaning toilets! Obviously I am not using sand paper but you'll be fine with normal everyday activities.

I bought the shade "Regret the Moon" and it's fantastic. It's not sheer once you apply two coats and it's a rich pink/white shade. I plan on wearing it all year round. 

This brand is pretty unique. It was founded by the same creators of Hard Candy. Their nail polishes are 5-free. Don't know what that means? Neither did I. It means 5 less toxic ingredients aren't used in their nail polishes. Let's skip the camphor, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and toluene.

My salesgirl at Neiman Marcus also went above and beyond by showing me the best way to apply polish and providing me with sooo much info about getting the perfect manicure. I am totally sold and I will be going back to pick up some different shades. I am hooked! Amazing colors, super long landing, and better for my health? I'm IN!

Have you tried Smith and Cult?

PS- here's the video!

Josie Maran Luxurious Argan Skincare Essentials

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Josie Maran Luxurious Argan Skincare Essentials

Happy Hump Day darlings!! With Monday off, this week is almost over! Woooo hoooo!

I ordered Josie Maran's Luxurious Argan Skincare Essentials set from QVC last week and I am soooo happy that I did. I pretty much got it at a steal!

I am almost finished with my second jar of BareMinerals Detox facial mask and I need a change. I am not sure if I need to change my mask expectations but I have been feeling rather disappointed by many of them. Like I notice no change. With all of my acne problems, when I spend over $50 on a beauty product, I want to notice something!

I was going to order this Josie mask from her website but when I saw the amazing deal QVC was offering, I decided to spend a few bucks more and get the set. Here's what it includes....

  • 6-fl oz Argan Cleansing Oil - $32 
  • 1.7-oz Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment- $48 
  • 1-fl oz Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment- $56 0.24-oz 
  • Argan Lip Treatment in Kiss- $18 

So total for everything if I would have purchased at full price would have been $154!!!!! And I bought everything for $57.66 with 3 easy pays. So I'm paying $20 for the next 3 months. How amazing is that?!?! Love you QVC!

Josie Maran Luxurious Argan Skincare Essentials

I purchased the Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment Mask in Vanilla Apricot and so far it has not disappointed. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft instead of tight and dry! I apply the mask about 2x per week and leave it on for 30 mins. Sometimes I try for an hour but I just don't have the time or patience.

I used their cleansing oil, lip treatment, and pure argan milk years ago and I loved everything. But after going through a few bottles, I wanted to try new products. After taking a two year break, I have fallen in love again with the Milk! I use it twice per day and my skin feels soooo smooth and hydrated without that heavy "my pores are clogging right now" feeling.

I love Josie Maran Cosmetics because it's natural and organic with no harsh chemicals. As I get older (32 now) I am more concerned about skincare than I am makeup. Also, I am really paying attention to ingredients. (Get anything with Talc away from me please). It's really important to take care of yourself and your skin and I know Josie can help me with that.

Her Pure Argan Oil is one of my FAVE products. I use it on my hair, face, and body. It's moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy. It's definitely worth trying.

Have you used Josie Maran's beauty products before?

Updated IT Cosmetics Wish List!!

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Updated IT Cosmetics Wish List via The Gossip Darling
Hi darlings! 

Happy Saturday!! Woooo hoooo! The weekend is here and it's a long one!! Doesn't get any better! 

Awhile back, I wrote this post about IT Cosmetics wish list. I'm still fairly new to the IT brand but they grew heavily in 2016. Like they legit blew up as a brand. I'm waiting for a delivery of their CC creams because I have been struggling with makeup lately. Since I'm still on acne meds, my skin is changing soooo much. One day it loves this foundation and the next it totally hates it. One day one powder works and my face is completely matte...the next day it's like you can fry French fries on my face because there's so much oil. Holy oil nation! With my current makeup routine, my face has been soooo oily and my face is creasing. It looks terrible and it's making me self-conscious. That's why I've been slowing down with the product reviews! It's hard when two months later the same product I was raving about is no longer working for me. 

I'm trying IT because of the SPF benefits and it's also considered skincare. Since I'm using retinol every night, I have to make sure to apply SPF before I leave my house. Why continue to do two steps when I can just do one?? At this point, I can't even apply eyeliner because my face is so greasy! Helppppp. Primers and powders aren't working. Sigh!'s what I want to try out from IT Cosmetics....

Your Skin But Better CC Cream: Even though I'm still waiting on my order containing these products, I only ordered travel size. I have to mix medium and tan together in order to get my shade so I didn't want to spend $38 on each product unless I knew I liked it. (I went to Ulta to get swatched) Since I'm still on heavy acne meds, I need the SPF 50 and it's awesome that I can use one product to get everything that I need. I am beyond excited. 

Bye Bye Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder: I always always always have to set my makeup and my eyes after I apply primer. It's a must for me and I feel like it seals everything and prevents creasing. It's like tying a bow on the present...I need to set my makeup in order for it to last all day. I've heard amazing things about this finishing powder. 

Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Eyeshadow Palette: I have heard soooo many amazing things about this eyeshadow palette and it's perfect for everyday wear. I've been watching sooo many YouTube makeup tutorial about how to apply these colors. I'm obsessed. 

Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream: Ugh I'm getting older...your eyes are always the first to go so I need to take care of the delicate area. I apply eye cream both day and night. I'm on the hunt for a new one so I'm giving this one a go! 

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer: This cult classic has taken over the world and I have heard that it's a must have. I'm ordering it in tan and thinking about ordering the super sized version from QVC. I heard a little bit goes a long way so it will last me a very long time. I need something with more coverage than I'm currently using so I want to try this. 

Have you tried anything from IT Cosmetics? If so, what do you think?

Enjoy the nice long weekend!!


IT Cosmetics IT's Your Brush Basics Must-Haves from QVC

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IT Cosmetics IT's Your Brush Basics Must-Haves from QVC

I have seriously texted at least 10 of my friends telling them that they MUST purchase this brush set! It's an absolute must have and you will not have any regrets if you purchase this!!!!!! If you only listen to one piece of advice from's to purchase this brush duo!

I have been eyeing the Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush for over 9 months now. I have seen every beauty blogger and YouTube vlogger under the sun use this brush. It was instant love for me. I was hesitant about  purchasing the brush because it had a $48 price tag. I know IT Cosmetics is known for having amazing brushes but that's a Chanel brush price. Once I saw that QVC was offering this deal on New Years' Eve, I knew I had to purchase. Pretty much it's two brushes for the price of one! Omg is that a win! Plus, after using for a week already, this brush is softer and better than my Chanel foundation brush. I actually returned by flat Chanel foundation brush! No regrets! 

This dual ended brush is truly a dream. I seriously haven't fallen this quickly in love with a beauty product in a very long time. It's making me believe in love again! Hahahaha. The kabuki side of this brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation. I'm currently use it with Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation and this brush applies my makeup flawlessly. The first time I used the brush...3 people randomly told me that I look refreshes, radiant, and amazing! Umm please get me another brush asap! It blends out everything perfectly and it doesn't buildup! I love my Sigma F80 brush but I do worry about buildup and bacteria forming. You won't have that problem with this brush. I haven't used it with powder yet but I'll let you know how it goes. I use the other end of the brush to smooth out my under eye concealer. My concealer had a wand applicator which I use directly on my face and then I blend it out with the smaller end of this brush. It's simply the definition of beauty heaven. I would totally pay $48 for this brush alone! You can use it for soooo many things!

IT Cosmetics IT's Your Brush Basics Must-Haves from QVC

The second brush to come in this set is the Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Brush! I actually already have this brush so I'm going to gift this one but even after 10 months, I'm still in love with it. It's super soft and applies powder perfectly. The bristles are very loose and soft. It'll provide a very light and natural application. It's sooo much softer than my Chanel powder brush. Again, it's a brush must have and you won't regret it! 

I clean my brushes every Sunday. Due to my acne, I'm sooooo obsessed with killing bacteria and germs on my brushes. This brush cleaner is perfect and I actually used it this past Wednesday. I admit, I still do a deep clean with my Sigma express cleaner but this brush spray is great for mid-week cleanings. Also, if you're in a rush, this is a great way to clean your brushes. 

I truly can't gush enough over these brushes. Please please please buy them! (I'm totally not getting paid! I wish!) I purchased my set on QVC and used 3 easy pays. I have three months to pay these babies off! 

Have you tried IT Cosmetics brushes? If so, what are your thoughts?

** All photos via QVC

Josie Maran Restock List!

12:49:00 PM

Josie Maran Restock List

Hiiiii loves!!!

Happy Saturday! The snow is coming down hard and fast here! So it's pretty much a day I'll be staying home and cleaning up! I need to clean out my drawers and closets. Fun fun fun!

I LOVE Josie Maran beauty products. I love that they are more on the natural side and so good for my skin. Over the years I have tried a few products and my skin just loves them. I also got my Mom hooked! Never have they caused breakouts or clogged pores. Here are some things I have tried and I need to restock!

1. Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment: I ordered a bottle of this gem on QVC ages ago! I was so in love with the argan oil that I forgot about this hydrating treatment. I just love the combo of this with the argan oil. I think I'm recently rediscovering this because of the dryness my skin is experiencing after all of my acne treatments. My skin is soooo dry (my entire body due to the oral pills) that I am flaking all over the place. I need this stuff!! I am going to apply this to my face first and then my argan oil. 

2. Argan Color Stick in Rosey: I love this on my lips!! I received it years ago as a free gift for ordering a bottle of argan oil. You can use it on my lips or cheeks. It provides the perfect hint of color and it's hydrating to my lips. I love it because it's just so easy to use and apply. Sometimes when I'm on the subway and standing up because I don't have a seat, I can apply this to my lips without a mirror and with just one hand. 

3. 100% Pure Argan Oil: OMG do I love this stuff. It's 100% must have in my beauty bag!! I not only use this oil on my face but I also use on my body and hair. It does amazing things for my hair which tends to be dry and frizzy. Just a few drops of this baby on my wet hair and it dries beautifully! This argan oil is 100% organic, natural, and chemical free. The skincare benefits are just outrageous. This is hands down my fave compared to jojoba oil, coconut, or almond oil. I usually order a super sized bottle from QVC.

4. Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon: I tried this at Sephora and I loved it! Oh goodness is it creamy! It applies to your skin super smoothly and easily and you want have to drag anything under your eyes. Your eye area is so delicate and always shows signs of aging first. Be careful when applying anything to that area! This is perfect as a concealer. It hides the darkness under my eyes and I just lightly set with a powder.

5. Bear Naked Wipes: You should know by now how much I love my makeup removing wipes. I use them as my first step of makeup removal and I also use them to clean my brushes after every use. (I do a deep cleaning every Sunday) There's nothing harsh about this wipes and they are super gentle. When dealing with your face, gentleness is key.

6. Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter: I am obsessed with this stuff and my Mom is equally obsessed. We order jars of the super sized version from QVC. This is the BEST winter moisturizer for your body. It will re-hydrate your instantly! I would say this along with the argan oil are the two absolute must haves!

Have you tried Josie Maran beauty products? I am going to create a wish list soon because Josie has expanded sooo much and I want to try everything! What are your faves?

Beauty Goodies Used Up in December!

4:28:00 PM

Beauty Goodies Used Up in December!

It's that time again! Empty goodies I've used up in December!! Wooooooo!

Here we go!! 

1. Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Wipes: These charcoal wipes were super cool and I'm actually surprised that I liked them so much! I usually only use my Avon wipes but I wanted to try something different. Just one wipe is all I needed to remove my makeup! I was definitely buy them again if they are on sale but since my Avon wipes are so much cheaper...I'll just stick to those...great alternative tho! 

2. Avon Makeup Remover Wipes: You must know by now how I feel about these babies. They are my everything. I clean my brushes with them after every use and I clean my face with them before I start cleansing. They are so moist and amazing. My skin just loves these wipes. Plus I usually buy a pack for $3.99 and an additional 20% off. I just gotta wait for the sales. I order 20 packages at a time!! 

3. Mederma PM: This intensive night cream saves my face from acne scars. I bought another travel size tube as well as a large jar. I think after I finish up that order, I should be ok and won't need to purchase this anymore. If you have any scarring at all, I can't recommend this product enough. My face is almost completely acne scar free after using it every single night for two months. 

4. L'Oréal Double Extend Mascara: I only use the primer side of this mascara because it was highly recommended by a few fashion bloggers that I follow. It's a really amazing primer but it dries out after three weeks to a month. This is the second time I've purchased it and both mascaras dried out after a month. Even though it's only $7 a tube, I won't be purchasing again. It's amazing at making your eyelashes super long but I rather just buy this Chanel primer. It's $32 but will last for three months. It pretty much comes out to the same amount of money as L'Oréal except that I don't have to make as many trips to the store. 

5. BareMinerals Cleansing Oil: I loveeee this stuff! I have so many bottles of it. It has really helped clear up my acne along with the other products in my routine. After I'm completely healed, I'm going to look for a cheaper alternative. I usually wait to purchase this oil when BareMinerals is having a sale but it's still pricey. If you have any drugstore recommendations, please let me know!

6. Estée Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: I got this for free with one of my purchases. This was my second bottle! Really good at not irritating my eyes and really effective at removing allll the eye makeup I wear! I would definitely purchase again but again...I want some cheaper alternatives since I'm trying to save money! 

7. BB Curl Primer: This Bumble and Bumble spray is amazing and I've already repurchased. I use it every single day. Sometimes I just use this in my hair alone and it totally deangles my curly hair and keeps my hair manageable. It also smells amazing! It's sulfate and paraben free which is a must have for me. I'll be using this product for a long time to come. 

8. Matrix Volume Rose Mousse: I got this in one of the beauty subscriptions I used to belong to. I love the smell! It also worked wonders on my hair. My only issue is the lack of info. I tried finding out if it's sulfate and paraben free but it wasn't listed on the site or bottle. Maybe because it was a sample? For that reason alone I'm not repurchasing. I need some info! 

That's it darlings!! I've made a New Year's Resolution to not purchase anymore beauty products until I use up what I have! Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more used up goodies!! 


January Goals + Happy New Year!!

11:25:00 AM

January Goals + Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year darlings!!!! And Happy Birthday to my Mommy! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! I can't believe the holidays are over! It just flew by! Bummer!! 

2016 was an amazing year for me and my family. I have some high hopes for 2017! I've chatted enough about my long term New Year's Resolutions and goals but I thought I would share my short term goals for the next month! 

1. Blog 3x per week: I'm determined to grow this baby 

2. Workout 4x per week: Before the holidays, I was doing so well and I was working out 5 to 6x per week. I gotta get back on track

3. Drink 4 glasses of water: I hate water and much more prefer wine or coffee. Hahahaha. I know I'm supposed to drink a million gallons a day but I figured I would start small. Let's start with baby steps. 

4. Sleep 7 hours per night: My sleep cycle is all over the place and sometimes I only sleep 3 to 4 hours. Time to actually start developing a routine and sticking to it! 

5. Buy no more makeup: I need need need to start saving more money. I spend at least $800 a month on beauty products. Then I only use half the bottle, it gets old and expires, and I throw away. It's such a waste of money! No more. I have to finish up things before I buy new ones!! I'm prepping for friends and family that usually happens in April so I need to hurry and finish up my current stash. Also, I have brand new stuff that has never been opened but I got it on sale. Should I return? Or should I continue to store since I purchased at a good price? Advice!

6. Relax more: I'm always doing something! I go to the movies like once every 3 years. I need to sit back, enjoy more moments, and actually watch a damn movie in peace! 

7. Save $200 per month: Since I spend $800 on makeup a month, I think I can save $200 per month. That's reasonable right? I would love to save more but like I steps. 

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017!!! What are your goals for this year?