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Beauty Goodies Used Up in December!

4:28:00 PM

Beauty Goodies Used Up in December!

It's that time again! Empty goodies I've used up in December!! Wooooooo!

Here we go!! 

1. Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Wipes: These charcoal wipes were super cool and I'm actually surprised that I liked them so much! I usually only use my Avon wipes but I wanted to try something different. Just one wipe is all I needed to remove my makeup! I was definitely buy them again if they are on sale but since my Avon wipes are so much cheaper...I'll just stick to those...great alternative tho! 

2. Avon Makeup Remover Wipes: You must know by now how I feel about these babies. They are my everything. I clean my brushes with them after every use and I clean my face with them before I start cleansing. They are so moist and amazing. My skin just loves these wipes. Plus I usually buy a pack for $3.99 and an additional 20% off. I just gotta wait for the sales. I order 20 packages at a time!! 

3. Mederma PM: This intensive night cream saves my face from acne scars. I bought another travel size tube as well as a large jar. I think after I finish up that order, I should be ok and won't need to purchase this anymore. If you have any scarring at all, I can't recommend this product enough. My face is almost completely acne scar free after using it every single night for two months. 

4. L'Oréal Double Extend Mascara: I only use the primer side of this mascara because it was highly recommended by a few fashion bloggers that I follow. It's a really amazing primer but it dries out after three weeks to a month. This is the second time I've purchased it and both mascaras dried out after a month. Even though it's only $7 a tube, I won't be purchasing again. It's amazing at making your eyelashes super long but I rather just buy this Chanel primer. It's $32 but will last for three months. It pretty much comes out to the same amount of money as L'Oréal except that I don't have to make as many trips to the store. 

5. BareMinerals Cleansing Oil: I loveeee this stuff! I have so many bottles of it. It has really helped clear up my acne along with the other products in my routine. After I'm completely healed, I'm going to look for a cheaper alternative. I usually wait to purchase this oil when BareMinerals is having a sale but it's still pricey. If you have any drugstore recommendations, please let me know!

6. Estée Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: I got this for free with one of my purchases. This was my second bottle! Really good at not irritating my eyes and really effective at removing allll the eye makeup I wear! I would definitely purchase again but again...I want some cheaper alternatives since I'm trying to save money! 

7. BB Curl Primer: This Bumble and Bumble spray is amazing and I've already repurchased. I use it every single day. Sometimes I just use this in my hair alone and it totally deangles my curly hair and keeps my hair manageable. It also smells amazing! It's sulfate and paraben free which is a must have for me. I'll be using this product for a long time to come. 

8. Matrix Volume Rose Mousse: I got this in one of the beauty subscriptions I used to belong to. I love the smell! It also worked wonders on my hair. My only issue is the lack of info. I tried finding out if it's sulfate and paraben free but it wasn't listed on the site or bottle. Maybe because it was a sample? For that reason alone I'm not repurchasing. I need some info! 

That's it darlings!! I've made a New Year's Resolution to not purchase anymore beauty products until I use up what I have! Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more used up goodies!! 



  1. Hey there! I'm a hairdresser, and I use Matrix products every now and then. I did some research after I read this post because I was interested in the Matrix Volume Rose Mousse after you said you needed more info! I found out it is paraben free but is not free of sulfates!

    1. Omg!! Thank you so much! You're so sweet! Now I can't use it anymore!! Sad! It'll mess up my keratin :(