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Frustrated with Makeup

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Frustrated with Makeup

Hi loves!! 

Today is the most random post and honestly just a venting session. I consider myself to be a lifestyle blogger who focuses a great deal on beauty but things are going to change. Why I mostly write about makeup or beauty is because for the last year, I have really struggled with acne. Like it has been crazy bad and it's been a year of loads of new beauty products and meds. I've using doctor prescribed pills, cleansers, and facial creams. 

Before I went to see my doctor and even after I saw her, I started buying every beauty product under the sun because I'm was trying to cure, cover, and repair my bad skin. It hasn't been easy! Even as a teenager, I never ever ever suffered from acne. I just had a minor breakout here and there but for the most part, it was gone a day or two later. 2016 was the year of skin chaos! Like whoa! None of my usual products worked, everything hated me, and all of the meds have caused my skin to constantly change. What used to work for me last month no longer works for me this month. Last month I had dry skin and now I have oily skin. Blah blah blah. I swear I am now a beauty expert who can teach girls at Ulta and Sephora a thing or two! 

I totally just venting now but I'm exhausted. I have totally tired myself out. I have spent so long trying new products and obsessing over my skin that now I'm just over everything. I spent so much money at Chanel two months ago and now my skin isn't reacting to it the same. I'm still going to use up the products I have because I spent way too much money on it but I won't repurchase. I need to find cheaper alternatives. 

I think for right now as I finish some more products, I'm just going to go back to the start and use the beauty products that I used to use for years many years ago. I think I'm going back to my Tarte foundation. I absolutely love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and the SPF 50 it has but I need to mix two colors in order to get my shade. I'm the morning I'm always in a rush and honestly I don't have time for it....I have to keep it moving! I'm praying they make in between shades so girls like me can appreciate their products! (Come on IT)

There's really no point to this post except to say that I need a beauty nap....

As always, thanks for stopping by! 


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