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Josie Maran Restock List!

12:49:00 PM

Josie Maran Restock List

Hiiiii loves!!!

Happy Saturday! The snow is coming down hard and fast here! So it's pretty much a day I'll be staying home and cleaning up! I need to clean out my drawers and closets. Fun fun fun!

I LOVE Josie Maran beauty products. I love that they are more on the natural side and so good for my skin. Over the years I have tried a few products and my skin just loves them. I also got my Mom hooked! Never have they caused breakouts or clogged pores. Here are some things I have tried and I need to restock!

1. Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment: I ordered a bottle of this gem on QVC ages ago! I was so in love with the argan oil that I forgot about this hydrating treatment. I just love the combo of this with the argan oil. I think I'm recently rediscovering this because of the dryness my skin is experiencing after all of my acne treatments. My skin is soooo dry (my entire body due to the oral pills) that I am flaking all over the place. I need this stuff!! I am going to apply this to my face first and then my argan oil. 

2. Argan Color Stick in Rosey: I love this on my lips!! I received it years ago as a free gift for ordering a bottle of argan oil. You can use it on my lips or cheeks. It provides the perfect hint of color and it's hydrating to my lips. I love it because it's just so easy to use and apply. Sometimes when I'm on the subway and standing up because I don't have a seat, I can apply this to my lips without a mirror and with just one hand. 

3. 100% Pure Argan Oil: OMG do I love this stuff. It's 100% must have in my beauty bag!! I not only use this oil on my face but I also use on my body and hair. It does amazing things for my hair which tends to be dry and frizzy. Just a few drops of this baby on my wet hair and it dries beautifully! This argan oil is 100% organic, natural, and chemical free. The skincare benefits are just outrageous. This is hands down my fave compared to jojoba oil, coconut, or almond oil. I usually order a super sized bottle from QVC.

4. Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon: I tried this at Sephora and I loved it! Oh goodness is it creamy! It applies to your skin super smoothly and easily and you want have to drag anything under your eyes. Your eye area is so delicate and always shows signs of aging first. Be careful when applying anything to that area! This is perfect as a concealer. It hides the darkness under my eyes and I just lightly set with a powder.

5. Bear Naked Wipes: You should know by now how much I love my makeup removing wipes. I use them as my first step of makeup removal and I also use them to clean my brushes after every use. (I do a deep cleaning every Sunday) There's nothing harsh about this wipes and they are super gentle. When dealing with your face, gentleness is key.

6. Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter: I am obsessed with this stuff and my Mom is equally obsessed. We order jars of the super sized version from QVC. This is the BEST winter moisturizer for your body. It will re-hydrate your instantly! I would say this along with the argan oil are the two absolute must haves!

Have you tried Josie Maran beauty products? I am going to create a wish list soon because Josie has expanded sooo much and I want to try everything! What are your faves?