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Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum

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Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum || The Gossip Darling

Hi darlings!! I can't believe it's already Wednesday! This week is just flying by! Just wanted to share some quick thoughts about Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment! I used to use this product about two or three years ago and I just rediscovered it! It was part of a QVC set I recently purchased and after using it again, I thought to myself...why did I ever stop using you?" Hahaha. I think it's just so easy to get consumed by so many products that some goodies just get lost in a large crowd. 

Since my skin disaster of 2016 (maybe I'm going to trademark that phrase!) I have really been observant about the brands I use, ingredients, and how natural the products are. I downloaded the Think Dirty app months ago (read my post about it here) and it has been getting sooo much use lately! I'm obsessed with checking the toxicity levels of products I'm using. The older I get, the more I want organic, natural, and anti aging. Am I asking for too much? Nah. 

Just to be clear, I'm not throwing away my current beauty stash. I'm just slowly replacing items with more natural options. Josie Maran is such a great brand and she just keeps expanding her line which makes me happy! That means people want more natural items in their lives. She's known best for her 100% Pure Argan Oil but she has a lot of goodies you should consider the Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment!

This little gem is super lightweight and non greasy! I have no idea how they made something so light be so effective. As soon as I apply to my face and neck, I feel instant hydration. My skin is left feeling soft and healthy. I use it both day and night and apply it from my face down to my chest. (Remember we age on our chests as well)

Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum || The Gossip Darling

According to her website, "Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum contains a blend of micro-droplets of argan oil suspended in purified water to deliver the hydrating and nourishing benefits of argan oil to the skin. This revolutionary formula pairs the deep hydration of purified water with skin-rejuvenating micro-droplets of Josie's 100% Pure Argan Oil." 

It works for all skin types and you apply a moisturizer or Josie's Argan Oil on top of it. I personally just add whatever moisturizer I'm using at the moment when I'm applying at night. In the morning, I apply my sunscreen after this. 

If you need extra hydration during these winter months, I would really give this a try! You can use it all year round but in the summer I personally get too sweaty and I'm scared of clogging my pores. This baby is perfect for right now! 

Have you tried any of Josie Maran's products? You won't regret it! 


  1. I have never tried any of their products but I really like the sound of this especially for my winter dry skin xx.

  2. This is a product I've sworn by for so long as it does such a great job of bringing my lackluster skin back alive. xo

    Kelsey |

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I recently discovered it again and now I'm obsessed!!! So worth the price!