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Regret the Moon by Smith & Cult

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Regret the Moon by Smith & Cult

I have a new nail polish obsession. It's not really easy to convince me to spend $18 on a nail polish. Especially when you can buy Essie, OPI, or a drugstore brand. I was first introduced to this brand by PixiWoo. I was watching their makeup tutorial on YouTube (see below) and Lovers Creep by Smith and Cult was featured. It's the most perfect shade of red! They said the lasting power was unbelievable so I knew I had to try it.

Since I get weekly manicures, I use regular nail polish instead of gels or acrylics because I like to be able to do them myself if need be. I also prefer a more natural look and short nails so manicures are the way to go. My Mom and I ventured out to Neiman Marcus to pick up a color and try some out.

I was going to get the Lovers Creep shade as it's super chic and classic but since I rarely wear reds, I decided to go for a color that I'll use every single day. I made that mistake with buying a bottle of Deborah Lippmann. I was going to buy my fave shade of pinky white and then a friend told me to get something different. I ended up using the blue/purple color 3x and then gave it away. What a waste of $18! So this time around, I went with my fave! No regrets!

Regret the Moon by Smith & Cult

No lie...this nail polish formula is AMAZING. I apply myself on a Sunday and won't touch again for an entire week. And I do everything from washing dishes to cleaning toilets! Obviously I am not using sand paper but you'll be fine with normal everyday activities.

I bought the shade "Regret the Moon" and it's fantastic. It's not sheer once you apply two coats and it's a rich pink/white shade. I plan on wearing it all year round. 

This brand is pretty unique. It was founded by the same creators of Hard Candy. Their nail polishes are 5-free. Don't know what that means? Neither did I. It means 5 less toxic ingredients aren't used in their nail polishes. Let's skip the camphor, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and toluene.

My salesgirl at Neiman Marcus also went above and beyond by showing me the best way to apply polish and providing me with sooo much info about getting the perfect manicure. I am totally sold and I will be going back to pick up some different shades. I am hooked! Amazing colors, super long landing, and better for my health? I'm IN!

Have you tried Smith and Cult?

PS- here's the video!

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